Three New Outfit Formulas To Add To Your Capsule Wardrobe

Get them in your repertoire *NOW*

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‘Hey! Hey….. how y’all doing?‘. I’ve taken two weeks off from posting on here just to tweak some BTS stuff, although let’s be honest in that time I downloaded TikTok, deleted it because I’d spent 1678 hours on there that I’ll never get back, missed it and then re-downloaded it because I am a fool. Have I tried to learn some viral dances? Yes because I still think I’m 15 in my head. Will I ever upload these to the Internet? Absolutely not.

In other news before I finally begin today’s post, I created a new private Facebook group last weekend – The Edit – come join! I don’t use Facebook these days except to keep up with the small handful of groups that I’m part of (the Who Weekly? one and their Bon Appétit spin-off Whom Appétit), but I love the community feel you get on there and it’s such a good way of finding recommendations or articles, apps, whatever, that you might want to take a look at. I created it mainly as a way of reviving the book club as it’s a place where everyone can chat and comment openly, but I hope over time it becomes a hub for all things an edited life – travel, organisation, capsule wardrobe advice – the lot. Come and say hello!

Anyways, onto today’s post which is all about three new outfit combinations that might help you to break out of your ‘jeans and a jumper’ rut. I know for me that’s the style formula that I rely on ALL THE TIME, so I’ve been giving myself a kick up the rear by finding new ways to wear old things. None of these items are new to my wardrobe, but I’ve found some different ways of pairing things that hopefully doesn’t feel too ‘Tammy Girl in the nineties‘. You’ll see what I mean…


See what I was talking about? Could this BE anymore ‘girlband where all founding members went to the Sylvia Young Theatre school’!? I’d pinned a few photos on the ol’ gram of some of my style favourites wearing a mini dress over bleach denim and having those two items already in my wardrobe I thought I’d test it out. There are some caveats here. One, I find bleach or light-wash denim to work the best as it helps the whole thing feel a bit more casual and undone. Two, pick one of the shortest dresses you own, more leg and less skirt helps to stop the combo from completely swamping you. Three, I feel like it’s a look best worn with heels, which automatically makes it more of an evening outfit for me. This combination of my & Other Stories Belted Leather Dress*, with my Topshop Editor Jeans* (gifted), and my By Carrie Leather Strap Sandals*, feels like something new and a silhouette that I haven’t ventured into before. A new night out outfit without spending a penny.



You thought I was done messing around with the nineties? Well, think again. You know how you used to put on your school uniform, switch off the music video channel, step out of the door and then promptly stop to readjust your whole get-up once you were out of your parent’s eyesight? Yeah me too. Me and my mate Mel would smear her Mum’s cream eyeshadow duo (a fetching combination of silver and turquoise) up to our eyebrows and roll our skirts up at the waistband until our cheeks *almost*, but not quite, fell out of the bottom. Now that’s not the end goal here, but I have found that by doing exactly the same process with my Realisation Par Wild Things Niomi Skirt, I’m able to give myself more options; whether it’s in my winter wardrobe or my summer one. I got a tonne of wear of it in the warmer months  by rolling it up – as a lanky lass I will always feel more comfortable in a mini skirt, rather than a midi number – but I’ve worn it a fair amount this winter too with my & Other Stories Winter Boots* (gifted), and my Heist Studios Tights*. Options, you know? Just find yourself a midi skirt in a light fabric with an elasticated waistband, no zips or fastenings and minimal fluting or pleating in the fabric.



Now I’m not going to say that this look was inspired by The Matrix, but I’m not going to say that it wasn’t not, not inspired by The Matrix. Thanks to our film club that we hold monthly with friends I’ve now watched more films in the past 12 months than I had previously in my 30 years on Earth, and The Matrix was pretty cool. I realised whilst watching it that I wouldn’t look out of place walking up walls in my & Other Stories Belted Leather Dress* – oh yes that old chestnut again – and that I would endeavour to wear it more than I already do. One way to do that? Wear it as a jacket. Now this works with anything on your top half that’s made of a chunkier fabric than say, a silk or a thin cotton. Got a flannel shirt? Turn it into a shacket. A denim dress? Wear it open with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of leather trousers and heels and fashion it into a jean jacket. The leather dress works perfectly because it’s not too long so just looks like an extra lengthy leather shirt and because of the texture it doesn’t look too bulging when I put a piece of knitwear underneath, plus it keeps me toasty. The moral of the story? Layer up, and undo your buttons. You might just find completely new clothing combo.


Photos by Mark Newton