What I Love About L.A

Sun, sushi & shopping


I’ve been obsessed with L.A ever since I was an avid watcher of The Hills. The Hollywood sign, the rooftop pools, the shopping, the food, eating outside like everyday, the beach (I did love myself a bit of Laguna Beach and The O.C too), the fact that it’s pretty much hot enough to wear denim cut-off’s year round – what’s not to love? However, the first time I visited here I thought it was a bit of an odd place. I didn’t get it at first and it’s taken me a while to warm up to the idea. I couldn’t get used to the driving everywhere and I think it was also down to where we stayed and visited, we just didn’t get it right. Fast forward a couple of years and to my fourth trip here (fifth coming in June!) and I love it. I look forward to it like it’s a place that I need to be at some point during the year. It’s partly down to my low vitamin D levels calling out for some sun, I’m sure, but there’s also a part of me that just bloomin’ adores it here. Want to know why? I have just the post…


THE SHOPPING. It goes without saying that the shopping over here is worth packing a half empty suitcase for. I have been known to pay for double the amount of excess baggage on the way home. Although there are malls that contain pretty much everything that you’d need in one place, I prefer to pound the pavements and make the most of the glorious weather. Rodeo is worth a wander down, if not just to gawp through the windows and pretend you’re Julia Roberts. The Grove is a commercial spot but gets all your good U.S-only stops done like Sephora, The Container Store and Madewell done – plus there’s a Whole Foods and a CVS over the road. Melrose is a good avenue for places that you won’t really find anywhere else and if you fancy heading down a road that’s the epitome of hipster then you’ve got to visit Abbott Kinney. Prepare to drop some dollar…

THE FOOD. OH. MY. WORD. The food is incredible. Out of this world incredible. I spend about 68% of my year thinking about the Albacore Tuna Belly from Sugarfish and the other 32% of my time daydreaming about the Brown Butter Glazed Brioche Doughnuts from The Church Key. The sushi in general is awesome over here, I’ve never had a bad batch. Although if it’s healthy fodder that you’re after then you’ll find it in abundance. I really enjoy True Food Kitchen; the Inside Out Quinoa Burger is something special. For sweet stuff I just don’t think you can beat Yoghurt Land which Fleur introduced me to and I find it impossible to reign myself in at. I end up leaving with just a whole tub of cookie pieces. Finally, of course you have to have an In-N-Out on the way back to the airport. It’s just plain wrong not to.


THE VIEWS. Even just walking out of the airport you feel like you’re in a movie. Everywhere I look I feel like I’ve seen it on TV before. It’s impossible to walk down Rodeo Drive without quoting Pretty Woman – heck practically every corner reminds me of La La Land and I’m pretty sure that L.C is going to walk out of a Kitson shop any minute in a Von Dutch hat (I’ve googled it and apparently it’s closed down – ahhh weren’t the early 00’s such a great time for fashion? *eyebrow raise*). In terms of the best views I’ve yet to trek up to the Hollywood sign, although I’d love to next time I visit in June, but Santa Monica beach is pretty dreamy. It just goes on forever and looks picture perfect at sunset. If you stay up in West Hollywood, or just any high-rise building across the city you can pretty much guarantee an amazing view out of your window. Last summer when I visited I slept with the curtains open as the sunrise was such a beaut of a sight.


THE SIZE. The place is bloody massive. It always makes for some serious research when it comes to booking hotels as there are so many neighbourhoods to pick from (I’ve stayed at The Mondrian and The London and they’re both lush) and it also means that you basically end up Uber-ing everywhere if you haven’t gone down the ‘rent-a-ride’ option. It’s not necessarily a bad thing though because it’s kind of impossible to get bored because there’s just so many different places to explore and things to see and do. Every morning becomes a ‘Shall we head to the beach, go on a hike, head downtown, go up the coast, go to Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica, Melrose?’ conundrum. In fact I’d say that it’s good to have a list of places that are a must for you to make sure that you tick everything off. The Uber thing isn’t as much of a pain as you’d think it would be, because there is always one close, wait times are never long and you could end having the driver that Lily and I had once called Ruth who sung us Beyoncé.

Photos by Fleur



  • Same, I have been wishing to visit LA since The Hills started! I love all the sunshine and beach vibes!
    And of course shopping and food choices. Great post!
    Much love xx

  • Frida

    This is such a lovely post, Anna! I feel you. I had the exact same thoughts on Sydney the first time I went. I just didn’t “get it”. Now, a few times later and a few months of having lived there, I totally get it. 🙂

  • I’m not a big city girl by any means, but I always told my daughter that if I were, L.A. would be the city I’d move to. There’s just something about that place, so I totally get it 🙂

    ~Laurali Star

  • I have never been to LA, but it is on my list of places to see before I die. Who does not love sushi and sun? And of course the shopping bit.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Love LA! Thinking about moving there! Your top is so cute

  • Lizzie

    I feel like everyone who visits LA the first time comes home a little confused, wanting to love it but not quite getting it! After four trips I feel the same and get a certain anxiety if I haven’t got plans to visit that year!

  • Holly

    Oh I love LA, my time in this amazing city is not over yet. Couldn’t agree with you more, I only went for 2 days last year and have so much more I want to go back and see…

    Holly x

  • Emily

    Love this, LA really is magical. I have only been a couple times but would love to go back soon. The healthy, plant based restaurants just call my name.

  • elisha mae

    I would love to visit LA one day, but New York first – I’m off there in October! Please please please can you do a New York recommendations post when you’re back? I would love it!

    Elisha-Maé |

  • That blouse just keeps calling my nameee. And the lovely flowers in the photo <3

  • Rachel Moran

    I moved to LA from London nearly two years ago and have fallen in love with the place. When you’re here in June you should check out East LA – Silverlake and Echo Park – I’m bias because its my neighbourhood but we have the best coffee, yoga and green spaces!

  • hanan abdi

    Great post ! LA is a magical place and would love to go back soon 🙂 xx
    A Girls Journal

  • living in LA for six years, my love of the place definitely goes in waves, but we’re in a good place right now 🙂 i think it has a lot to do with taking more advantage of what the city has to offer (like those amazing views you mentioned) and the delicious food! it’s definitely a fun place to be!

  • Jo

    Thank you!! I’m heading out to LA in few weeks and have two days to lounge before workworkwork takes over, def gonna check out some of your recommendations!

  • Those doughnuts sound AMAZING!!

  • Kristen Bylenga

    I just love your top – wish I could find a dupe here in Canada!

  • OS

    This one is going straight into my bookmarks. Thanks loads for this, Anna x

  • Going to LA in September and I’m so so so excited. After your post I can’t wait to hop on that plane. Maybe you could do a more detailed post after your visit in June?

  • Oh this post makes me want to go to LA very soon! <3 PS: That Chloe Bag though.

    Kristine |

  • Great post! I love to visit LA, I always hear such good things about it 🙂 I think it definitely comes from watching The Hills so much too haha. Love the photos, hope you had the best time!
    Also loved the coachella vlog 🙂



  • Ilina Sandler

    Growing up in LA, I have a love hate relationship with it. I think its definitely a fun place to visit (provided that you dont make any plans at peak traffic hours), but day to day life there is anything but glamorous. The insane summer heat, the never-ending traffic, the Hollywood wannabe posers, and the massive suburban sprawl are huge obstacles when it comes to enjoying all the wonderful things you mentioned in your post. That said, i will always have a soft spot for the West LA/Santa Monica area and all the awesome hiking trails that surround the city. I also 10000% agree that LA shopping cant be beat.

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