What Drugstore Brand is Best for What?


Sometimes when I think of a good idea for a blog post when I’m without pen and paper, I scrawl something down on my phone and then nine times out of ten when I’m thinking of things to write I completely forget about this bank of ready-to-go titles in my Notes app. But this time I remembered – hurrah! – and thought it would be an interesting forum topic to discuss what brand is best for what? I thought I’d focus it on drugstore for now as the all the makeup in the entire world would be a bit of a tough one to whittle down and once I got thinking there were more than a few brands that came to mind when I thought of particular product categories…

The Best for Foundation… now it’s a toss-up between L’Oreal and Bourjois. L’Oreal have their True Match Foundation offering which is a universally adored medium to full-coverage, skin-like finish formula; plus there’s their Lumi Magique line which I always forget about but really do quite like. Then for Bourjois all of their ‘Healthy ones are good and I love their Happy Light. Good skin in a bottle right there.

The Best for Concealer… I think Maybelline for this one. I recently picked up their Master Conceal when I was in the US and it’s a tube of full coverage cover-up goodness and their Eraser Eye Concealer is fab too. Slightly lighter in texture and the applicator is a little bizarre, but it gets the job done.

The Best for Eyes… in terms of actual shadows I really like the L’Oreal ones. There’s the Colour Infallible Eyeshadows, the La Palette Nude and the newly released Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadows. But if we’re talking pencils then it’s all about Rimmel. I love their Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajals in basically every colour and the Shadow Paint version of them is great too.

The Best for Cheeks… when I think of cheeks, I think of Sleek. They now do amazing palettes that have highlight/blush/contour in – the lot – but their individual blush colours are great and I really do like their Contour Kit. It’s a classic.

The Best for Mascara… It’s got to be Max Factor. Though I did love one from L’Oreal, since they discontinued it the only other drugstore one that I’ve reached for is Max Factor’s False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara. Oh and I used their Masterpiece one back in the day too – great for separation.

The Best for Lipsticks… I reckon I’d have to go with Bourjois for this one. Now only are their Rouge Edition Lipsticks fab and come in a ridiculously large range of shades, their Rouge Velvet Editions are even better and go down in the books as my favourite drugstore bold offering.

What do you think? Any other brands that do particular items pretty well? Let’s open up The Forum….