Why Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid ROCKS


I’d never owned a Tom Ford fragrance before, despite Neroli Portofino being my most ‘grab and sniffed’ perfume ever whenever I came across it in stores (it smells like the chicest holiday you’ve ever been on – I’m already planning on it being next summer’s most-spritzed). I’m a fan of Mr Ford’s makeup and while some of the fragrances stood out to me, many I’d sampled had been a bit too much for a fresh and fruity fan like myself. A bit too sexy and heady and being someone who can feel nauseous after just one spray of a perfume that’s full-on, I never found anything that was very ‘me’. That was until this bottle of goodness came along…

Say hello to Tom Ford Velvet Orchid, the more wearable and daytime friendly sister of their classic Black Orchid. Black Orchid was always a scent that I really, really wanted to love but I almost just didn’t feel fierce enough for. It’s very ‘hello I’m here’ and it was always just a bit too musky and deep for my tastes. Where Velvet Orchid differs is that it’s still got that sandalwood and suede base, but it’s sprinkled with a fruiter top and mid notes list that includes honey, mandarin and rose – it’s like the slightly girlier version. Sweet, but not too much so. Sexy, but it won’t make you feel woozy on the tube. Subtle, but still detectable a few hours later. Basically everything I like in a perfume. And can we just take a moment for the bottle? Yep, it’s fair to say that this one gets a thumbs up from me.