Why Every Women Needs MAC Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo

It’s very rare round these parts that I state that something is a ‘need’. It’s makeup for pete’s sake – an addition, an extra, something we play around with for enjoyment and like to collect like some people hoard stamps – but every now and again I come across a classic; an item that 99% of us should/do own. Case in point: MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo. I’d bet my complete Essie stash that a large majority of you reading this will stop here and say ‘got it, love it, maybe I’ll throw it on today’, but for those of you that don’t, hear me out…

Surely its big selling point is that it’s a favourite of Gwen Stefani’s (though she’s apparently more of a Russian Red girl), that alone has me sold. But really it’s the fact that this red is one of those shades that just makes you feel a little bit more kick-ass when you don it. It’s not too cool, too warm and the formula is extremely matte meaning that you can whack it on either from the bullet or with a brush, skip liner and it will still be hanging around hours later. Of course they’ll be people who find the formula too drying or feel like the colour is not right for them so it’s always worth a test in-store (MAC are babes at that), but I reckon there’s a fair few of you who will fall in love.