The Weekend Post #67: The One with the Seaweed Bath

Bathtime for me usually involves a smattering of salts, a drop of oil or a lug of bath milk but last weekend I pushed the product boat out and settled on something rather out of the ordinary. Seaweed. Yup, that’s right – seaweed. The stuff that has me running out of the ocean like a screaming banshee, feels like eels round your feet and generally has the aroma of a fishmongers; three facts that I really should have remembered at the time of purchasing a box of it (from L:A Bruket stocked at & Other Stories, £25 if you were wondering, £3 for the Sea Salt). But alas, I was blinded my a blurb that shared its power to ease stiff muscles, increase blood circulation and help along skin irritations, oh and Lily was goading me to do it. So due to the fact that I’m an advertisers dream and one who succumbs easily to peer pressure, home I came with a box of dried seaweed, a packet of sea salts and a naive feeling of excitement…

One minor fact that I somehow managed to overlook is that you have to pre-soak the seaweed for 30 minutes in a bucket with a hefty dose of sea salt before adding to a bath full of water. In the mists of still being a relative newbie to living sans parents I do not own a bucket so saw it fit to empty my recycling bin and fill it with this funky smelling concoction. Note: I’ve deep cleaned it three times since and it still has a slight whiff to it. The smell was overwhelming and to tone it down I did end up giving in and adding a drop (or ten) of an Aromatherapy Associates Oil which managed to diffuse the scent somewhat. I left the seaweed to stew, ran a bath and then emptied the the rust-coloured mix, complete with now slimy seaweed in; the process of which did elicit a sound from myself that resembled a retch. Nice.

Once I finally worked up the courage to dip in – which included many chest slaps and ‘you can do it woman’ remarks to myself – I decided that the best way to immerse myself fully in the seaweed infested water was to shimmy it all up to one end and crouch up the other which certainly didn’t make for the most comfortable positioning. Eventually some of the seaweed began to attack, floating up towards me and having spent an amount on it that could have easily gone towards the purchase of two three Essie Nail Polishes (girl maths alert), I begrudgingly and halfheartedly ‘massaged’ the weed into my limbs. I don’t think I could have been more relieved when five minutes into this routine the doorbell went. Out of the bath I lunged, only to return with a sieve in one hand and room spray in the other.

So was the not-so-mermaid-like experience worth it? Well I was feeling suspiciously silky  the next morning, however it was nothing out of the realms of smoothness that I could achieve with a hefty dollop of body butter. Hilarious? Yes. Worthy of the lingering fishy fragrance? No. I think next weekend I’ll favour something a little less stomach churning and more chillax producing, but hey – it’s a weekend post that I’m not going to forget for a long while.


  • Hahahaha oh god that sounds awful! I am totally the same though, if I like the packaging/advertising I’m incredibly likely to buy it, pretty much no matter what it is! xx

  • Amy

    sounds like you had fun! I didn’t think seaweed would be nice in a bath.

    Amy |

  • dee

    oh my 🙁 from the picture I thought it was a bucket load of spiders! i thought, please don’t tell me you like this product, or else i would be tempted to buy it! Thank god i read on and found out otherwise! xx

  • Claire Reed

    It sounds horrific! Fair play for persevering and actually getting in the bath…..not sure I would have! Your post did make me giggle 🙂

    Claire x

  • You’re braver than me…*shudders*

  • Oh this was funny and cringe worthy to read, I really would be shimmying in one end! When I saw the picture I thought you were CRAZY! I’m the same as you, running out of the sea screaming if it touches me.. £25, I cannot believe that..!!

  • Lou

    my brother used to throw great lumps of the stuff at me on our beach holidays…or there might be those tiny little seaweed squares that gets EVERYWHERE in your togs if you know what I mean….that bath looks horrendous!!! I can’t believe you actually got in there!!! Completely hilarious…I would have been cowering up the other end away from that creepy stuff too!! I’m off for a lovely Body Shop milk bath before bed..have a great day, Lou xo

  • christen_garner

    You have such a natural writing style that nearly always makes me laugh and keeps me interested and reading till the end, I absolutely adore your blog!

  • Gita Bončina

    Wow, that looks freaky :). I would try it, but it’s definitely not your average Sunday bath :).


  • Argggghhhhh. I absolutely HATE the feeling of seaweed touching me so I feel your pain! x

  • Amy Johnson

    Brilliant post, Anna. I love your writing style! I hate seaweed and won’t even step foot in the sea if there’s any lingering around! You are a braver woman than I. xx

  • andulac

    I have a strong phobia of everything from under the sea – animals and plants included – so this kind of bath would be like the worst torture for me! I was shivering throughout reading this post! and the picture of the bath looks like a nightmare for are strong girl 😀 🙂

  • Rebecca-Louise Murray

    hahaa i would be scared of a sea weed bath!

  • talisa
  • Annabel Sketchley

    sounds like an experience I had swimming in the sea….swim swim swim, BAM massive seaweed weed starts shuffling round my leg *cue screeching and mad flapping to the shore*

  • Melissa

    I cannot believe you got in that bath!!! That is real dedication. I absolutely love reading your blog every single day Anna 🙂 xx

  • ahintofsparkle

    I give you so much credit for doing this!! even the thought of seaweed makes me shudder 😉 xx

  • lilypebbles

    I can’t believe you got in that!!! haha. Can’t stop laughing! x

  • jess530renee

    oh goodness….you brave girl! i love beauty products but can’t imagine taking a bath in seaweed!

  • Haha oh my goodness, I can’t believe you did this – well done! The sea freaks me out so no way would I want to brave a seaweed attack. Fab post xx

  • alicekatex

    hahahaha oh dear!

  • Pippa Jones

    Oww looks a scary one, brave kidda! 🙂

    Pipp xx

  • Tears running down my face right now from the visual picture of trying to corral seaweed at one of the bath! You are a much braver woman than I am!
    Kudos to Lily for the extra goading that *pushed* this purchase into your basket!

    You are a faulous, brave blogger – bringing us all the super, the so-so & the seaweed-y that the beauty world has to offer! ; D

  • Abbie

    That bath looks awful! I don’t think I’d have been able to get it, whenever seaweed even touches me in the sea I’m always kicking my legs around like “GET IT OFF GET IT OFF”

  • Emma

    Haha ur crazy woman, lol looks horrid but good on ya girl 🙂 xx

  • Millie

    Hahaha this made me laugh. I don’t know why. It is a little odd and very pricey. Think I’ll just stick to trusty radox 😉


  • kmakesithappen

    yuck yuck yuck you are so brave, I can’t stand the feeling of this stuff on my skin

  • Oh lord, that sounds like my worse nightmare! Good on your for giving it a go thought, what we girls do in the name of beauty!

    Lottie x

  • Jade Waterfield

    Such a great post! i’ve never even thought about doing this, and i think now though i will give it a miss, aha. But thanks for posting it! Such a good read.


  • Helen

    You should try a gel bath next anna! My brother got me a box of ‘spa gel, luxuary bath soak’ for christmas but I’ve not dared to try it yet:) The benefits sound incredible though. ahh, what we do for beauty.

  • This is bloody hilarious! That bath looks so scary and i would never have been able to even dip a toe in there Bravo girl xx

  • cocochic

    Oh God. Even though I’m also terrified of eel-y seaweed at the beach and even though its £25 and even though your experience sounds completely traumatic, I’m pretty sure I have to try this. I do live near a beach?!x

  • NiCCi

    I actually had a seaweed bath myself last weekend! Although luckily I had a better experience than you- I went to a local seaweed spa in the Ireland and it was amazing! The oils from the seaweed did wonders for not only my skin but my hair too. Here’s the website if you would like to check it out-

  • Emma West

    ha I properly lol’d reading ‘the seaweed begun to attack’ 🙂

  • Behind the Mirror

    I kind of want to try this even though you said there is fishy fragrance… I love the blog… I put up a post of detox baths, I would love you to check it out and let me know your thoughts!

  • Claudia

    haha, I was just laughing loudly at the thought of a seaweed attack! the part about your recycling bin is also quite entertaining.. it’s always those adventures that give us the best stories to tell 🙂