The Winter Accessory Haul

Prepare for things to get snuggly…


I am someone who sweats profusely and turns beetroot red at even a hint of heat and so summer just really ain’t my thing. Autumn and winter is where it’s at. The snuggly knitwear, the thermal layers, the log burner firing up in the evening, it’s basically my version of heaven. The cogs have started to turn when it comes to my winter capsule wardrobe, but in the meantime I thought I’d do a preparatory haul of all things cosy to tide me over in the meantime. I’m not quite sure how I managed to not buy any actual clothing and just buy accessories and loungewear, but I did and therefore my ‘no shopping between capsules’ self-imposed rule remains unbroken. Kinda.


One thing I really needed to up was my scarf game, and so I did; with two beauties that each come in at £16 each. Now the Pieces Woven Herringbone Scarf with Tassels is lovely and everything and it adds a nice autumnal splash of colour to my otherwise monochrome wardrobe, but the ASOS Oversized Long Woven Scarf in Colour Block Boucle is probably the softest thing I have ever felt in my life. It’s the type of fabric that makes you want to stroke it along your cheeks all day long. It’s also huge and so can be worn as a pseudo wrap or whipped round the neck once or twice for a big hulk of blanket to bury yourself in. Oh and lets not forget the ASOS Cashmere Mix Beanie which I find fits my big head pretty well without too much of a ‘flop‘ at the top; although I’m pretty sure that’s how all the cool kids wear their hats these days.


The other things I picked up were more loungewear pieces and the majority contain cashmere because it’s just the toastiest material ever. I even purchased a pair of Cashmere Mix Knitted Joggers. Yep they exist and yep they are brilliant. I’m pretty sure it’s all I’ll be wearing for the next couple of months; aside from the pair of PJ’s I got from Topshop that give that ASOS Scarf a bit of competition in the softness-stakes. So prepare for a haul video where I spend the majority of the time stroking items of clothing across my face…

Photos by Lauren Shipley