The Weekend Post #91: Top 10 Beauty Blogs


You know me by now – I love a good beauty blog. Up in there in my list of my favourite activities along with eating, sleeping, completing my skincare routine, watching Orange is the New Black etc etc is having a bit of one-on-one time with my macbook and gorging on a hefty serving from my Bloglovin’ feed. So this weekend I thought I’d share 10 of my best beauty reads that I don’t really feel ready to complete my day until I’ve got my daily dose from. Get comfy, set a few hours aside and get ready to peruse…

Into The Gloss: Oh my gawd. I just lurve this site. I’ve gushed about it many times before so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Emily and her ITG team are babes, just all of them. And regular visits to this pages make me want to move to NY, get a mini tat and cut my hair short (myself). That is all.

Refinery 29: When I need something new, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s something you’ve yet to read here. The beauty pages at R29 are updated all the darn time so I’ve been trying to substitute my Daily Mail reading for something a little more refined and less Kardashian-centric. So far, it’s working.

XoVain: I think it only takes three words to sum up this site – ‘Beauty with Balls’. With post titles such as ‘My ‘No Makeup’ Look Requires Eight Products: Because even just looking alive can be really hard for some people, OK?’, you get the gist. Real girls, talk real beauty with a side serving of humour.

The Formula: Oh so glossy. This blog is just beautiful; the photography, the content, the layout. The founder Aimee splits her time between New York and Europe so you get the best of all beauty worlds here, all delivered with a hefty dollop of chic.

Lips So Facto: Ah Meg. Every time I spot a new post of hers in my feed, I drop everything and get reading. Immediately. Not only is Meg the Queen of slick copy, I tend to read every post while nodding along and scribbling a shopping list with one hand. Her taste is so damn spot on.

Genuine Glow: A natural beauty-centric blog is hard to find, but here it is. The stunningly beautiful Lilly delivers frequent doses of all things organic in the makeup, skin, hair and bodycare worlds all with slick photography and to the point captions. Reading her blog makes my urge to visit Whole Foods go a little wild.

She’s In The Glow: A new-ish find for me but one that I can’t stop scrolling through (see above picture as evidence). It’s definitely worth checking out Annie’s NYFW coverage; including her ‘What’s In My Bag’ for that week. I. Want. EVERYTHING. Including the bag.

No More Dirty Looks: Another au naturale offering, by beauty experts Siobhan and Alexandra who know their stuff when it comes to clean cosmetics. I particularly take note of their ‘Everyday Routine’ pages where all sorts of peeps share their regimens – that’s where I kept spotting the Soapwalla Deodorant Cream crop up – some great gems recommended there.

Beautezine: This is one of my favourite sites to head to when I’m hungry for news. MAC launches, swatches galore, sneak peaks; it’s a fab place to browse when you want to know what new beauty bits to add to your shopping list.

And the rest: Big shout out to Lily, Amelia and the rest of the babes on my blogroll. I love ’em all. And of course feel free to share your favourites below – I’m always up for a new page to eyeball.

….and there goes the next two hours of your life. But that’s what Sundays are for, right?