Best of Brows

I’m well aware that I’m never going to win best in show for my brows. The fluffy bits that stick up at the front and seem to never want to be groomed, the slightly too long wiry quality they have, how if unplucked they would quite happily spread over my whole face monobrow styleé. It’s a trait I inherit from my Hairy McClarey father. When we’re out and about we often joke of him walking into one of those threading pop-ups in the shopping centre and watching the horror on the faces of the people who work there. One day, one day. But you gotta work with what you’ve got and these tools, tamers and shapers are the best of the brow bunch…

First you’ve got to cull. Now I’ve gone the whole hog many a time and ended up with the dreaded one hair brow, so I’m always a little more on the over-cautious side when it comes to plucking now; but the Tweezermans are seriously amazing, pricey but an investment. I’ve turned my whole family onto these sharper than sharp pinpoint precision bad boys. Next up, shading. I have dabbled with pencils in the past, but I always find I end up doodling an eyebrow up onto my forehead, so I stick with powders these days. MAC Espresso eyeshadow is an old faithful that has been brushing on brows for years, however a more recent addition – the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Medium Ash/Medium Brown* is also a good match for my dark hairs. Then you’ve got to set them. I used the MUA £1 cheapie clear mascara for years to do this job, but if you fancy something a little more sophisticated and a little less crusty (nice) then the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel* keeps everything in check without making your brows looks like a teenage boys Brylcreem-ed up doo’.

So three little steps that take a total of about three minutes each morning keep me from going outside and scaring people with my werewolf resemblance. And maybe next time I’m out and about with my Dad we may just drop into that threading shop…

*PR Samples


  • emma

    I have alwaysss used the cheap £1 clear mascaras, I know what you mean about crusty.. They’re great though. I have thee softest eyebrows and they always fall down and look horrid. Mascara does the trick!!

  • victoria

    I have been using MUA Mascara only and don’t think its strong enough for my unruly brows! My brows are almost black on their own and I have proper scouse brow going on if I try anything other than just clear mascara. I really don’t know what I’m doing with them

  • I love how we use almost exactly the same stuff! Haha, giddy fangirl moment.

  • I need to invest in a eyeshadow for my brows- pencil works but I always end up using too much or not enough (and it’s not so easy to blend). For gel, I just go for the Miss Sporty clear mascara- it’s always on offer in Superdrug.

  • Abby Knowles

    I use Mac espresso eyeshadow as well hehe!

  • babywarren

    Your eyebrows are fierce! Think Cara Delavigne! the nineties are over :))))))))

  • Emily

    I use the same Anastasia brow powder and really like it. I like using the 263 with it. I find that helps me draw on individidual hairs. I also really like MUFE’s brow brush for precise lines.

    Have you tried any colored Anastasia brow gels? I have the one in Granite and really like it, as well. I have very few brow hairs and this helps define them so you can see individual hairs and not just powder. : )

  • Rhyanna

    Some Anastasia brow products are now firmly on the Christmas list. Gotta see what the fuss is about! xx

  • Daria Buonin

    Haha love how you mentioned your dad in this post! I actually have a very similar issue – damn those nasty genes! Great post, would love to try the Anastasia make-up! X

  • mousie x

    Love this post anna! I think your brows are lovely!

    Your a true inspiration anna x

  • Lucy Old

    My brows are a nightmare! They are really straight and hard to add shape too. Also they are pretty sparse, to the point where plucking one hair can make or break the shape aha. I have some serious love for the GOSH eyebrow palette as I can use all three shades 🙂



  • Hearts&Crosses

    I have a thing about my eyebrows, but I only ever get them waxed and then pluck them when I need too, I never really fill them in with a brow pencil, but I think I’m going to start, I want to try that MAC on my brows, see if it does make a difference!


  • I really wanna try the Anastassia products, there´s so many good reviews out there! I use Charcoal e/s by MAC and it works well for me, but I´m not entirely happy with the shape they have at the moment… so working on this department!


  • I feel you! Its a battle

  • Rosie Collins

    I have light brown-ish eyebrows but blonde hair so i always struggle with what colour to fill mine in with! i occasionally find a filler that matches perfectly but they’re often quite expensive so I tend to go for the NYC or the MUA light brown colour and then just blend that out loads! you’re sooo lucky you have dark eyebrows!! xx

  • onmynailstoday

    I have really fair hair, so my brows are pretty easy to miss unless you’re up close and personal. This means that I normally neglect them for a few months until my boyfriend tells me I look like a beast and should stop being so lazy, haha.

  • joysteib

    And if you get him there, don’t forget your camera!!!!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!! Love your blogs!!!!!

  • Helen Alison

    Great post 🙂

    –NEW seasonal style post x

  • amy.bevissmith

    haha i love this! …i too inherit my father’s hairyness…he even has one severely long hair in the centre between his brows that is bright white and occasionally will curl over his glasses!! ewwww (i hold him down and rip it out when necessary!) tmi?? i reaally wanna try the anastasia prods as they just seem to rule in the brow grooming stakes 🙂

  • CeeDeesWife

    You never fail to make me chuckle. Informative and funny all in one. I actually quite like your brows 😉

  • Kassie lee

    I have had the worst time with mine. when I was a kid I shaved my eyebrows off because I thought that was how the models got such pefect brows. well not only did they gorw back fuller and worse looking they grew back black and my natural hair color is blonde hahaha i looked like such a odd ball

  • I like how thick and full your brows are, it balances out your face nicely 🙂 I switch between using powders and pencils, at the moment I’m using MAC Coquette and a cheapie clear brow gel and I’m pretty happy with how they are looking. I do want to get more of an arch into them, though!

  • Lianey Dunn

    I have some normal cheap eyebrow tweezers and some which are basically just a full on point and quite expensive. I find that the ones with the point are better for the hairs hard to get to and get out but the normal ones are good for everything else really. This post was really interesting though and I do love the colour of them tweezermans. X

  • Kelly Leyland

    Thank you for putting your brows out there for us! We’ve all been there and done it so your not alone 🙂 Great post as always. I must get me some brow gel to tame my wild beasts now hehe

  • Addison Cain

    You’ve got to be my eyebrow soul sister! I’ve been doing my brows since I was about 12 and after a few bad waxing experiences, I don’t let anyone do them but myself. I almost got mine threaded the other day, but I’m still a little wary that they may pull out a few brows too many.

  • Brows are just so hard! I’ve discovered dying mine which makes my patchy hell a better place to be. I think because they are so patchy using a brow pencil works best for me. I can spend a good 10 minutes filling in with powder and whilst it looks super natural and gorgeous.., I don’t have that time! x