Why It Might Be Worth Adding a Winter Boot To Your Capsule Wardrobe

…and how to style them.

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When the world and his wife started to wear big chunky white trainers, my brows furrowed and I shook my head; just like my Grandma does whenever I wear distressed finished jeans around her. ‘Not for me!‘, I’d exclaim as I scrolled through my Instagram feed which had become a sea of eighties Dad trainers. That’s the thing with fashion, sometimes it sings to you and sometimes you want to turn the song off immediately. Good for you, not for me – and that’s what it’s all about, right? I resigned myself to a lifetime of wearing my pointed animal print ankle boots and moved on.

Then there was a shift from the more autumn favoured chunky trainer, to the winter favoured chunky boot and my interest was piqued. A chunky footwear option that’s black? A shoe that’s actually weather appropriate? A fun way to change up an outfit and give the whole thing a menswear edge? SOLD. So last year I decided on the & Other Stories Lace Up Snow Boot* (gifted), and I’ve surprised myself at how much of a staple these have become for me. Firstly they are flat so they are a no-brainer when it comes to daily wear and they actually go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. I’ve yet to try them on with something and subsequently switch-up my shoe choice because I didn’t feel like they were right. THEY ARE SO RIGHT. Always. I never had myself down as a chunky shoe lover, but perhaps I just hadn’t found the right ones. Here’s how to find yours…

Unsurprisingly I’m into the simpler styles of winter boots; the less decorated/studs/straps, the better in my book. If you fancy a splurge, I think the Ganni Edna Suede and Canvas Ankle Boots* where the first chunky boots that I saw walking down the runway that turned my head, although the Topshop Aston Low Ankle Boots* aren’t a million miles away from them in look and are a quarter of the price and available in a tonne of colours. Lily has the & Other Stories Lace Up Leather Snow Boots* and absolutely loves them, but if you fancy the originals that sparked the whole trend in the first place then you need to get the Moncler Blanche Leather Ankle Boots*. WARNING – they also come in leopard print. I KNOW.

If you’ve already dabbled with big boots in some form or another, or already have a Dr Marten addiction then this is the moment in fashion that you’ve been waiting for. Count up your pennies and go wild. However, if this is a new thing for you and you tend to be more of a jeans, t-shirt and quality basics lass, then inch yourself into a comfortable place by sticking with a black boot, opting for minimal embellishments and go for a style that’s chunky without feeling like you’re wearing a plaster cast on each foot. That’s exactly what I did and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I’ve worn these boots (it’s not like I’m writing a whole blog post to convey that point or anything). It’s quite honestly a surprise to me. They even held up against Canadian snow! Finally! A fashion choice that my Mum approves of.


So how do you style this gigantic boot, without it looking like, well – a gigantic boot? I’ve found they work best when I wear them just as I would my black low heel Chelsea boots. So I tend to pair them with my straight leg jeans that chop off at ankle height, which works well as the high style of the boot keeps my ankles protected from any windchill factor. I’ve also worn them with a skirt and loved the effect they had; making the whole thing feel way more relaxed and way less dressy. I tried them with boots, tights and a leather skirt last night and enjoyed that too. They are black so they go for everything and once you get used to wearing them, they no longer feel like wearing a space boot. If I want them too feel more clumpy I tie the laces looser or leave them undone like the badass that I am (or when I’m rushing out the door and couldn’t possibly think to spend one minute lacing them up), or I corset up my feet in them by lacing them as tight as physically possible when I want the boot to sit closer. Options, you know? The inner fluff layer keeps my feet warm and the dark red lace adds a point of interest that doesn’t feel too ‘out there‘ for me.

All in all they are just a very practical shoe that I can see myself wearing long past they’ve had their moment trend-wise. It turns out that a practical shoe with warmth and grip can be a really decent investment in your wardrobe. Who’d have thought it, eh?

Photos by Emma Croman

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