The Weekly Vlog #39


I thought it was about time to drop in for a weekly vlog catch-up again because it’s been awhile and sometimes I weirdly miss prattling away to you lot via prattling away to myself to a camera on my outstretched arm. I LOVE this time of year if you hadn’t already gathered by the big grin that is slapped across my face during the entirety of the vlog and though we’re still on the outskirts of Christmas I’m in full-on festive mode ticking off my present buying shopping list and ordering in the turkey (I’m secretly very excited to queue round the corner for it). It’s a pretty chill week where I had to get my head down laptop-wise – getting it in early so I can have a wee little rest over Xmas – but there’s plenty of food-related shenanigans and cosy knit wearing as always. However, the purple dressing gown only makes one appearance. SHOCKER.