What’s On My Christmas List This Year…

In a dreamworld situation…


I wasn’t sure whether to do a Christmas Gift Guide like I have in previous years because if I’m honest, my present buying list and what I’m likely to receive myself gets smaller and smaller every year and I’m really ok with that. Gift giving is the cherry on the top of festivities in our family and even though there are only five of us, we’ve adopted the ‘Secret Santa’ technique with a £50 limit which means my Dad spends the run-up to Christmas driving everyone nuts and putting bets on who has who. It takes the pressure off and means that we can focus on getting one person a really awesome gift (I’m not gonna lie, I feel like I’ve aced it this year *winks*). Mark and I aren’t doing presents this Christmas because we’ll be draining our life savings in New Zealand and then aside from some gifts for those who I work with, there really isn’t anyone else on my list.

So what I’m trying to get at is that actually I haven’t had to flex my gift buying muscles too much this year, so instead I thought I’d edit out what I’d put on my Christmas list for me to buy myself. A ‘TREAT YO SELF’ moment if you will…



I’m a sucker for a good beauty Christmas gift set. I just don’t think you can bet ’em. I know that it’s the presentation that pulls you in, but they do often work out better value and I think that every year they get better at reducing the amount of dud shades and products in each set. If I was buying some bits for myself, I would definitely grab the Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Wellbeing Time, which I have actually done in the past as they come in really handy whenever I want to luxe-up my bath a little. The By Terry Preciosity Ombre Blackstar Gift Set and the NARS The Kiss Velvet Matte Pencil Sets aren’t something I need because I already have a tonne of shades of both of them, but if you’re lacking on either of those fronts, this is a good way of trying out some new colours.

The other thing that I look when Christmas gifting gets launched are travel sizes of my favourite products; one, because they are adorable and two, because they actually are practical whenever you go away. This year I like the look of the By Terry Preciosity Tree Decoration because it comes with a miniature Baume de Rose. HOW CUTE, IS THAT? Also the This Works Sleep Tight Bauble, which has ‘long-haul flight’ written all over it.



This was easily the most fun one to put together *grins into the laptop screen*. Now everything here is ridiculously expensive and should be saved for a time when you’ve won the lottery/are having an actual ‘Treat Yo Self’ day with Donna and Tom Haverford, but it’s still fun pretending like they’re actual possibilities, right? You can see here there’s a real theme going on of soft, muted shades and coats. This Toteme Annecy Oversized Wool and Cashmere-Blend Coat looks like you’re wearing an actual blanket and I’m super into it. I’m also convinced that if I wore this Stella McCartney Oversized Checked Wool-Blend Coat then I might actually look like a style blogger.

I’m currently harbouring a strong fondness for knitwear. Look! They do the Acne Studios Deborah Ribbed Wool Sweater in pastel pink. And the Edyta Cable-Knit Wool Sweater looks like it may be the cosiest item of clothing ever created. I haven’t bought a bag since early this year (LOLZ, look at me saying that like I deserve some kind of medal *eye roll*), but I am currently eyeing up the Simon Miller Bonsai Bucket Bag which looks terribly unpractical, but terribly beautiful and the Saint Laurent Bellechase Shoulder Bag which looks a little more balanced on both of those fronts. Hey wishful thinking Style Santa – are you listening? 



I’m sure there’s a sexier term for these items, but ‘bits and bobs’ – you know what I mean? – are probably the things that I’m lucky enough to be bought most when others get me gifts. I’m easy to buy for on this front. Get me a nice plate or serving platter and I’m over the moon (yes I’m 28, going on 82). When we moved in, Lily and Rich got us this beautiful duck egg blue vase from a local homeware store in London and it’s still to this day one of my favourite things we own in the flat.

Oliver Bonas is pretty rocking on this front this year and even though I don’t make sponges all that often I’d quite like to buy the Ines Cake Stand, oh and you know that marble board I’m always taking about that is one of our handiest kitchen additions? It’s really similar to this Black Marble Trivet Stand. I always think books are a good shout and ‘How Not To Kill Your Plants’ is next on my list. Also, I don’t need another one of these because I already have two that I use basically everyday, but the Swell Water Bottles are a cracking gift because not only do they look pretty sleek, they also are great at keeping drinks warm or cool which when you feel like you’re never going to be able to breathe normally again after doing cardio at the gym, is actually AMAZING.

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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