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Today marks the arrival of the second batch of mine and Lily’s ‘Guide to Blogging and Vlogging’ series and this time we’re talking all things techy. From how we edit our videos and photos (a.k.a the easiest way possible) to our filming set-ups, what camera, lighting, tripod, lenses, heck even what remote we use. It’s covered. On my channel it’s all about blogging and photography tips (Lily is the boss when it comes to those) and on her channel we’re talking filming; what we use and how we use it. Both videos also include a sneak peek ‘behind the scenes’ (pah!) which may not be as glamorous as you think. Four words: blue tac and tracksuit bottoms. For the final drop of tips check back on Tuesday. The Guide continues…

If you’ve missed any of our ‘Guide to Blogging and Vlogging’ videos you can watch here.


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  • Thanks for all the awesome tips! I’m not going to buy a studiolight, but definitively look into the desk lamp + daylight bulb. Which daylight bulb did you get and where did you get it?


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    Oh my God, your blue tac tip has just changed my beauty blogging life. I ALWAYS get products rolling round or falling over when I photograph them. Thank you so much!!
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    I never thought of using blue tac to keep down products, but I now have a whole new outlook on taking photos. And this series is awesome–mostly because of the tracksuit bottoms. (; xo

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  • I really hope to be able to invest in a tripod and lighting soon, the ring light looks so good :p it was so interesting to see you actually taking your blog photos 🙂


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    This series is brilliant. You are putting some really useful tips out there. I’ve always enjoyed the writing process but struggled a little with the techie side and find all that sometimes a bit tedious but this has inspired me to work on my pics. I think I need a light! Thank you xx

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