Why I Want Beachy Waves EVERY Darn Summer

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Every single summer without exception, I yearn for my flat, straight, flick out the the end follicles to twist themselves into a style that creeps into the ‘Beachy Waves‘ category. Aren’t beachy waves just the best? I feel like it’s such a chic and classic style that never dates and always makes me feel a bit like an Olsen twin whenever I semi-nail it. I’ve tried everything in the past from letting my hair dry naturally and giving it a bit of a scrunch (it works, but makes my hair feel dirty approximately an hour after I washed it) to salt sprays (oh hello straw-like hair!), but I still have yet to find the perfect product and technique combination. Though I feel like I’m one step closer thanks to two recent launches. Let me introduce them…

The Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion (out in the UK very, very soon!) had me cooing, even just at the name and after a few uses, I can say that it lives up to the name. It’s touted as a way to get ‘salt-spray waves, without the dryness’ and it does exactly that. It left my lengths matte, but not cripsy and gave a pieciness without that gloop and heavy feeling that you can sometimes get with salt sprays. I like that it’s in lotion form too as I just find it easier to distribute through the lengths of my hair. A 5p size blob is all I tend to use on damp hair, right before blowdrying. Lovely.

My other new favourite is a good’un, but only if you can get past the fact that it has a whiff of Deep Heat about it. No perfumed Oribe vibes going on here. Thankfully it doesn’t hang around for long and the advantages of the Ouai Texturising Hair Spray by far outweigh the funky scent. This is somewhere in-between the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray and any ol’ hairspray. It gives hold and a bit of roughing up and therefore is fab for spraying over your hair once you’ve added the waves in to give some hold and some extra oomph.

A few other ‘I WANT BEACHY WAVES NOW‘ notes that I have to share. Firstly, it’s all about your hair being super, super clean. I like to use something really cleansing like the Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo and go easy on the conditioner to stop the lengths getting too silky. Then I rough-dry my hair, steering as clear from my hairbrush as I can and then go in with my GHD Straighteners, twisting my hair around the barrel (see the technique here) and changing direction each time and avoiding curling the ends, because I find the untouched and uncurled ends make the whole thing ‘beachy‘, instead of ‘glamourous‘.

If the wind and rain in the UK could also just politely move along then that would be great too. My hair begins the day looking Olsen-esque and ends looking like Monica in Barbados.