The Weekend Post #69: Mad for Mud Masks

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned mud mask? I’ve been slapping the clay-based bad boys on since my teenage days and once attended a school parent’s evening with the remnants of a sachet offering dried on under my chin much to my parents amusement – cheers guys. So this weekend I’ve gone back to my roots, pushed the souped-up acid filled, enzyme containing fancy pants masks aside and am keeping it real on the skincare block with some of my old favourites and newer additions. Here’s my top three messy masks to slap on now for a decongesting sesh leaving you ripe and ready for Monday:

The Quickie: Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face and Body* – £25 – from Cult Beauty. Two to five minutes is all this cleansing mud mask needs to get to work. On, off, you’re done. Sourced from the volcanic hills of Tuscany, it’s also heavily dosed with avocado and almond oils to lend a hand with hydration. There’s four in the range, hence the other little orange tubes hanging out in this shot, so there’s something for everyone but I find the straight-up active formula to be the best for my odd blemished normal-ish skin. The results are darn good too, radiance boosting and clarifying in one and when I wake up the morning after application my face is smooo-oooth.

The Deep, Deep Clean: Origins Clear Improvements – £20 – from House of Fraser. I’ve had this mini tube of the stuff hanging around for almost a year and it’s still going strong. I whip it out each month or so around ‘that time‘ when my skin is crying out for a something to rid it of gunk and grease. Activated charcoal waves goodbye to the dirt while lecithin helps out by dissolving it down and when I’m a spotty mare, this is one of the only props in my stash that actually sees them on their way. Messy? Yes. Does the job? Hell yes.

The Budget Buy: Super Facialist by Una Brennan Pore Purifying Clay Mask – £8.99 – from Boots. Mud masks don’t have to be the big guns all the time and if I fancy something a little less intense then this is one of the more gentle offerings in my mask drawer (yep, there’s a mask drawer). If you can get over the heavily flowered scent, then this delivers all your usual clay mask benefits but without as much of the ‘phwoor’. Out of the three it leaves my complexion the least red post-application, so little so that I’ve been known to use this in the morning and go about the rest of my day – makeup and all – without feeling all red and ruddy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there ain’t nothin’ that beats that audible ‘ahhh‘ when you remove one of these. Totally worth the ‘dried on mask then you laugh situation’ mild discomfort, non? Who’s with me?

*PR Sample


  • Shel Jay

    Love this post, I’m a big fan of the good old clay/mud mask. Maybe I need to try one of these three! x x

  • Charlotte Thorpe

    Lovely post Anna! I’m always forgetting to wash under my chin after applying a clay mask and have been asked many a time ‘Uhh, what’s under your chin?’ Gosh – how embarrassing! Haha x

  • Really want to try the Origins one. I’ve just used up a Sanctuary one and really miss it!

  • Megan

    Had my eye on the Origins one for ages, i really like the Superdrug ones as well though and there a bargain at £2.99

  • Amirah

    Sanctuary do a lovely detox mask 🙂

  • Sarah Gee

    Everyone is talking about the clear improvements mask! I want it so bad!


  • emilaaar

    Would you recommend buying the full size version or the fango active mud? I’ve found a good deal where you can get 170ml for £13.50 and I’m still on the fence about buying it. Does anyone have any thoughts?

    Thanks 🙂