The Weekend Post #58: 3 Masks, 3 Methods

So it’s been generally accepted that I’m having a bit of a ‘hair’ moment right now? Yes? Good. Move along. Lazy locks dreaming aside, ever since I dipped into dye I’ve been having to add that extra special TLC touch to my ends. I’ve spoken about my mane mask miracles before, but there’s an old favourite that’s been added to the mix and some new methods to boot too. Cue me answering the door to my postman with half a metre of clingfilm wrapped round my head, slipping under the bed covers with a masked-up bun plopped on and bending over the bath while barking directions at the boy on how to capture me mid-condition. I’ll explain. Whether you’ve got five minutes or a whole evening this weekend to inject some oomph back into your tresses, I’ve got a few moisture loading formulas for ya…

First up, you have your standard – wash in, wash out – hair masks, I can’t sex-up that one. Apply to the ends of the hair after shampooing, hold five minutes and rinse out. My favourite for this is technique is Bumble and Bumble’s Deeep Mask; not only for it’s cute twist-up-and-squeeze dispenser but it smooths in a matter of seconds. A slightly fruitier method if you have an hour or so of homebody time free involves getting creative with clingfilm. I love the Redken Colour Extend Rich Recovery Mask for this trick; apply like you would you a normal mask, then whip you hair into a bun and cover with clingfilm and rinse out after your designated time – I usually leave it on for about 30 minutes. Now I’ve done a bit of research on this method and from what I can dig out, it looks like the cling film helps to trap the heat, opening up your hair to more moisture, which all equals softer locks. Simples. Finally if you wish to turn your hair pampering session into a two day event then throw on a mask and sleep on it – smooth through as part of your bedtime routine and wash-off at wakeup; there’s no other mask for me up for this job aside from Philip Kinglsey’s Elasticizer*. Unnecessarily dramatic,  but true.

Impromptu bathroom shoots and going a little crazy with the clingfilm – well this was a hi-larious post to put together. If Sunday is stretching out in front of you with very little in the way in the shape of plans, then I highly recommend the clingfilm tip. Just remember what monstrosity is on your head before you open the door to strangers…

*PR Sample


  • I always love your post Anna! Creative and witty and so original! Have you tried the Morrocan Oil mask?

    • Thanks hun! No I haven’t, have the oil though and use that all the time :) 

  • Maddy Cane

    Your ombre hair looks so cool in a bun! Love your posts! xxxx

    • Thanks! :) 

  • mollyox

    i have been using a l0t of hair masks and treatments since i got my hair ombred, i really like some of the aussie ones xxx

    • Always hear good things about the Aussie ones! ;) 

  • Claire Louise McLaughlin

    hehe! My mum is always complaining that I steal her cling film to do a little luxury hair mask now and again. 

    • Haha it’s got to be done ;) 

  • Liking the idea of the Redken and cling film. I had my hair ombred yesterday and this is going in my next shopping basket!


    • Ah yes – these will come in very handy then :) 

  • reem

    I’m definitely trying the clingfilm thing 🙂 thanks xxxxx j

    • No worries hun! :) 

  • Emilie

    Great post Anna, what facemask would you recommend for blemish prone skin?:) 

    • I love the Origins Clear Improvement one for that :) 

  • Lucy. S.

    I love that Bumble and Bumble mask (wrote a review a few weeks back on my blog haha)! The cling film ideas so funny, I once used a plastic bag to keep in the heat and ended up looking so silly! Worth it though 🙂 great post! I’ll be trying out some of your suggestions once my Bumble & Bumble has run out!
    Lucy x

    • Haha good thinking! :) 

  • Bella

    Love the ombre pineapple, LOL!

  • Ying_Cheung

    My hair is looking horrendous at the moment and feels so dry and brittle. This post just reminds me that i need to give it some TLC  sometime soon~ I haven’t used much hair masks these months as i have been relying on Hair oils, but i am eager to try out the deep hair mask by Bumble and Bumble because i have yet got to try out their wonderful products. Will keep in mind about the Clingfilm making that extra difference~ Thanks so much for sharing~ x X x X

    • No worries hun – hope these ideas come in handy :) 

  • I do this on the cheap- almond oil, heated in microwave for 30secs, put through wet hair, clingfilmed and then a hot towel wrapped around to keep it warm 30 mins or so and then shampoo and condition. Works a treat! 

    • Ah that sounds amazing – must give it a go! :) 

  • I think I’ll need 2 try one of these mask and give my hair a bit of love. 

    xo, Vita

    • It’s always good to give your locks some lovin ;) 

  • Petrad77

    darling all you need is coconut oil :) 

    • Will keep that in mind – thanks! 

  • Pippa Jones

    I was soo tempted to get the bumble and bumble conditioner before hand, just because ive been having bad hair days but now i know i need it! 

    Pipp xx

    • Haha! It’s fab! :) 

  • helen.reading

    your hair is gorgeous!

    • Thanks :) 

  • I’m going to have to try one of these hair masks. I dye my hair every three months or so and it could really use some TLC

    • These ideas should come in handy then ;) 

  • The overnight mask technique is definitely my current deep treatment of choice, and my ends have never looked better!  I’ve been meaning to get my hands on the Elasticizer for some time, and what with me selling all my old uni books back to Amazon, I may just be looking at a bog 0ld Amazon giftcard with my name on it, and a wish list that needs digging in to! xx

    • Well that sounds like a perfect idea ;) 

  • Nicola

    Elastizier has really transformed my hair! It’s amazing how different my hair looks and feels after using it 🙂 really want to try these other treatments too!

    Xo Nicola

    • It’s really fab isn’t it! :) 

  • josie garmory

    Have you tried the L’oreal extraordinary oil? Its amazing! My hair feels soo soft. That may also be because I used my flatmates fancy shampoo and conditioner (shh!) but I think its mainly the oil. 🙂 I would love to try the Bumble and Bumble one, their branding just intrigues me.

    • No I haven’t – and don’t worry the secrets between us ;) 

  • Elle

    Lovely blogpost as always! 🙂 do you mind me asking what program did you use to combine the three pictures together? 🙂 Even anyone that knows, please feel free to let me know. Thank you!
    Elle 🙂

    • A lot of print screening and cutting and pasting – nothing technical at all! :) 

  • Miranda Feneberger

    Your hair looks so lovely in a bun! I’m jealous and missing my long hair 😀
    xo Miranda

    • Ah thanks hun :) 

  • Georgia Smith

    I haven’t tried many hair masks at all, I have quite dry split ends so i may have to give the cling film and mask duo soon! 
    great post!
    Georgia, x

  • casey23

    Anna, did you try (cold pressed) coconut oil as a mask? I am doing it once a week and it is doing some greatness to my permed, dyed, overly damaged hair 🙂

  • Behind the Mirror

    Great Post!!! I am going to have to try the Bumble and Bumble’s Deeep Mask. I put up a post about hair masks too! I love you to check it out and let me know your thoughts!

  • adriana

    I love your blog Anna! And yay, a portuguese word *simples* :