There Are No Words for How Much I Love This Mask…



…but I’ll try. Confession time – I’ve never had a Pumpkin Spiced Latte before and when it comes to the whole autumnal ‘pumpkin in everything’ trend it’s not something I really get behind, so when I spotted the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask during my recent trip(s) to Sephora it definitely wasn’t the name that caused me to pick it up. After spotting a few raves from US beauty gals I follow online about this newly released mask, I knew I need to give it a go and I’m so glad I did because it really, really, is all kinds of awesome.

Do you ever have moments when everything and anything you put on your face just looks wrong. Things are grey, dull and dry. It’s times like these when I realise I haven’t done a mask in yonks and really my skin just needs a good ol’ scrub. I was feeling like this when I was in New York (though the mass amounts of pancakes and French toast for breakfast weren’t helping) and after slathering this on just the once I was converted. My skin had a glow to it – even sans moisturiser – it was so smooth (even Mark commented on the texture and vowed to use it himself) makeup sat on it well again, skincare sunk in and I vowed never to not pack a mask when travelling again.

My first impression was that it smelt good enough to eat. Cinnamon-y and warm, but I resisted and instead slathered on a dollop of the orange, slightly gritty textured gel and massage it on as instructed. This point is where the Aluminium Oxide kicks in, doing its exfoliating thing. After a minute or so my skin started to feel warm so I cooled it on the massaging and left it on for the specified time (it says 3 to 7 minutes but given that I can be a bit sensitive at times I left it on for about 3). The Pumpkin Enzyme and AHA gets to work at sloughing away the dead skin cells; now I wouldn’t say it stung, but it was warming and a cool muslin coming at me after a few minutes was very much welcome. After rinsing it off there was a bit of redness (though it’s worth noting that happens to me after every mask), but it subsided after a few minutes and it felt great. I feel like if my skin could speak it would have muttered a very grateful ‘Thank you’.

The downers? Well this might not be the one for those sensitive in the skincare department (I like this AHA-based Pai Mask for something a little gentler) and as of right now it’s not something that’s currently available in the UK. Though it’s pretty new to the line and so will hopefully make its way to these shores soon and if you’re desperate you can ship it over from Sephora (just be prepared to pay some seriously hefty delivery and tax on it).

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes? Maybe I’ll give ’em a go this year…