10 Things I’m Loving Right Now: Cookbooks, More Cookbooks & Jeans

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I mentioned in my May Favourites video that I planned on doing a non-beauty, random odds and sods round-up of things that I’ve been enjoying recently, so here it is. As I was writing out a list I realised that I could have quite honestly made a video that was about 25 minutes long talking about tupperware and my favourite tortilla wraps (the multi-seed LoveLife ones from Waitrose if you were wondering), but instead I’ve hopefully edited it down to a more riveting set of loves.

I’ve added a little cookbook ode in there too because I’m always being asked on Snapchat for my top recommendations, so I’ve included three that I’ve basically been using on rotation for the past couple of weeks. They’ll be no surprise if you watch me snap away, but they’re well worth picking up for a variety of hearty, yet healthy recipes. There’s also a nod to my current stationery crush that are aiding me though my time of need since I filled up every page of my long-discontinued Martha Stewart for Staples Notebook. In fact *whispers* I actually think I prefer my new notebook. I know, I can hear the collective gasp from here.

There’s also a new denim find that fare pretty well in the skinny jean department. I’ve found out the hard (and sweaty!) way that they’re not exactly the most summer-friendly pair of jeans, but they do fit well and come in a variety of lengths which is always a big plus for me. Because I’m so cool (sense the sarcasm) I’ve included an app favourite too. How very modern of me. Basically, it’s an extremely mixed bag of things that I’m pretty into currently. Give me a shout if you like this kind of set-up and perhaps it’s a format that I can revisit every now and again. Holler.