Top 10: Netflix Shows You’ve Got To Watch

For when you want to Netflix & chill (and not in the rude way)


As today is all about February Favourites (see video below), I thought I’d talk about another of my past month’s favourite activities. Although if I’m being honest, it’s kind of a year round favourite; snuggling up on the sofa (again, see below), surrounded by a nest of blankets and pillows, hunkering down on a whole season of a show in record time is something that I feel I could win an olympic medal in. We’ve got a few subscriptions, but the one we always come back to is good ol’ Netflix.

I thought that collating a ‘Top 10’ post would be easy, but in fact it was tough to cut it down and let me tell you – there’s so much new stuff that I didn’t even realise was on there! Go on, have a root around and check out the films. I was rather impressed. To narrow it down somewhat though, I’ve stuck to series here and I’m sure there’s at least another 10 that I’ve completely forgotten to mention. So if you’re in the market for something new to snuggle up with in the evenings and the weekends, then I’ve got you covered…


Arrested Development. One to watch if: you like a semi-dark comedy. This was the first thing that Mark and I ever watched together when we moved in almost five years ago now. He had it on a boxset and we ordered Domino’s and chortled away. This comedy really tickles me and Tobias Fünke is one of my favourite characters in a TV show ever.

RuPaul’s Drag Race. One to watch if: you want to feel fabulous and so, so happy. It is impossible to feel sad whilst watching this. When I first discovered it on Netflix I watched six seasons in about a month. Think American’s Next Top Model, but with drag queens who can sew, sing and bring the sass.

Stranger Things. One to watch if: you haven’t watched it yet, because what the hell have you been doing? I feel silly adding this one to the list, but I feel like I should because it’s as good as everyone says it is. I don’t usually like sci-fi thangs as you’ll be able to tell from the rest of this list, but this is awesome and the kid actors in it are phenomenal.


Master of None. One to watch if: you loved Tom Haverford in Parks & Rec and have a mini crush on Aziz Ansari. I love anything that Aziz Ansari does and this is no exception. Aside from being really funny, I think the thing I loved the most about this show was that he cast his real-life parents to be his actual parents in the show. How adorable is that?

Love. One to watch if: you’re an old romantic at heart. Love is just so cool. It’s a rom-com, but not in the traditional sense and for someone who loves a classic love story, this tugged on my heartstrings on more than one occasion. It’s also back for a new series soon, so start your binge-watching ASAP.

Wet Hot American Summer/Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. One to watch if: you’re an Amy Phoeler fangirl and have watched everything else with her in. The original series was created yonks ago and featured loads of actors and actresses before they became really famous, which makes for some entertaining viewing. The latter is a prequel that they filmed recently which again makes for some entertaining viewing. Bradley Cooper and Amy Phoeler are both hilarious in it. It’s about camp and it’s not as rude as it sounds.

Flaked. One to watch if: you’re desperate to go to L.A – it won’t help matters. This isn’t as fast-paced as the others and it’s not a laugh-every-minute comedy, but if you like Will Arnett and you’re a fan of Venice Beach you’ll enjoy this nonetheless. I annoyed Mark by stopping it every second and going ‘OMG Abbot Kinney Boulevard – I’ve been there!


Cooked. One to watch if: you like food (a.k.a – everyone). This one is quite short with only four episodes, but it will do you for a bit of weekend viewing. It’s just a really interesting documentary-style series about food and culture and cooking. WARNING: Do not watch whilst hungry.

The Office. One to watch if: you like comedies that make you laugh really loudly like ‘PAH-HAHA!’. Unfortunately they’ve taken the U.S version of The Office off Netflix, but the U.K one remains and although it’s so, so short compared to its offspring, it’s still so funny. I ship Dawn and Tim so bad.

American Crime Story: The People VS O.J Simpson. One to watch if: you like watching really gripping shitz. We watched this back when it was broadcast on BBC and we made sure we were in each time a new episode was on the T.V because this had us hooked. I now watch every O.J-related documentary there is and am even tempted by a couple of books that cover the crime. It basically turns you into a real-life Veronica Mars.

Photos by Lauren Shipley



  • Gaëlle

    Cool suggestions !

    I will suggest :

    “Designated Survivor” with Kiefer Sutherland, really gripping thriller / political / suspense series around the US presidency post terrorist attack. It’s really good !

  • Sophie Hemmings

    I think that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia would be up your street if you haven’t already seen it. No exaggeration, it was how I spent my first semester at uni… Good times! xx

  • I loved The OA and I am now watching The Returned! I also love the Netflix documentaries a lot. Really good stuff 🙂

  • I am still trying to finish Breaking Bad with my husband and just started watching Gilmore Girls by myself, so all of your recommendations need to be adressed on a later date.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Erin Russell

    I am so in love with RuPaul’s drag race! love love love it! Cannot get enough of the show lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  • Your Netflix recommendations are on point! Arrested Development is one of the best comedies I know, I’m so sad it’s so shortlived. I’m also currently watching People vs OJ and it gets you hooked! I was never interested in the OJ case, but it is actually really fascinating and very clever!


  • Shanice

    thanks for the input Anna, I´ve been looking for something new to watch so this blogpost was perfect! thank you 😉

  • Love these recommendations, I will definitely be watching some of these, RuPaul’s Drag Race sounds like a good laugh, so I think I’ll start there, especially with this weather, something light hearted is key :)… P.S I’m glad I’m not the only one who watches ALOT of Netflix! Laura x

  • LOVE stranger things! I have also been loving a series of unfortunate events and the oa. Must give some of these other shows a watch 🙂

    Rachael xx.

  • Definitely need to get onto Stranger Things! All I hear is good things. Currently binging old episodes of the Vampire Diaries. The nostalgia is real haha x

  • Chantal

    I can’t wait for the start of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 🙂 I think on Netflix they are a bit behind as I think they have season 7 on there or something but it has to be one of my favourite shows ever and it’s supper sassy, I love it! x

  • Arrested Development is my favorite show of all time! It is just so hilarious and my kind of humor. I didn’t realize Ru Paul’s Drag Race was now on Netflix, either! I haven’t watched that show in years, but used to love it!! Thanks for sharing your picks 🙂

    xoxo Mollie

  • I loved The People VS O.J. Simpson! It was so gripping and fascinating. I feel like I’m playing detective when I watch shows like that!

    Carrie |

  • I LOVE Aziz Ansari. Have you read his book on Modern Romance? It’s so so good!

    • im currently working my way through this book! it makes for such a good bath read

  • These all sound so good – I loved stranger things! xx
    Izzy |

  • Jaclyn

    That green velvet cushion 😍😍

  • You have to watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! So funny. 🙂

    • patriciasouza

      Yeah, I really like it!

  • Sophie ♥

    Have you watched The Crown?? I loved it! and Freaks and Geeks. Stranger Things was so good-I only watched it recently (I know) but I loved it.

  • Ohh I loved Masters of None and Stranger Things. I still haven’t watched The People vs OJ Simpson which I should do so soon! Love sounds right up my street too. Thank you for the recommendations! Jess x

    It’s That Time ForA Paris Travel Diary

  • Still have so many shows to catch up on, can’t break away from Fresh Prince atm!!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Shannon

    absolutely love ru paul’s drag race! it’s so good to feel happy as larry


  • Arrested Development is just the best! I also love How I Met Your Mother (All time favorite!) The Office, and Master of None. 🙂

  • I’ve just got netflix so thanks for the recommendations Anna!

  • I saw Ru’s face in the thumbnail on Bloglovin’ and I knew I was going to agree with every single one of your recommendations.

  • Elle

    Oh I haven’t even heard of or seen some of these on Netflix, I will definitely have to check them out! I’d recommend Narcos, Californication (hilarious), Skins for a flashback and a bit of Dev Patel and Gilmore Girls of course x

    Ellé Simpson

  • I was so sad when they took the US Office off of netflix – and I am one of those people who still hasn’t watched stranger things, its on the list though haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

  • Love Arrested Development, Tobias is the best. Such a shame when they took The Office Us off Netflix, Based on your recs I think you would love Schitt’s Creek it is hilarious.Also A Series Of Unfortunate Events is so good 🙂

  • RichyDispatch

    Working my way through The Office with the woman, yet again. It never gets old, there’s something new to find and laugh at on every viewing.

  • Eleni Soldatou

    LOVE posts like that! keep up the good work! thanx for the advice… 🙂

  • Just watched the first episode of stranger things last night…. man, that’s good! Usually i like to watch one show till the end (currently stuck in gilmore girls season 3) but then there was all this talk happening regarding stranger thigns… 🙂
    xx finja |

  • I absolutely love Netflix, the best 10 Euro spent ever 🙂

    Miki xx

  • Leanne Marshall

    Stranger things was just the BEST, We are currently watching Orphan Black – Its brilliant! I also really like The OA.

    Leanne |

  • fatou diaw


  • Anna

    I love Master of None! I can’t wait for season 2
    Anna From Italy

  • Katie Schick

    Santa Clarita Diet is HILARIOUS and needs to be watched!
    With Love Katie

  • Khadija

    I would recommend watching “Fixer Upper” on Netflic, I don’t even like home improvement shows or anything home decor really, but my sisters and I binge watched over a whole weekend and it was so fun! The husband and wife are two of the cutest people ever and she really knows her interior design, it’s amazing!

  • Mousumee Agnieszka

    Broadchurch. Oldie and such a goodie. Can’t wait for sesason 3 on Netflix as you don’t get it in Indian telly. Man, I can’t get enough of Hardy!

  • Ugh, I still need to watch Stranger Things! I keep meaning to watch it but just never give myself time to!

    Gemma x
    The Gem Agenda

  • Great picks! I have only watched Love out of this list, but will definitely give some of these a watch as they sound right up my street! 🙂


  • Thank you for this post! I’m always on the hunt for new shows on netflix to get into! I could binge for days on a good series.