A Ciaté A Day…

. . . . keeps the Doctor away or something like that. Yes, can you tell I’m thoroughly enjoying the Ciaté Mini Mani Month so far (post here)? I thought I’d do a little update. There’s nothing like waking up each day to a little cardboard door that houses a cute-as-a-button-with-a-bow mini nail polish, although I have to do it straight away when I wake up or Instagram ruins the surprise! I’m now up to day seven and so far we’ve had glistening snowflake whites, our first taste of caviar bobble fun, party gal pinks and purples, but my favourite yet and the one I removed my current mani straight away for was the surprise behind door number two, Ciaté Dangerous Affair.

A deep, dark, merlot red – I cracked it open immediately. It’s probably the most wearable shade I’ve had the joy of opening a door to so far and on the nails transfers into a more cherry, berry shade. I made the mistake of rushing a second coat which meant I did get a few dreaded streaks, but I’ll hold my hands up and take the blame for that one. Perhaps it needed a third coat, and I think you’d get a more deeper effect if you kept layering, so next time I think I’ll persist instead of rushing out the door top coat in hand. I thought the brushes might be a little diddy, but they actually work quite well, are nice and long and easy to use. It’s my first experience with Ciaté polishes and so far it’s a well manicured thumbs up.

A week into the Mini Mani Month I only have two niggles. One, I’m not sure it’s necessary for there to be four caviar blends, they’re nice and all but once you’ve done the hundreds and thousands nail thing once you’re pretty much over it. And two, can more brands do them next year please? Snubbing the usual moulded chocolate reindeer for a beauty filled treat is kinder to my waistline and my stash. Thank you. And for those wanting to give Dangerous Affair a whirl it is available as a full size, for £9 from the Ciaté website. Now I wonder what lies behind tomorrow’s door *must resist opening early*…


  • Such a beautiful colour!! It seems somehow similar to Essie “Head Mistress” which I totally love or is it my idea?

    I adore the idea of Mini Mani Month, I wish we could find it here as well! Although I would prefer it without caviar 😛

  • Hannah Embleton-Smith

    I’m so jealous of all these little Ciate calendars popping up everywhere! Though I do have an M&S calendar with the good stuff inside, so it could be worse. Loving that shade!

  • Agata

    I have the calendar too and I love it. I always open the little door first thing in the morning 🙂

  • Grace

    Absolutely loving the Ciate Advent calendar – this colour has been my pick of the bunch too! Here’s hoping more brands do release them next year as its much more exciting than chocolate! x

  • Millie

    Such a pretty colour!! Love the Ciate Advent calender, such a good concept! 🙂 ♥

  • joysteib

    Beautiful color!!!!

  • Amanda

    OOOOOO that’s so beautiful! I would open them all at once though haha, no patience!

  • Sian

    You must have some damn good self control if you haven’t opened up all the doors yet! Good on ya dude (: That’s a beaut colour, perfect winter shade! Great post x

  • Hearts&Crosses

    I absolutely would have loved to have got this! It is a great idea and mini polishes are always better as I never seem to finish a full size bottle before it goes gloopy or sticky

  • susu

    absolutely love that calender too!!

    lovely written anna. xx

  • Jess

    love the idea of beauty calendars!! hope that there are loads more next year too 😀

  • Katie Goodall

    Wish that I got that one now! That colour looks so lovely and wintery!


  • Lou S

    Looove the colour! I hadn´t tried any Ciate nail polish, and i´m craving for them!

  • katherine.parkes

    beautiful colour, so wanted this calendar! x

  • Amirah

    can you do a post of your fav colours from the advent calender?

  • Oooh that is an absolutely stunning colour! Love it. x