What High-End Brand is Best for What?


Seeing as the last forum topic posed the question ‘What drugstore brand is best for what?’, I thought it was only fair to tackle the same query for their high-end counterparts. Weirdly I found this the harder question to answer out of the two, perhaps because the choice of high-end stuff is a little broader? I’m not sure, but it was tough to whittle down what brands do particular categories amazingly, though after much head scratching I got there. So here’s my take…

The Best for Base… the first brand that comes to mind here is CHANEL. I obviously love their Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation, but the Perfection Lumiere Velvet is a nice matte-r alternative and then there’s the Les Beiges Powder which rocks when it comes to cakeface-free ways to set things. But then there’s also Laura Mercier. They do a fab range of concealer and foundations of all textures and coverage; I have a soft spot for their Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser and the Secret Camouflage Concealer that can cover-up even the most raging of pimples.

The Best for Cheeks… it’s got to be NARS. Whether it’s bronzer, highlighter or blusher you’re looking for, NARS always have something up their sleeve (and usually in a swoon-worthy palette too). Their Laguna Bronzer is a classic and something that I’ve hit pan on multiple times and for blush I love Gina or Deep Throat, not the oft-talked out Orgasm, which I find a wee bit red for my skintone.

The Best for Brows… unfortunately it’s not something that can be readily found in the UK beauty aisles just yet (please, please make this happen!), but I think Anastasia Beverly Hills counts as a high-end brow option. The Powder, the Brow Whiz’s, even the Tinted Brow GelsI love them all. No one does brows quite like Anastasia does.

The Best for Eyeshadow… this is a tough one as my eyeshadow box might be the most varied brand-wise of all my cosmetic drawers, but when I think about it there’s no brand that gets me quite as excited when it comes to eyeshadow as MAC does. Mainly because they give you the option to curate your own palette and it’s basically every makeup lovers dream to do that. But special mentions here have to go to Urban Decay, makers of the Naked Palette, a.k.a) the original neutral palette and Charlotte Tilbury for the Dolce Vita Quad which is all kinds of pretty.

The Best for Lips… I think I have to go for MAC here again actually. The wide range of colours available mean that they cater for my everyday days with things like Patisserie and my brave days with shades like Ruby Woo and Rebel. Oh and their Lip Pencils are awesome too.

But what do you think? What brands do what so well that they are well worth the splurge?