The Weekend Post #57: Saturday Night Saviours

The subject matter for this post were first discovered after a somewhat wild, wig-filled night wailing away in a karaoke bar (B52’s Love Shack is ‘my song‘; me on the female lead and my best mate of 20 years on the male vocal, what a babe). After a night like that a 15-step cleanse, tone, moisturise and everything in between routine just isn’t going to slide so if it’s a late one I strip the beauty bumf down to basics, the multitaskers and the timesavers in a bid to get my head to pillow in two minutes flat. OK, so by the time you’re eyeballing this post, it’ll be too late to undo last night’s amaretto-filled escapades but here’s a product selection that it may be worth noting down for next Sunday’s 3am bedtime…

First up, I like to tackle my smudged and sweated out smokey eye – now hold onto your hats here because there is a rave and half coming on. I first used the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover* in a beer-goggled state and was quite frankly amazed. Off came eyeliner, waterproof mascara, eyeshadow – the lot, in one clean sweep, just like in the movies. The next night with a somewhat more focused mind I used it again, same results and it’s been a constant in my routine since. I swore I’d store it away and save for heavy-duty days but I can’t help myself grabbing it daily – it’s waterproof mascaras new worst enemy. Cheesy, but true. To simplify the skincare right down, I do a bit of cheating and give myself an Alpha H Liquid Gold* night. No fussing with a dewy glow in the morning – sorted. To finish off, I dab on a touch of eyecream, Clark’s Botanicals Anti-Puff Eye Cream* is doing it for me right now and then it’s time to hang up the towel.

The next task may seem laborious but you’ll be thankful the next day; a quick brush out of any knots created while whipping your hair back and forth with the forever awesome Tangleteezer followed by a blob of hair mask, in my case Redken’s Colour Extend Rich Recovery Mask, through the lengths will save you from the ‘birds nest’ vibe. Smooth up into a bun for ultimate bedtime sophistication. Now when it comes to battling that slightly mussy feeling I’m a big believer of Berocca. Down and you’re done. Roller on This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less onto pressure points and your pillow and you’re ready to whip off your blue wig, fight off your strappy shoes and retire.

It’ll probably be the summer before I drag my Grannie Annie ass out on the tiles again, but at least I’ll remember my Saturday night saviours to halt myself from looking like it’s the morning after the night before, the morning after the night before. 

*PR Sample


  • Giuditta Balzaretti

    Reading this whilst listening to Love Shack after you mentioned it, LOL!
    Btw, I LOVE the Clarins makeup remover: bought it at 15 years ago and I still repurchase it when summer and wp mascara come! xxx

    • Haha I’ve had it in my head aallllllll day! :) 

  • Great post! I love the pic. The lipstick mark on the glass is a hilarious but cute touch.

    • So glad someone noticed that ;) 

  • Millie

    Great post!! I really need to get my hands on the tangleteezer! 🙂 ♥

    • It’s amazing – whenever I use other hairbrushes they bring tears to my eyes! :) 

  • Jodie Moores

    I love my tangle teezer! It always comes in handy, I don’t know how I managed before it!

    • Me neither! :) 

  • Great Post!

    • Thanks :) 

  • Karo

    This post came one day too late lol ! Although I was somehow prepared as well:  I put all my make-up remover thingies on my bed + a mirror, so I could remove my make-up whilst be nice and warm under my blanket !
    Btw: Love B52’s Love Shack, I listened to it yesterday evening when I got ready 🙂

    • Haha – keep it in mind for next weekend ;) 

  • Maddy Cane

    Love your tips! xxxx

    • Thanks! :) 

  • You write so well Anna, always a pleasure to read


    • Thank you hun :) 

  • Hannah

    Definitely going to be in need of some of these products in the future! x

    • Haha keep it handy for next weekend ;) 

  • The THIS WORKS Deep Sleep range was a life saver for me at Christmas time. I’ve tried loads of things for sleeping and that was definitely the best by far. I really like the roll on and the pillow mist.

    • It’s so nice isn’t it! The rollerball will always be in my stash :) 

  • Danielle Barbeau

    These products sound great! I still really want to try the Alpha H Liquid Gold…one day…one day (when my bank account allows it haha). I am always impressed with myself after a night of consuming beverages and I wash/tone/moisturise my face. Always makes me feel like a responsible adult!

    • Magnumpie

      I felt like that for ages.  really wanted to try it but various bloggers seemed to have a love or loathe opinion of it.  I am really excited now though because I just ordered an Alpha-H starter set from Whats in my handbag which in includes a liquid gold sample and wasn’t that expensive.  I cannot wait for my poor postie to arrive at my door laden down with parcels (again) :p x

    • Haha – the whole routine! I’m impressed ;) 

  • confessionsofabeautylover

     I’ve heard amazing things about tangle teezers but i’m still yet to buy one! Will definitely buy one when i’m next in boots! x

    • It’s so good – whenever I use my old hairbrushes now they bring tears to my eyes lol! :) 

  • Sonia

    The Alpha H Liquid Gold is a good one! 🙂

    • It really is – so easy to use too ;) 

  • Haha love this post! There’s nothing worse than getting home late and having to do your whole skincare routine! x

    • Agreed! :) 

  • Pippa Jones

    i know the feeling. Sometimes skin care can just go out the window when your tired.

    Pipp xx

    • It really can – keep it simple and get your head to the pillow faster, that’s my game :) 

  • Emma Stanworth

    Such a great post. There are some nights where all you want to do is the bare minimum – next time I’m definately trying a hair mask before I go to bed!

    • Ah brilliant – let me know how you get on, always works a treat for me :) 

  • Georgia Smith

    I always stay at friends after nights out and they never use any skincare products the same as me, so I have to make do with a wilko make up wipe and some handcream for my face, which leaves me with such a dry face! 
    I’ve finally learnt the art of stripping down the cleanse-tone-moisturise routine into a couple of multi tasking products i can take with me! 
    Lovely post as usual!
    Georgia,  x

    • Ah glad you liked it hun, glad you’ve found your basics routine you need :) 

  • Katie Fawcett

    Love this post!

    Katie xo

    • Thanks! :) 

  • Primrose

    Love this post, and I love the redken hair mask! Xxx

    • Me too – I love the scent! :) 

  • Sara

    Oooh, do you leave the hair mask on overnight? xx

    • I do indeed – works a treat :) 

  • Charlotte11

    Such a fun post! I love the idea of using liquid gold as a bit of a cheat. I’ll definitely giving that one a go on lazy nights. I got the tangle teaser on your recommendation and I lurrrve it. Keep the recommendations coming even though it’s not very good for my wallet. 🙂 Also, do you like the Clarins better than the bioderma?

    • Glad you liked it hun! I much prefer the Clarins for eyemakeup and then the bioderma for the rest of my face. But of a faff but it works so well :) 

  • You’re much better than I am! After a night like that, I usually just wind up sleeping in my makeup, then completely regretting it (and some other things!) the next morning.  I need to rifle through my my own collection for some bare bones skin care to set aside for early Sunday bedtimes 🙂

    • Haha – hopefully this selection will come in handy next weekend then ;)