Two Skincare Repurchases That I Just HAD To Make


I know I’ve said it many times before, but I feel like I’m really there with my skincare routine. My skin laps it up, stays well behaved (most of the time) is hydrated but not too greasy (except with I turn the heating on and it gets bloomin’ dry) – we get along. The only issue with it being so content with the line-up is that when I try to swap in new things or run out of a step then it gets a little angry at me. Case in point: I ran out of the Estée Lauder Revitalising Supreme Eye Cream and Advanced Night Repair and it got mad. My under eyes got dry and crepey and my complexion looked congested, no matter what back-ups I brought in to try and solve the matter.

So off I trotted to grab my repurchases; a pricey trip but one I’m happy to take the hit of having a frugal couple of weeks for because they make my skin so darn happy. In fact I think I’ve now been through three tubs of the eye cream and six or seven bottles of ANR – they’re that good. Nothing comes close to them in their respective categories. They’re repurchases that I just HAD to make. So I’m interested – what falls into that realm for you?