Two Steps to a Quick Drying Mani? I Have the Answer

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Waiting for my manicure to dry, along with taking gel polish off my toes and washing my hair, easily constitute my top three beauty bores. Anything that promises to speed any of the aforementioned up I’m willing to try. In fact when I was younger my neighbours would be able to tell when it was hair wash time for me due to my shrill screams which used to ring through the walls. I was such a lovely child. *raises eyebrow*

Mani setting times have been lowered somewhat in recent years due to my discovery of Seche Vite (and the fast-dry Mavala formula which is also pretty awesome), which despite the debate over its ingredient list, I still can’t help but to crack out from time to time because it turns the stuff from liquid to solid in literally seconds. But – there’s a secret second step which dials down the waiting time again. No it’s not the Mavala Spray which I’ve spoken of before. It’s a more compact and cuticle caring solution straight from our very own highstreet…

The Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops are what I’m on about; a pipette housed liquid that you drip onto your nail beds to dry things oh so quickly. I think you could use this sans top coat, but I like to throw one on anyway for a bit of extra shine. One drop per nail does the job and spreads to not only make your nails touch dry so quickly you’ll still walk around with your fingers splayed for fear that they’ll smudge, the oil texture nourishes your cuticles as well. A two-in-one? Now that I like. I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard people say that they’re converted to a Sally Hansen formula that does the same thing, but it’s always eluded me whenever I’ve searched for it in-store; but this is there in the stands, ready to go and solve our mani woes.

It’s only £5.99 and is ready to grab at ASOS now. You tempted? Now they just have to find a speedier method to scrape off gel polish and a dry shampoo that works infinitely and then I’ll be one very happy beauty bunny.

P.S) The polish pictured is Essie Style Hunter which I’ve been painting over the chips with for a whole week now because it really is just that lovely and I CBA to repaint them. In fact – add nail painting to the list.


  • The dropper things doesn’t seem very practical to me but then if you say its good it must be!

    The Conscience Fund

  • Snezhana

    that nail polish shade – incredible!!!

  • Anna Blush

    Waiting for polish to dry is definitely up there as one of the greatest beauty bores. This sounds great, a girls must have! x

  • Gemma

    Really wanting to try the Bourjois quick dry I have noticed it in stores recently.

  • I would love to try this, waiting for nail polish to dry is a serious bore.

    Jess x

  • Simran Bhamra

    I just did a post of my nail must haves too, i’ll have to try this method as well

  • Sounds amazing! I really need to try this one out! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | ASOS or Feelunique £25 Voucher Giveaway

  • Oresiri teru

    What ?! this sounds perfect !

  • This literally looks incredible!
    Jade x

  • This sounds amazing! I get so impatient waiting for my nails to dry. xx

  • Charlotte Ward

    Great post Anna, I love Seche Vite and have found another great partner for it to help my nail colour to last longer, will definitely try out this Bourjois offering too xo

    Charlotte –

  • The Bourjois drops are also available in Boots and can be found on the Bourjois make up display – just in case you are passing!

  • sofika
  • Natalie Mearns

    Your nails always look so good. Mine never look like this! Even when I use things that dry my nails really fast I can’t help walking around terrified of smudging my nails….

  • Daniella




  • Jo Fisher

    Nothing is more infuriating than smearing your varnish hours after you’ve painted your nails. Honestly, how long do they need to dry!? These sound like a godsend so I’ll be checking them out for sure.

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  • interesting post Anna :))

    x Victoria

  • Amyzz

    I hate painting my nails its just such a chore!

  • Sounds good! Shall go on a Bourjois hunt. Have a great week x

  • lisa robb

    I hate it when I smudge a nail
    L x

  • Stephanie

    To easily scrape gel polish: soak a bit of cotton in nail polish remover, set on top of nail and then wrap a bit of aluminum foil around the tip of your nail to hold in place. Wait 10 mins and voila!

  • Charlotte Copeland

    I completely agree with you! Gel or glitter polish is horrendous to get off and its not so much the washing of my hair but the drying it.

    Definitly be giving this one a try x

  • charlotte foster

    That Essie shade is a bit special, isn’t it.

  • Lys

    I’m hoping to find the Bourjois nail drops in Belgian drugstores soon. So curious to try them!

  • be likealady

    hardly can find it here. but thanks for sharing and let me know about the product.

    Happy Monday

  • Thee Limited Edition

    Ooo, I’m definitely going to have to get my hands on that! Thanks!

  • Jodie

    Nail drying sprays work too. I use one that comes in a pink can and I get it from cheap pharmacies or discount stores for about £1. It seems to just be called nail drying spray.

  • Jessica Whitbread

    I definitely need this stuff! Thanks for the great post!

  • Grace Denny

    Okay.. well I think I need to add those nail drops to the ‘to buy’ list! haha. Anything to reduce the drying time!

    XO, G from grace’d

  • Kara

    I was just looking at this today, was trying to decide between it and the Sally Hansen insta-dri top coat

    Low End Luxury

  • leah fitz

    do you know when they’ll be introducing this into boots/superdrug stores?! looks great!! x x x

  • Definatley going to buy these now!!

    I just posted by first ever blog post, check it out?

  • Kate Wilson

    great product, and the reddish/pink is gorgeous! x


  • Cassie

    It takes my nails forever to dry! I’m always looking for things to help them.

  • i just bought the sally hansen dry and go drops and they work great so far! i hate waiting for nails to dry just as much as the next person…story of my life!

  • I need to try this. I always think I’ve waited long enough & without fail I mess it up.


  • I use the Sally Hansen drying drops and they are great. You are right about them being moisturizing. I find my cuticles look better whenever I use them. I’ve tried sprays and none seem to work quite as well as the drying drops.

  • Emily Knott

    I always find that although seche vite is fast drying, it doesn’t make much difference in terms of chipping! Which is such a shame!

  • Essie Style Hunter looks gorgeous, I want it! Bourjois product sounds good too

  • Sounds brilliant! Need to get me some 🙂

  • Can’t wait to try this! I’ve heard of Seche Vite before, but not the other thing.

    For reviews, tutorials, looks, and much more, check out!

  • This colour is sooo gorgeous! x Savannah

  • I never paint my nails, simply because of how long the drying process takes. Guaranteed every time I knick a nail, and once one is ruined it’s a domino effect from there. Sigh.

  • Charlotte Lucy Philpotts

    oooh I definitely want to try this! Waiting for my nails to dry is one of my pet peeves! x

  • Kelly Taheri

    We have OPI Drip Dry in the US and it does the same thing. I won’t ever do my nails without it again!