Working from Home

Here’s a bit of backstory for you. Late last year I jacked in my role in editorial and decided to go it alone with the whole VDM thang‘. After squirrelling away on it for three years it was finally at a place where I could pump my blood, sweat, tears and makeup musings into it as a more full-time thing, so for the past seven months I’ve been working from home as a one man band. Just me, my laptop and a MUJI stack of beauty bits along with the occasional tub of Ben & Jerry’s. A bit of luck combined with many the late-night post writing sesh has paid off and life is good. But don’t start getting grand visions of a Pintrest-able desk area; I currently work wedged between my sofa and coffee-table-turned-lipstick-strewn-control room. Cramped, but comfy. Obvious PJ-wearing benefits aside one good thing about being home bound is that I can go barefaced and layer-up the skincare throughout the day without getting shot bewildered stares, tending to puffy eyes and pesky dry patches while penning posts and here’s what’s currently making the coffee table cut…

Heaping on the hydration seems to be the common theme here; with three out of four products tending to my moisture levels. The black sheep of the pack is Origins No Puffery Cooling Eye Roll-On for Puffy Eyes*, a one stop cooling slick for laptop laden eyes that does exactly what it says on the tin. Back to hydration though, and the NUDE Pro Genius Treatment Oil* is my current go-to does-it-all doser. I use this for everything: layered up all over my complexion throughout the day to inject some extra oomph – my skin drinks it up, massaged into cuticles, dry elbows, I’ve even been known to work a drop or two into the ends of my hair – a little goes a long way. For something a little lighter, the Omorovicza Queen on Hungary Mist imparts a souped-up skincare glow and adds a little bit of luxe to my day. Equally refreshing and moisture rich, I also incorporate this into my morning and evening skincare regimes – who doesn’t love a multitasker? Plus it wins points for smelling really darn good, almost spa-like – a perfect desk/coffee table companion. Finally my pout is given some TLC by the cheap and cheerful, but lip lovin’ Blistex Mediplus for Lips. A gem of a product that has even made its way onto my boyfriend’s bedside.

Working from home can make me a little stir crazy at times but this does mean that there’s no one around to judge my ice cream for lunch feasts. And that’s a bonus, right? 

*PR Sample


  • I love the idea of working from home but I am such a procrastinator I would never get anything done, the allure of Jezza K is just too strong! I am going to try the NUDE oil though, sounds right up my street.

    Lottie x

  • Amy

    ooo I think I would enjoy working from home, so long as I could escape on occasion to refrain from going a stir crazy 😛 I think you’re doing a great job with VDM 🙂

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • Leonie

    This is like the dream job?! I’d love it !

  • Tree Mushroom

    Congratulations, you deserve it.

  • Claire L
  • sarirah

    I’ve been reading your blog for as long as I’ve been writing my own and it always feels like I’m reading a magazine with a personal touch. Kudos for being able to take up your blog full time and work from home. I’m planning to start a business from home by Autumn so it’s nice to read someone’s success. 🙂

  • jess

    Its great that you work at home, you deserve it and you have made such a wonderful blog and youtube out of it.

    jess xx

  • ChrissySCorner

    Oh, I’d love to work from home as well. I just can’t figure out what exactly it is that I want to do 🙁
    Love your blog an Yt-Channel. Keep up the good work.

  • 😀 haha Looks like your life is perfect. pj´s and staying at home.

  • Amirah

    Hi Anna , what’s your daily routine like as a full time blogger? How do you stay motivated?

  • Sana

    Oh, how absolutely I love your way of writing. makes me smile and chuckle and say ‘oh yeah! that’s it. that!’ Kudos to you!

  • Jimmy Nightingale

    Fraction of water is a tadpole of substance.

  • Karissa

    I’ve been working from home for the last 8 years. Obvious perks but it is really hard as well. There are times when I really miss the energy of working with a team and also knowing the ‘buck’ literally stops with you can be quite a mental weight to carry. Best advice is to be disciplined about your work hours and don’t try to do too much to soon – learn to ‘turn off’ at the end of the day and pace yourself for the long haul. Btw, you’ve got real talent with this whole thing and you’re writing, layout and photography are very polished – always enjoy my visits.

  • Laura

    Living in pyjamas is the dream!

  • Pink Elephant Blog (Alex)

    I love working from home!! For some reason I get loads more done than when I’m in the office 😉

  • rose

    Oh Anna, you’re so cool! I hope big things happen for you. 🙂

  • Georgina Kent

    Living the dream, and so elegantly 🙂

  • Joycelyn Steib

    Life is good, aint it??!! Think you are a great blogger/youtuber!! Keep up the fantastic job!!! 🙂

  • dandee316

    I love reading your blog and viewing your videos! You are a very talented young woman and I take pleasure in watching your star rise!!

  • Adriana

    Congratulations! I wish you the best, you deserve it xxx

  • Congrats on being a full timer! Maybe there should be another post when you get a little desk for yourself.


  • Tenneil

    Ah, I dream so much about quitting my shitty day job in retail to work full time on my blog, but that’s just not possible for me as I earn no money from it, I simply do it for my love of blogging. 🙂 I’m about to start an internship in social media though, which can only lead to amazing opportunities, so I’m excited! Good on you for following your dreams, your blog is one of my absolute favourites, even if it makes me spend all my money!

  • Maddy Cane

    It must be amazing to work full time on your blog! Love everything you do! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Aley

    I wish I could do that as well, who do you work for.? I would love to do it full time as well.


  • Kate

    I used to absolutely love reading your blog, but this post has me in two minds.

    Obviously, it’s great that you can now take your blog and mold it into something even greater than it was before. However, sitting at home writing blog posts and earning money from it sounds like a ridiculously lazy and stupid way to do it. It gives off the false impressions that anyone can post lipstick pictures and make money.

    It’s safe to say that you’ve sold yourself out here, Vivianna. You should’ve stayed working in the real world, not this little fantasy world you have going on here.

    I won’t be coming back.

    • adriana

      wow, this is ridiculous.

      • Kate

        I’m sorry that you think having an apology and living in the real world is “ridiculous.”

    • Fatima

      Ridiculous comment indeed! She s running her own business. There more to it than you think. a lot of hard work! I m not a blogger but anyone with common sense can see that. And Since when do you call somebody who earnes her money with doing what she loves lazy?! She s living her dream! Well done Anna!

    • Diane J

      This comment just breeds nothing but jealousy. Anna is one talented beauty blogger. In my honest opinion, she is one of the best beauty bloggers out there and it doesn’t surprise me that she’s become so successful at it that she can afford to do it full time. Her talent is evident in every post she writes. I don’t know any other blogger with such distinct, clever, witty and entertaining writing style. And as far as I can tell from countless blog comments from other readers, the majority seem to agree with me. Why must you be so quick to label her as ”ridiculously lazy”? When she is constantly publishing posts on a daily basis which by the way are so informative and helpful? Not only does she provide high quality posts worth reading but she seems so down to earth even after all her success. I should know because she never failed to answer any questions I asked her on twitter and other girls’ beauty questions were always answered too. I’m all for respecting each others opinion. You’re entitled to your own opinion. But being hateful to another human being because they seem to be more successful than you? That I could never agree with nor tolerate. Whatever happened to sisterhood? And we wonder why there is so much hatred in this world and bitchiness amongst women these days. You say you’re not coming back? Good. Because frankly Anna deserves readers who aren’t so quick to judge, immature and who actually know how to celebrate another woman’s success. Anna if you’re reading this, I wish you the very best.
      Ps I already can’t wait for tomorrow’s post.

      • Kate

        I can honestly, hand-on-heart, tell you that this is not jealousy. I think Anna’s blog is fantastic, I just can’t for the life of me understand how it can be considered a real job? Maybe my judgement is clouded, as I work 6 days a week, often 7, in the military. If I were given the option to jack in my job and get paid to write a blog instead, I would politely decline.

        • Jemma Milnthorpe

          Then why would you say you are not coming back if you love Anna’s blog so much? If she wants to blog full time that is completely up to her so does a fantastic job of it. How she pays her bills or what she does in her own time is none of your business

    • Gemma Tomlinson

      I think this is interesting – mainly because as a full time blogger I also get this comment and find it strange that if someone wrote an article every day for a paper or magazine it would be applauded but if they write a feature and publish it on a website it’s lazy/stupid.

      “Sitting at home writing blog posts” is just the same as “sitting in an office creating spreadsheets” really, and I completely disagree that it gives off a false impression that posting a photo can make you money. At least, it doesn’t give that impression any more than someone working at a publication or as a singer/dancer does. You could be a professional golfer and make a living and it doesn’t mean you’re selling a lie that anyone can pick up a club and make money.

      I can only speak for myself although I’m 99% sure that the same is true of Anna, but I started my blog over six years ago because I was in love with it, and I still feel the same, if not more in love with writing now and sharing content. If that starts to generate an income and you are able to do it full time I don’t think you should turn that down and stay in another job simply because people might get the impression they could do that too or some people think it’s lazy.

      There is a lot of work behind the scenes and especially on the maintenance and admin side of a site, emails, photography, editing, proofreading, filming and uploading, and I don’t think that is lazy. After all, most magazines employ individual photographers just to do product shots, and very often a different person will edit them, someone else will write the article, another person will design the page and make it look nice. Nobody would say they were lazy.

      • S

        I agree with Kate and I also won’t be coming back. So many blogs that I used to really love, I now never read, or watch their videos (if they make them). So many bloggers have become so hard to relate to and quite sneaky, I think some also lie consistently. So many bloggers now are constantly being given free products and then some even declaring they never give negative reviews, which seems odd. Personally I think it would be good to know about products which aren’t as good but some bloggers refuse to write a review unless it’s positivie, essiebutton is one of these bloggers.

        As soon as you (Gemma) mentioned on twitter the other day about trying out a new gym I thought, bet they were given that membership for free, and so any review cannot be taken as seriously. I may be wrong, but I would be surprised if you and Matt would document it, if it weren’t given for free or if you weren’t being paid to review it, judging by what you have said previously about certain types of videos and blogs. Even if say, the gym is great, at the end of the day if it is a free membership, then you haven’t spent hard earned cash on it and so I think you probably can’t recommend it as honestly and properly as someone who spent their money on it can. Someone who has spent hard earned cash on it may be more critical which is a good thing. Perhaps you paid for the gym membership, and if so, I apologise, but this applies to all products bloggers are given for free. I find it hard to believe that someone who has been given something for free is able to accurately and honestly recommend a product to someone, because they may, without realising either want to keep in the company’s good books, or they aren’t as critical as someone who didn’t get it delivered to them free of charge.

        I cannot think of any beauty bloggers that I actually like anymore, there are probably only one or two youtubers I like now, and I think I will soon begin to stop watching the beauty/fashion youtubers soon, it’s so hard to relate to lies and being given everything for free. Some now are even faking mental illnesses. I think lots of people are getting irritated by youtubers and bloggers and are starting to not bother as much anymore.

        A lot of bloggers are also extremely rude, one blogger that used to work for glossybox, I honestly cannot believe the way she used to speak to glossybox customers on twitter, and I now think that Lily Pebbles is quite a horrible person and haven’t read her blog since. I have no idea why a person thinks it’s okay to speak to people the way she did, and then in turn I began to dislike the other bloggers who were friends with her, and I guess, sort of accepted her atrocious behaviour.

        It’s sad that most blogs no longer seem real and down to earth…

        • Gemma Tomlinson

          Wow. Well I don’t really know what to say to that. It makes me very sad that you would automatically assume that since I documented my last (fail – I must admit) of a gym attempt on my health channel and spent a great deal of money on it.

          I also wasn’t reviewing the gym in any way, I just tweeted that I was signing up! Matt and I have both gained weight since moving in together and after reading comments on my health videos we were going to do a couple of videos about incorporating a healthy lifestyle together. Trust me it took a lot of coercing to get Matt to join.

          After yesterdays post on my blog about how the gym ended up mis-selling their membership rates money supermarket actually got in touch and offered to pay for some of my readers gym memberships for a month. I was going to blog about it (not paid at ALL) just to let people know and reading this comment kind of upset me. Not everything is an advert.

          I really hate having to watch what I tweet or think before I do a post I’m excited about in case someone takes it the wrong way or assumes I’m being paid, it doesn’t stop me sharing things I find and love but it does irritate me a lot! I fell in love with a granola brand I buy every week, tagged them in my instagram post because people always ask which it is and got several accusations of being paid when I had spent my own money in Waitrose. I think it’s a real shame when people automatically get suspicious and assume things, when everything I do is always disclosed.

          The reality of it is, and I go to great lengths talking about this in my ethics statement on my website so I will try not to regurgitate, but the PR world is really not as readers think. No company is going to blacklist you if you didn’t rave about a product, and if I get sent 10 cream blushers, there is absolutely no reason I would pick one over the others and not give my honest opinion. No company worth their salt would take up an issue with you over that, and I don’t want or need to try and keep on peoples good side to get more free things, I give far more than I keep to charity every month, if anything I want to get rid of makeup.

          I understand your frustration, I really do, because I get equally frustrated that a small handful of dishonest people cause honest people to get accusations and take the enjoyment out of something that I absolutely love. I enjoy writing and sharing things, whether they are lipsticks, recipes, days out, whatever, but I hate the idea that someone would assume I would write about a park, a granola brand or a lipstick because I was receiving a payment from a brand. I do understand the reader side as I am a reader myself, but please try to see it from the other side. Not everyone is a liar.

        • Kirsty

          Thank you! It’s shocking just how many people have miscontrued my comments as being “jealousy”.

      • Kate

        I will admit to being slightly naive as to what exactly running a blog entails. However, as great as Anna’s blog is, I just can’t see how it can be considered a real job? As I stated in a previous response, perhaps my judgement is clouded, as I work 6, often 7, days a week in the military. I cannot for the life of me understand why you would want to give up a proper job to run a blog? It makes absolutely no sense to me. I’d rather be on my feet actually working each day. To each their own, I suppose.

      • Daisy

        Gemma i would not class you as a blogger anymore i used to be one of your biggest ‘fans’ but the posts going up on your blog lately are not interesting at all, i used to love seeing that you had uploaded a video onto youtube but i feel you are just doing it to pay the bills there is no effort in them i feel and so do other from what I have seen, really don’t understand how you are still being sponsored

        • Gemma Tomlinson

          Well Daisy, It’s a shame you aren’t enjoying my blog or channels anymore, my blog is the thing I adore more than anything else I have going on in my life, and it’s a shame that you probably don’t believe that, but it’s true.

          In recent months its become more of a lifestyle blog as I’m getting older and want to talk about more things, and I understand that not everyone will love that, but I’ve had a lot of great feedback too, particularly on recent posts, you can’t win them all.

          A lot of love and time goes into my site and I wake up each day excited to post and full of ideas for content. I’m not actually “sponsored” by anyone, there are very very few sponsored posts on my site, I think I’ve done one this year if that. I luckily have a lot of freelance work that pays the bills, not that my finances should come into this, but if I don’t want to make a video or blog, I don’t. I think that’s quite evident when you look at my upload schedule sometimes!

          I have to say, on a personal note this comment really stung. As a lot of people know through my blog and twitter myself and Matt are going through one of the toughest times right now having lost his Dad this week, and it’s sad to have to read this at any time but particularly now. I might not be a blogger in your eyes but if all I saw were dollar signs I wouldn’t be replying to this now and taking feedback seriously as I always try to do. I will carry on doing it for the love, as I have for the last seven years, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned in that time it’s that you can’t please everyone, and you can’t convince someone of something when they already have an impression of you in their mind. Blogging is a huge passion of mine, and as long as I know that, it’s okay.

          • Luna Hawthorne

            Hey, I don’t know you, or your blog– and this was a few days ago, but I saw that hurtful reply directly to you and I wanted to comment.

            Don’t let what people like this person think get you down, ok?

            People don’t understand the work that goes into blogging successfully– and the better you are at blogging, the more effortless blogging seems. It seems so easy. I’m a blogger, now on hiatus, and I used to review games, and it was super hard to not only get content out consistently, but to get a following.

            People don’t understand that. They think, ‘gee, must be nice to get free stuff, and do nothing to earn it,’ and ‘must be nice getting paid to do nothing, but try pretty things all day and get free items in the process,’ because of course, the secret to happiness is ‘stuff’ — amirite? (Obviously sarcasm here).

            Mostly, it’s jealousy. There’s no other reason to be mean. Even if she didn’t like your content any longer, your blog doesn’t exist to please everyone– because it can’t. There are ways of saying, ‘I liked it more when you did x,’ or, ‘I don’t like it when you don’t clearly state when a product is purchased or sponsored,’ and give constructive criticism on changes you dislike, without saying something supremely hurtful like, ‘you’re not even a real blogger any more, you sellout.’

            Stuff like that doesn’t even justify a reply, let alone one as kind as yours was.

            Keep doing your thing. You seem like a girl with integrity, and I can tell you that if you hold on to that, and keep doing what you love– then good things will always follow. You obviously love it and put much love into it, and people will recognize that– and do. So obviously, you’re still doing something right.

            I’m so sorry for your loss and that you’re having a tough time of it lately. Hang in there!

    • cat & tonic

      This is a rather narrow view of what the ‘real world’ is. Who is anyone to judge that their job is more worthy than someone else’s?


    • Luna Hawthorne

      You assume there is one way to live, one way to work– your way, which is the ‘right’ way, in the ‘real’ world. Newsflash: Vivianna lives in the same world as you– which is real, and in this world she has the ability to make money doing something she loves. She is lucky she is able to do so, would that we all could make money doing what we loved and enjoyed. It’s what we all want, right?

      I quit my challenging stressful job to work one-two days a week in something that as a vocation, is kinda looked down on. I make very little. I’m pretty happy. I have a lot of free time, I can scrape by. I don’t really care if you think I’m stupid and lazy because I don’t want a 9-7 job that is grueling and taxing on me and my body. I did that, it wasn’t for me. I don’t thrive in that situation, and when forced into it, the result was a severe depression and overall lack of joy in my life. When people say to me now, ‘you work so little, you lazy thing!’ they have no idea of the closing in feeling I had; that drove me to want to kill myself. I changed jobs, cut down my hours, and suddenly, I was much much happier. I really don’t care if people judge me because I don’t work ‘hard’. My life is my own, and when I look back on the 50 hour weeks I used to do, I am not proud nor happy at my ability to endure or not be lazy, I’m upset I wasted so much of life doing something I disliked, if only because it was a ‘proper’ job and expected of me. Work isn’t meant to be fun, and all that. Says who? I only get one shot at life, and believe me, filling it with misery was the wrong path for me.

      Your work ethic is not my work ethic, nor should it be. It’s fine you feel that you’re being ‘productive’ and doing something ‘proper’ and ‘worthy’ — (terms which are all kinda debatable) and do that if it fulfills you and makes you happy and you feel those pursuits are more worthwhile — but don’t impose your world view of what constitutes a ‘proper’ job or proper life on others.

      Your comments about living in the ‘real’ world come across exactly as jealousy and sour grapes, and the more you claim otherwise, a la; ‘but she should get a real job! In the mines! Like me! And get black lung! Black lung means she worked hard!’ the more ridiculous and petty and jealous you seem.

  • Angela

    Sounds amazing! I;d love to try out that Nude oil x

  • Victoria Larroque

    congratulations anna, having a blog as a full time job sounds amazing! keep doing what you love, we’ll always be here as support 🙂

  • Smecksie

    Sounds great!! I could never do it, personally… I love money and shopping and I fear it would just never be enough money! lol

  • Jennifer

    That’s so exciting! Congrats! Great post


  • leighlovesmakeup

    I love your blog, Anna!!

  • disqus_KqkT7hjAY7
  • Dora

    Good Luck with this journey! I love your writing skills and am really, really looking forward to every post! So exciting! 🙂

  • Celina

    Congratulations on this and good luck! 🙂

  • marina

    You are so lucky to be able to work from home! Just one question, if I may – you said you are working on WDM full time, does it actually pay your rent and expenses? You must be making a lot of money from this blog to be able to pay bills! Anyway, good luck!

  • I think it’s wonderful that you now have the opportunity to work from home and have it be so rewarding and fulfilling. I enjoy reading your post and admire your meticulousness with each post. They are all really thorough. Much love.
    <3 Carolyn

  • Beautyandtheb

    Very jealous you get to work from home! I ADORE blistex lip products, can’t go anywhere without the intensive one in the white tube!

    B xx

  • Ambi

    Working from home sounds like the dream – I like slapping on Origins Drink Me Up and lots of rosehip oil on PJ days… saves me waking up stuck to my pillow if I use it at night, haha!

    Ambi xx

    Bombay Rose: MAC Lipstick Giveaway

  • Leah Louise

    This would be perfect, hope you enjoy it Anna!

  • Brooke Searcy

    When I work at home I find myself eating ice cream for lunch too! I love the relaxed feeling! Love the post!

  • Holly Gardiner

    You are so lucky, Anna, to be able to work from home and live off something which undoubtedly started as a hobby stemming from something you love, much like the rest of us out here! My blog is just one little fish in a big ocean of blogging fish these days, so it would be more or less impossible for it to have the same success, but even if it did I’d probably never be able to give up my job – I love it wayyy too much. Still though, I find the idea incredible and amazing – well done, you seriously are one of the most talented, grounded and best, (most likeable!!!) bloggers out there 🙂

    Holly Mixtures


  • Marie N

    Thanks Anna for sharing your experience with blogging and how you have come to make a living off it. It is truly inspiring and it shows that whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve it. You also make no illusions about how much work and research is needed in order to pen quality posts as regularly as you do. So, more power to you! On a sidenote, I will be trying out the Origins Eye Roll-On on your recommendation from this post.

  • Stephanie Vainer

    I love these kinds of posts! defiantly my favourite!! I would love to know more about what you do on a daily basis. I guess my curiosity comes from being a beauty blogger myself and growing.. thanks for sharing.


    Editor of

  • City Whispers

    ahh living the life! 🙂 xx

  • Elina

    Didn’t realise you had given up your job to concentrate on this, that’s amazing! Love your blog, keep it up! xx

  • jenjbboutique

    I think its fantastic that you have bee brave enough to take that plunge and work for yourself. All the best to you I hope you continue to grow…. x

  • Having seen a lot of negativity going on about this post I just wanted to let you know that I think you are absolutely fantastic at what you do! You are by far my favourite beauty blogger (or any blogger) and your writing style is so unique, witty and easy to read, you clearly have a talent for editorial and writing so good on you for making your passion your job! I think a lot of people could take a leaf out of your book and you’re clearly doing something you love, I have to say I’m quite jealous. Writing and keeping a blog is no more ‘lazy’ and in fact, much harder and more complex, than working on a magazine or something similar, and I think your blog is a better read than most mags these days. Your content is always fresh and interesting, and I trust your recommendations and opinions. So keep doing what you do you lucky gal!

  • Amy

    Your posts are always a joy to read, the way you write is witty and unique, I love it! x

    Amy |

  • This is such a great post Anna! I’d love to know more about what you do on a daily basis and how you created your blog! xo

  • Pammydoll

    Any negative comments are just jealousy. Anna should be applauded for having the courage to leave a full time job and follow her dream.

  • Katie

    I absolutely adore your videos and blog. Well done you for going into it full time!

  • Maria Fox&Arrow

    I love that you are able to do what you love from home. You are truly living the dream! I left my job and started a design business from home which lead to blogging and other amazing opportunities but also came with SO many responsibilities! Discipline is and always will be your best friend as well as your planner and calendar. Also, the ice cream always help no?

  • Suzie ♡

    This post made me smile, you work so hard babe and I’m very glad at least one of us is allowed to work in her pyjamas 😉

  • Emilie Garnes

    I think it is very brave and very well done of you to have your blog as a full-time job! You are doing a great job as you keep bringing new and fresh “material”, you keep on top of what’s new out there, and you write in an inspiring and fun way! Your blog always cheers me up and although you have persuaded me into making some grande purchases from time to time that have made my wallet suffer, I thank you for all the great recommendations and reviews you come with! I wish you all the best in the future, both with your blog and any other dreams or ambitions you may have. I know I will keep reading your blog until it is no longer here. xxx Em

  • Nicola Young (curlandpearls)

    I would absolutely love to pursue blogging as a full time job, but unfortunately, I just don’t have the following that you do – you’re so lucky.


    CurlandPearls | Bloglovin’


  • Hayley

    Id love to blog for a living.. Like you say though- you have put bloody sweat and tears in. And it is well earned.

  • Mia

    Get a real job

  • I thought this post would be more about working from home, doing your own business and your personal way. Maybe you want to make a longer and more detailed post about it?! I would love to read it.

    x m

  • Thobeka

    Thank you for the posts it certainly goes a long way…all the way in a cramped but comfy room in South Africa

  • Claudia

    Your job is amazing. My dream is to have my blog as my career. You do an amazing job of it, I love reading your post. “Squireling around” had me in fits of laughter for a good 5 minutes. Thanks for the abs workout! haha xxx