A Golden Eyes Makeup Menu

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I must admit when it comes to my daily face right now, I’ve stuck to a pretty similar look day-in, day-out. The look I’ve been wearing in basically my last month’s worth of videos? Yep, it’s been this. It’s become a go-to that’s easy to do and a routine that I know will make me look human, whatever state I’m in at the start. As always it’s a dewy base, with a bit of contouring and blush for once, with a golden lid, the formula of which might just be my favourite cream eyeshadow ever, and a peachy nude lip to finish it off. It’s one of those ones you don’t have to think about and works perfectly well for day or night-time, especially if you fancy going in with a bit of eyeliner to oomph it up. Subtle, with a hint of summery shimmer. Nice.