Where To Shop For Vintage Pieces Online

An edited, mothball-free second-hand selection…

Things have changed a lot in the past 12 months, huh? The other day I was served an Aperol Spritz with a gigantic plastic straw bobbing out of it and my eyes bulged like the guy had just dunked his finger in for a taste. Previously I probably would have downed the drink and proceeded to do my best Freaky Friday ‘I’M A WALRUS’ impression by sticking the straw up my nose. It’s great that we’re all thinking a little more consciously and although there are still days where I forget to bring my water bottle with me and end up begrudging having to pay 5p for a bag at the supermarket because I forgot my totes, we’re all trying to make these little changes that all add up and that’s fab.

Single-use plastic and mammal impressions aside, clothing is a big part of the sustainability issue. Along with abiding by the whole ‘quality over quantity’ thing and attempting to buy as little clothing as possible in 2019, another idea that I’m trying to incorporate is increasing my amount of second-hand and vintage purchasing when I do buy new clothing. I used to love going to vintage shops in my teens and once had a cream leather bag that I wore until I had to tie the handle on manually because it was just *that* broken, but it’s something that I haven’t done as much as an adult and I’d like to change that. As a lover of all things basic, vintage items feel a little more luxe and a chance to invest in cuts, colours and pieces that perhaps are a little off piste (LOLZ MY FIRST BUY WAS A BLACK SILK SHIRT). Plus you have the chance to support independent businesses who are working their asses off to source the best stuff. It’s a win, win all round.

Now given that I am trying to lay off the buying this year, a lot of these places I haven’t actually purchased from (yet), but I do enjoy perusing and I thought that for those of us who don’t have time to scour the racks locally, or don’t find themselves living near any vintage gems then here are some recommendations that I’ve had up my vintage Céline puffball sleeve (a.k.a my favourite purchase EVER) that you can buy direct from your sofa scrolling…

If you’re an instagram scroller… @gs_bs, @naninvintage & @gomvintage. I’ve only recently discovered these vintage Instagram accounts where the founders style up each piece, post it to the grid and the first person to DM and pay up gets sent the piece. It’s completely fascinating and completely genius. These accounts are hugely followed so you have to be quick, but even if you aren’t lucky enough to get what’s up for grabs then they are worth following for styling inspiration alone. I’m sure there are so many more that fall into this category, so feel free to drop any other recommendations into the comments below. My top tips? Set yourself up with a Paypal account so you’re all ready to, turn on notifications so you’ll spot each post as quickly as possible and have a rough idea of what it is you’re looking for so you don’t end up making impulse purchases just because you got there first.

If you fancy bagging some high-end designer vintage pieces… Time’s Up Vintage. I stumbled across this store completely by chance when we visited Copenhagen and OH BOY. This place was a complete treasure trove of vintage classics – CHANEL, YSL, Hermès, Céline – they had it all, and more. Of course the shop is an absolute find, but they actually have an online store that you can purchase from worldwide too. Great if you’re looking for a ‘treat yo’self’ purchase or something special for a big occasion (I often find dresses on there that would make beautiful wedding dresses). I’m still gutted that the YSL leopard print shirt and shirt two-piece that I was eyeing up for weeks isn’t mine. One day. ONE DAY!

If you know what you’re looking for… Vestiaire Collective. Sometimes you just know exactly what you want. In those cases I’d suggest heading to this site because there’s a high chance you’ll be able to find it and perhaps even have options on the condition of the item that you fancy and therefore the price too. Vestiaire is particularly good when it comes to bags and accessories. Some of the watches and necklaces on here are LUSH – might be a good one to send to your O.H next time your birthday rolls around, eh? Not the cheapest option out there, but a good place to head for those ‘wear forever’ investment buys.

If you want to see all the options available and feel like you’re in store… Awoke Vintage. Next time I’m in New York I am definitely heading here, but in the meantime we’re all able to shop internationally via their Instagram Stories. This method means that you’re able to see a lot more of the range that’s available in store and therefore because there is more on offer, you’re more likely to be able to be in with a chance of actually buying it before someone else gets there first. Also have a look at the suggested accounts because there are so many cracking finds and hell I’m booking a plane to NYC right now because the vintage game there looks strong.

If you want to shop the most aesthetically pleasing vintage selection I’ve ever seen… Shop Stressed. OH MY WORD GUYS. Thank you so much to the wonderful human who bought this shop to my attention because I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a highly curated pick of vintage that literally looks exactly how I wish my wardrobe did. It’s absolutely stunning. There are new drops of vintage every Monday and the shop not only contains clothing, but home too and the coat selection is just something else. Word on the street is that shipping isn’t cheap for overseas, but it’s worth it to get your hands on that stunning brown faux-fur jacket if you ask me.

If you want to bag yourself a bargain… One Scoop Store. A place to find not only vintage gems, but also pre-loved high-street finds at an extremely discounted price compared to the original. You’ve got your Mangos, your ZARAS, your COS‘ and so much more and all with a more than reasonable price-tag. I like the fact that everything is clearly photographed and it’s an edited pick with most items being more than up my street. It’s also one of the few U.K accounts I’ve found and so shipping won’t cost you an absolute bomb and they ship worldwide too.

Just a mini disclaimer to say firstly – thank you for all your recommendations you lot gave yesterday on Instagram Stories it really helped me to curate this post and find some new recommendations. It also opened my eyes to the huge vintage community that is online and just how supportive it is! Hashtags like #vintagegirlgang and #supportavintagedealer are a great way of scouting new places to shop and there are so many in-person fairs, festivals and bricks and mortar stores too. Perhaps that’s one for next time? Feel free to pop any more recommendations you have below! 

Photos by Emma Croman

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