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Whilst I’ve done a good job this year so far of dramatically reducing my screen-time to a figure that doesn’t make me feel physically sick whenever I look at it (just for reference I’ve managed to cut it down from around the six hour mark (!!!!) to a more acceptable two-three hours a day), I still really enjoy a good old scroll on Instagram. Sometimes it relaxes me, sometimes it inspires me, other times I use it simply to catch-up and chat with friends, family and readers. It’s a place to absorb new content and ideas, whilst also using feedback to curate my own.

The app however, gets a bad rap on the whole and I’ve written a few pieces over the past couple of months for other websites (check out here and here), on how despite all this, I’ve worked out how best to engineer it into a happy place for me that doesn’t leave me feeling like a bag of s**t whenever I open it. It’s all about editing and curating your feed so that it best serves you. So whether you want to take in, whether it be new makeup looks, outfit ensembles, or just fancy a fresh dose of motivation in your feed – here are my favourite accounts that ALL deserve a follow…


I’m experiencing somewhat of a makeup revival. Perhaps I’m displacing my lack of clothes shopping, for beauty buying instead but I’m in a place where all I want to do is try new things. I’ve ordered a shedload of Milk Makeup* that I’ll be reviewing as part of THE DAILY EDIT and I’ve got a gigantic order of Glossier Play* arriving any day now for a video next week that I’m planning to film. I want to try coloured eyeshadows! New lip formulas! Attempt to finally nail eyeliner after all these years! And I put that down to my Instagram follow list 100%. I’ve mentioned her around these parts many times before, but if you’re not already following Katie Jane Hughes, then what the hell are you doing? If you like dewy skin with an editorial edge then she is your GIRL. She has a knack for creating something completely new and different that looks fresh and chic and nine times out of 10 incorporates colour *and* manages to do so in a way that feels completely wearable for me personally. Another makeup crush I’ve got is Mariah Leonard, who in the same way creates gorgeously glossy looks that feel like the beauty equivalent of ‘a basic with a twist‘ which is totally my bag. Follow them both and let the new makeup inspo flow in.


I have to give a shoutout to all my usual style favourites that I cart out each time I do a post about Instagram inspiration, so first here’s a nod to Shot From The Street, Lucy Williams, Ropes of Holland and Leiasfez. I do love a good collation account – you know like a best of where they post pictures from loads of different people? I find myself saving photos shared on Nordicstylereport and Lestylealafrancaise, the most. Plus they are good places to find new accounts to follow. I also adore Deborah Rosa, who has stunning style and knows how to dress it up and take it to the next level, so is a great account to follow if you need some fancy schmansy outfit ideas. Monikh is a babe as well. Not only a lovely lady in person, but someone who knows how to mix high-street and designer in a way that looks like she just woke up wearing it. So darn chic.


My suggestions for this category fall into two camps; recommendations for motivational ‘YES YOU CAN DO IT!’ accounts, and the other featuring interior accounts, which make me want to paint every single room in the flat immediately. If a kick up the rear, or just a page that feels like a warm and comforting hug from your mate is what you need I’d suggest my friend Jules Von Hep. Along with being a kick-ass brand Founder and sharing his travels, he also shares a lot of self-love messaging which we all need to hear. I also adore Callie Thorpe. She is quite honestly a ray of sunshine in my feed and always cheers me up when I’m feeling glum. If it’s exterior inspiration that I’m after, then Mad About The House’s page is my go-to for home styling tips, but I also love the September Edit for scandi inspiration and enjoy following along with Brittany Bathgate’s home renovation story too. Her most recent kitchen wall pictures?! STUNNING. I was also lucky enough to meet Michelle Ogundehin recently and her page is a wealth of interior inspiration. I’m saving photos left, right and centre.


Sometimes you just want an account that will make you chortle out loud on the train, don’t you? A scroll that turns into snort. It’s that the best? For me I always enjoy Hannah Gale’s stories and beautiful photos that she shares. She is basically the food influencer of my Instagram world and provides detailed reviews on many snack foods. 10/10 content. That’s what I’m here for. I also enjoy Susie Verrill, who two days ago shared a story of her son’s poo going missing and ending up finding it having rolled out of his jumper and behind his ear. WONDERFUL. She is a brilliant storyteller and whenever I see a tonne of white bars on the top of the screen, I know I’m in for a treat. #HelloWithHirons is a personal favourite too – so make sure you follow Caroline Hirons, not only for her BRILLIANT skincare advice, but for her weekly ribbings of Hello Magazine. Then if we’re talking about lols, I *have* to include A Model Recommends, who truly is one of the funniest people I know. Even when she’s tucked up in bed with the flu her stories still make me crease. Top lass.

Photos by Emma Croman

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