The Working From Home Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Tracksuits, tracksuits and more tracksuits…

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Over the past year I’ve gone through many stages of lockdown dressing; the ‘I’m going to get properly dressed and wear jeans‘ phase, the ‘It’s completely fine if I just wear pyjamas all day‘ phase, the ‘Matching tracksuits are life‘ phase, the ‘Post-Christmas leggings are all I fit into now‘ phase, and I’m now at a moment that basically encapsulates all four of those into one. Some days I wear proper clothes, other days it’s more a pyjama/tracksuit mash-up, and quite often I just give myself a pat on the back for changing out of my nighttime pyjamas into a different pair for the daytime. You know, you do what you can to get through. However with spring in the air there’s a new optimism around and I have to say that it’s the first time I’ve been properly excited at the thought of style, fashion, *NEW THINGS* in a loooong time. So I thought I’d put together a post that shines a spotlight on capsule essentials that are just right for working from home in – and beyond, but have a bit of new season flavour about them…


I’m writing this as I sit outside in our garden (OUR GARDEN!!! I know, I’m tearing up just thinking about it), wrapped in multiple layers as it’s still February and even through the sun is out my fingers are freezing up. Basically, even on the sunniest of days there’s still a nip in the air. So I propose a place for long-sleeve tops. Whether they are on the thinner side – something that’s good for layering now or on it’s own when it starts to heat up a bit – or if they are woolier and thicker – perfect for now with a vest top underneath – you can’t go wrong. Plus, something with a bit of interest around the neckline always looks bit fancy on the ol’ video calls. This H&M Wool-Blend Cream Jumper* is one of those pieces that I can’t get out of my head – love the long button-down. For something a bit thinner and more spring-friendly the ARKET Rib Knit Polo Black Jumper* looks like a great versatile piece, or maybe something like the ARKET Slim Scallop Neck Beige Jumper* that looks wayyyy more expensive than it actually is.



I mean, how many times can I recommend comfy trousers over the space of 12 months?! The answer is A LOT.  By default I’m reaching for my Toteme Arles Fluid Trousers* right now as they have a wide-leg, relaxed fit to them, but there are so many stretch-waistband, but still fancy schmansy looking legging/trouser hybrids on the market right now. They are perfect if you want to feel like you’re wearing your pyjamas whilst you’re at your desk, but don’t want to look too slouchy when your DPD parcel arrives, you know? Plus if they aren’t too densely made you can wear them over the summer with some flip-flops and a cami or t-shirt. I have sooooo many recommendations for this category so definitely have a swipe through below, but if I had to pick three favourites I’d go for the & Other Stories Wide Elasticated Waist Trousers* which basically look like fancy jogging bottoms, the Mango Straight Knitted Trousers* that come in the nicest beige shade or the & Other Stories Fitted Mulberry Silk Blend Rib Trousers* which feel like they’d be such a versatile year-round piece.



I can’t help myself, but I just love a co-ordinated two-piece. Back in the day when we used to leave the house it was all about the two piece oversized suit, then we had the tracksuit moment and I feel like the knitted jumper and knitted midi skirt is a nice balance between the two. Comfy enough for now, but also chic as HELL for when we can finally leave the house again. Layer with tights for now and wear the coordinating top halves, then go for a vest top or an oversized linen shirt for the summer. The Mango Knitted Skirt with Belt* is a great option if you want to cinch in your waist without the need for a leather belt or the H&M Slit-Front Skirt* is a good option for layering over the top or tucking knitwear into. For a bit of texture the ARKET Rib Knit Oat Skirt* looks fab and that bit of detail will make it a great option for the summer too.



Look you know I’m not a dress person. I just can’t pretend. But I do have a few dresses in my collection that come in very handy, come rain or shine. Personally I prefer something that’s form fitting as I find they are easier to layer up with a jumper or two in the cooler months to turn it from a dress into a skirt. Although a knitted dress is LUSH, and you’ll still get a fair amount of wear out of it before the summer rolls around. I just treated myself to a Toteme one from Vestiaire Collective* and it’s like putting on an extra layer of fluff – nice for getting cosy in. I keep coming back to this ARKET Rib Knit Black Dress* because it just seems like such a classic that you’d get so much wear out of, and the same goes for the H&M Fine Knit Black Dress*, which has a completely different shape and feels a bit more slinky and summery, but again is something you’d be able to wear in so many different ways. The & Other Stories Belted Cardigan Cream Midi Dress* is such a nice one because it feels like a two-piece (plus it comes in a cream and black – it’s just weather you can trust yourself with a white dress?!).



Photos by Mark Newton