Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette Review

Urban Decay are the undisputed Queens of eyeshadow palettes – I’m sure everyone can remember the mass hysteria surrounding the Naked and Naked 2 launches? Yes I will admit I stalked House of Fraser and Debenhams online daily. They are now taking it one step further by completely overhauling their eyeshadow line and releasing a ‘Build Your Own Palette’* option!

Unlike their previous palette options the ‘Build Your Own Palette’ allows you to do exactly that. Complete with a custom Good Karma Shadow Brush and the perfect nude eyeshadow, Walk of Shame, which is exclusive to this palette, this mirrored palette includes five empty spaces for you to pop in your favourite Urban Decay shadows. The great thing about this customisable option is that you buy the shadows in single form in their own individual packaging, you then just pop out the eyshadow platform and then slot them into the space. No ‘depotting’ here! It’s a nice and flexible option as you can flit between having them in the palette or using them just from their single pot.

To coincide with the launch of the new palette, Urban Decay have completely overhauled their eyeshadow line. Now with 68 shades in satin, shimmer, sparkle, duo-tone and matte formulas the line now includes all-time favourites, must-haves from the matte and duo-chrome collections and shades previously only available in palettes. The new eyeshadows have been reformulated to have a more richer and dense colour, a smoother more uniform pigment and longer lasting wear. For my palette I chose the shades, Roach, Baked, Midnight Cowgirl, Sin and Toasted. You get 1.5 grams of product and the little touch that got me is the colour coordinated sticker on the back of the pot that corresponds to the shade – cute!

So my thoughts? Well firstly the design of the palette is gorgeous, it’s about the same thickness as the previous Naked palettes but more of a square shape and I love the Rorschach-inspired pattern. I’m also a fan of the fact that there are six shadow spaces, I’m not a huge eyeshadow wearer but when I do I think that six is a nice number, especially when you add eyebrow shadows into the mix. The idea of having a nude shade in every palette is a nice touch as well, you can never have too many neutral shades and Walk of Shame is the perfect matte shade for my all over lid colour. It’s also pretty nifty how flexible the palette is and how you can chop and change from having shadows in the palette and in pot-form. Now onto the negative – the price. The ‘Build Your Own Palette’ which contains six eyeshadow slots, the Good Karma Shadow Brush and the Walk of Shame Shadow will set you back £14, not bad. However each of the shadows also costs £14, bringing the total cost of filling a palette to £84. Making it about £15 more than if you were to fill up a palette with six MAC eyeshadows (if that option existed). However I guess with any customisable makeup option they are always going to be higher price and something that this system offers is the fact that the eyeshadows can be used in the palette or on their own with is something that MAC doesn’t do.

So what do you think? The ‘Build Your Own Palettes’ and the reformulated eyeshadow range will be available from Debenhams and House of Fraser stores and then online at Debenhams, House of Fraser, Beauty Bay, Look Fantastic and HQ Hair from May 8th in the UK. You guys in the US are lucky, it’s all available already from the US Urban Decay website. So will you be building your own?

*PR Sample


  • I’m not really sure i like the design on the front of it. I sometimes think that Urban Decay make their packaging a bit too busy and it draws me away from wanting to get one. I like the idea of popping them in and out when you want but it seems like a lot of effort to go through to have to keep changing it around  – i don’t know if what i’ve just said makes sense! I also don’t think i like the fact that it comes with one eye shadow already in it because if you wanted to buy another one of these palettes you’d end up having two of the same eye shadows and it would be such a shame if you hated the colour haha!

    However you’ve made your palette look wonderful and chosen amazing colours so kudos to your palette! I’d probably buy that one!
    Great review, thank you! Xo

  • Anonymous

    LOVE IT 🙂 I believe it has more pros than con, honestly 🙂 (and I’m glad I waited and didn’t purchase the NAKED2… now I can pick only my faves 😉
    Great review 🙂 Well done, Anna! xx

  • lauren alice

    Yipes! That does work out very expensive! How much product is in each shadow? When you calculate how much you pay per shadow in the Naked and Naked 2 palettes they work out a lot cheaper. Having said that I love the idea that you can pop them back into the individual pots when you don’t want them in the palette. Lx

  • Clay Beauty

    Brilliant idea indeed but OMG the price…not sure I would put that much in a palette ! Loving the colours you chose though, very wearable and warm ! xx

  • all about the girl

    I really love Urban Decay eyeshadows and have a couple of their palettes, but they always have shades in them I don’t use! This is a great idea, but SO pricey – can you buy the eyeshadows individually so you don’t have to buy it all in one go? xx xx

  • beautyandablogger

    Such a good idea, I love their Eyeshadows. Shame about the price though :/ xx

  • Hannah Lees

    ohh lordy. My bank will not be liking me when it become avaliable! 😀 amazing

  • Jen E

    I think it is a complete rip-off! You’d be far better off buying both the naked palettes! 5 eye-shadows of your choice for £84 is ridiculous and I can’t see there being a particularly big hype around it. Like you said, you’d be better of building a MAC palette! x x

  • Line

    Jen E has a good point 🙂

  • emmalcm

    As much as I like the quality of UD shadows, I really can’t see myself spending that sort of money on this. Especially when I usually wear neutrals and have the naked palette and a 10 pan inglot neutral palette, both of which are much better value! I think it’s a good concept but just too expensive! x

  • So you can buy 6 UD shadows and fill a 6 pan palette for £86. I’d rather buy a 12 full size shadow Naked2 palette for £35! They are of the same new formula and lets be honest, those are going to be the most popular types of shades people put in their  6-palettes. No deal!

  • Hev Owen

    I love the concept of this, being able to choose the shades that you use the most is a really good idea and it definitely means you’re getting your moneys worth.. However, at a grand total of £84 I do think that is slightly excessive.. even for Urban Decay! Individually, the prices seem fairly reasonable for a higher end product, but when you tot it up like that to spend that amount in one go does seem a lot!

    It does make the Naked/Naked 2 appear a lot more affordable though haha.. 
    Hev x

  • Anonymous

    I like the concept, but £84 is way too much for me (or anyone I reckon!) to spend on a palette with 6 eyeshadows. I’d rather save up for both Naked palettes!

  • Anonymous

    The price tag to fill these palettes is way too high in my opinion and I’d rather buy another Naked Palette with twelve different shades that I love rather than £84 on just six! I think it’s an absolute rip off to be quite honest even though Urban Decay are my favourite for eyeshadows! 

    Too expensive! x

  • Florence

    This looks lovely! I love the packaging. Regarding the price, as with any build your own palette, you don’t have to fill it up all in one go, so you can spread out the cost so it’s not too bad. It’s just when you work it out at the end that it becomes a bit painful… x 

  • Mybeadifullife

    i am put off by the price. even though you can customize it, and palettes you buy already made are always going to have some shadows you use  more than others, its very expensive

  • I think the price is going to put people off. I like the idea of it but I can’t see them pulling this one off but I am happy to be proven wrong. It looks great and the packaging is bang on, but would I spend the best part of 100 quid on it? Probably not… 

  • Anonymous

    This looks lovely and I love the quality of urban decay shadows already but like you, I would probably fill mine up with neutral shadows and already having the MUA Heaven & Earth palette which is perfect for what I need, £84 just seem ridiculous! I suppose you don’t have to fill them up all at once and can spread the cost, but it’s still a lot of money when a £4 item will do the same job for me! 
    Loving the shades you chose thought-right up my street 🙂 XX

  • Anonymous

    Holy crow, this is kind of expensive.  The Naked palette itself is worth it if you like even just three of the shades.  I guess if you really wanted your own custom palette of brights or something?  

  • Lexi33

    Bobbi Brown customised palettes are way better and are around the same price! 

  • Amy

    I love this idea! I’m always put off by most of the UD pallets (the exception being the Naked pallet) because there are only 2 or 3 shades that I really want. This is a great way to get exactly what I want! Yes it’s expensive, but if I’m honest I don’t really mind paying it. Especially if you fill it up over time. 

  • I really like the idea of this but hate that Urban Decay are tempting me yet again! I already have both Naked palettes and a MAC palette 3/4 filled (with neutrals of course) so definitely do not need this. It is pretty expensive and more than MAC- it would make such an awesome gift filled or not for a make up lover though! Do MAC shadows fit in this palette because the old style UD ones do fit in the MAC palette? x

  • styt

    Everytime I see a post or video on these babies it makes me think OMG I love urban decay shadows I can’t wait to try these!

  • like the fact that the eyeshadows can be removed from the palette and carried as a single colour.

    However I do think it is slightly expensive – even though you do get quite a bit a product! 

  • Lauren Davies

    I really like the idea of this, I’m not a huge eye shadow lover though, so i won’t be purchasing, However the packaging is gorgeous and the colours you choose are beautiful neutrals. Love.

    Mj xxx

  • Shelby E

    This idea seems appealing at first but after watching Rachel’s review ( there is NO WAY I will be buying this customizable palette.

  • Xuan N

    I will definately purchase some UD eyeshadows, seeing that they are best i ever tried. i dont like MAC eyeshadows too much, they are either hit or miss. with UD i can be sure to get an amazingly pigmented and longlasting color. Really love this idea

  • I like this idea, but I’m still on the fence about whether I’m going to get one or not. Which colors did you end up choosing?

  • Lucy

    i like the concept, and £14 is a great starting price for the tin, brush and matte eyeshadow…but £84 to fill the palette is a bit steep…you could buy both Naked’s for that!

  • Amy

    Beautiful! They should have done this a long time ago! xx

  • That’s neat! Thanks for the review.

  • Genn

    I like the idea but I think there should be a choice for the free shadow. Not everyone is the same skin tone and what if you buy more than one pallette then you have 2 or 3 Walk of Shames. Maybe they should have an option of 5 or so high lighter shades for people to pick from. I also think the outside tokens of the shadow should not be included in the initial fill of the pallette. Buy the shadows , fill the  pallete or partially fill the pallette. Packaging is less and cost should be a little less for the customer. The cost for this pallette keeps putting me off even though I love Urban Decay shadow.

    • Tula

      I believe each palette actually comes with a different shadow…

  • I can’t wait to get it! I own over 20 UD eyeshadows , so I will use this to keep my favourite ones.

  • Elodie

    I didn’t like this palette at first but I think it’s actually a good one as you can use your eyeshadows in their single pot-form & in the palette as well… Really handy when travelling! I deffo want to try it as I really like Urban Decay’s shadows, but I don’t know when this is going to be available in France :( 

  • Any suggestions for Urban Decay shadow pallets that are good for wearing during the day?

  • mickystar19

    the pallets is goo for us.. we look better by using pallets egyptian cotton sheets need of the modern era … pallets must be not soo shiny that it looks not nice