Why I Love a Turtleneck & My Edit of The Best

Steve Jobs chic FTW

FUN FACT: 95% of the time I am freezing. If you were to ask Mark what his biggest bugbears about me are, then I’m pretty sure that regularly turning back up the thermostat to a Mediterranean temperature when he’s not looking would feature high on the list. It’s why I wear my dressing gown whenever I’m at home and am rather fond of baths so hot that you could poach an egg in the water.

It’s for the this reason why my turtleneck has become one of the most-worn items in my capsule wardrobe (fancy seeing what made it in to the winter edit? Watch here). It’s thin, but mighty and ultimately keeps me toasty. However, it’s also a regular on loads of trendy Instagram accounts I follow. These super chic ladies wear them under dresses, slips, shirts – the whole caboodle – so I’ve been giving it a try and actually, I’m into it. It’s practical and who doesn’t love it when a piece of clothing goes a notch higher on the versatility scale? Here’s how I like to style it and a couple of my favourites if you too are an ice queen…

Previously I’d only worn my turtleneck in one way. On it’s on worn with a pair of straight leg jeans that I tuck it into, with boots and a coat, as some kind of transitional layer when it’s not hot, but it’s not absolutely freezing. Then thanks to Instagram and the fact that my internal temperature seems to have reached an all-time low for this early in the winter season, I tried it under a shirt and actually I quite enjoyed the ‘tech maven from the nineties’ vibes that it instantly gives.

Some other turtleneck combinations that I’d like to give a go (maybe I’ll do a little try-on on Instagram Stories? Holler if that’s something you’d like to see):

Turtleneck + Slip Dress = a good way to make a summer staples more wearable all-year round.

Turtleneck + Jumpsuit = if your jumpsuit is a sleeveless number then pop a thin turtleneck underneath.

Turtleneck + Dungarees = an alternative to the jumpers and shirts that you usually layer with.

Turtleneck + Blazer = a nice option for a fancy night-out outfit if you want to keep warm too.

Look for a thin, but insulating fabric that’s going to keep you warm but isn’t going to make you sweat an absolute tonne and doesn’t pinch around the armpits. I find wool or cotton-blends work best for me as they tend to be super thin and not add extra bulk to an outfit, anything too thick and it won’t layer well. It’s good to try them on before you commit to a purchase as some of the turtlenecks I’ve tried have packed in too much stretch around the neck and feel like they are slowly choking me – although that’s probably down to my round face/large neck genes that have been passed down – THANKS DAD!

The exact same one that I have is the & Other Stories Thin Wool Knit Turtleneck which I can highly recommend. It washes well, the fabric doesn’t bobble-up, the arms are long so really cosy and it doesn’t feel constricting at all. I wear it, wash it and the next day I’m wearing it again. It also comes in a burgundy red and an autumnal orange/brown. Mango have some decent options too and this Striped Turtleneck caught my eye, which although might not be the most subtle when it comes to layering, I thought could be a good option if you wear a lot of black or neutrals and fancy mixing it up a bit (with a black and white stripe – I KNOW – real out there, eh?). Investing in a turtleneck is basically like having a Barbie vest under your school polo. Ice Queens rejoice.


Photos by Emma Croman

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