Beauty Chat with Lily: The Throwback Edition

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 14.20.12

When I sit down to film a #BeautyChat with Lily, we never know where it’s going to end up but I know I’m going to have a hoot while filming it. For this month’s topic we thought we’d cover all things throwback so along with sharing the story of our debut makeup purchases and teenage beauty errors, Lily ended up reading a diary excerpt describing her first ever kiss and I confessed to being a very strange child. At one point I was struggling to breathe. Case in point: see the picture above. See, I told you we have fun making these. Next month we’re going for the topic of ‘Summer Holidays’ as we’ll be in L.A, so if you’ve got a Q that you’d like us to A then leave it below and we’ll see what we can do…