Why I Can’t Get Enough of Reformer Pilates

Mainly because it involves a lot of lying down…


I mentioned a couple of week’s ago how I’ve spiced up my workout routine a little (see this post). It was part of my New Year’s Resolutions actually to take up Reformer Pilates again and it only took me until February to put my plans into action. That’s pretty good going, right? Well I’m finally back into the swing of doing it twice a week and I’m loving it. In fact I would say that it’s currently my favourite form of exercise and I promise that it’s not just because it involves a lot of lying down – don’t be fooled people!

I’ll always have a special place in my Reformer, ever since I did it back in London. The price of the classes were seriously eye-watering, but I enjoyed that it combined a class taken at a slow pace, varied moves which gave an all-over workout and sore muscles the next morning. I like to sweat and feel like I’ve had a real workout and this ticks off all those boxes. It’s for that reason why I also enjoy Hot Yoga (hello sweat!) and lifting weights (I sweat to the point that I look like I’ve had a shower) too. Now I must admit that I’ve yet to try a mat pilates class (do I need to give it a go or once you go Reformer you never go back?), but sliding around on the spring-held board is just quite fun.


If you’ve never tried it before and have no idea what I’m going on about then check out this post here that outlines the advantages, history and just about everything else you could ever want to know about Reformer. All the moves are performed on a sliding bed-type base that’s secured with springs and has ropes and pulleys that you can adjust and hook your feet or hands into. The springs create various levels of resistance which is why I like it, it’s that added weight that really brings on the sweat.

Combined with the other exercise I do it fits in with my goals perfectly. Hot Yoga gives me a good stretch, weights build my strength and this does a bit of both. I have horrible posture and these classes remind me to straighten up a bit, sit tall and pull my shoulders down from round my ears. The fact that exercises here are equally weighted on both sides of the body stops you cheating and putting the emphasis on you stronger side – it basically helps to even you out. It’s also is seriously awesome for core strength which is something that I unfortunately lack in (Hello abs! Are you in there?). After every session my mid-section kills the next day, but each time I revisit for another class the core-based exercises feel a little steadier and I feel stronger when I’m performing them.

Exercising whilst laying down. So genius. I’ve signed on to two weekly classes at Brighton Pilates Studio (big love to the guys there for letting Lauren and I loose in the studio to take these photos). I do an early morning class that tends to be more techniques-based, slower based and feels like I’m being woken up slowly in the womb (yes, it’s still dark outside – it’s real early). Then I do a lunchtime one that’s fast-paced and where sweat starts to trickle down my double chin about 3 minutes in. I like doing the two together, they compliment each other nicely. One’s soothing and the other sweaty. The perfect pair.


Look at that face! I look drunk happy because I love it so much! Anyone given it a go? Love it as much as I do? Should I give the mat version a try too? Oh and I know what else I was going to say, I had some comments on my leggings in the last post where I wore them and yes, they’re the Sweaty Betty Urdhva Reversible Yoga Leggings and they’re printed on the other side with this amazingly whacky tropical print. They’re also super comfy and fit nice and high on the waist. Would definitely recommend.

Photos by Lauren Shipley