The Weekend Post #53: The Detox

If I scoff another Mama VDM homemade chocolate truffle then I may just have to be rolled into the new year. So it’s time to lay off the treats, dust off the yoga mat that was last used 11 months ago and begin a bit of a detox. But I’m not talking handfuls of the green stuff meeting a juicing machine, I’m bringing it back down to beauty (as always) and finishing the year off on a pampering high; and It’s a triple threat – with hair, body and face all getting a good ol’ clean tonight. Welcome the detoxifying pamper edit and start the year off on the right beauty foot…

If you’ve sat through my Pre-Christmas Pamper video, then you’ll be armed with the snippet of trivia that I always like to wash my mop first when getting down to a serious full body cleanse and since colouring my hair I’ve been paying special attention to what’s applied. I still love something with a little oomph and Paul Mitchell’s Extra-Body Daily Shampoo and Rinse* is my current rinse of choice. It does the job, makes my strands feel super clean and gives my roots a little lift but I’m still on the lookout for that elusive backcomb in a bottle shampoo/conditioner combo. Then onto the best bit – bathtime. The ESPA Restorative Bath Oil* has been filling my tub, and I like to go the whole hog and slather on the matching Body Oil* post bath-boil. Nothing screams detox like a good ol’ facemask and to reinstate something that looks a little like radiance back into my skin I’ll be reaching for the Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel. I’ve used this a fair few times in the past and as the name suggests it’s in a similar vein to the REN Glycolatic Radiance Renewal Mask, just a little speedier; four minutes with it on and your skin is given a large dose of dewy. Followed by the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate, which is known as a bit of a wonder product in my house, cuticles, elbows, faces – this oil does it all (and can be picked in a small rollerball which makes it one of the cheapest out of my oil faves), facial detoxing is complete. Something I’ll be keeping handy to kickstart the new year is Faust’s Potions Awake and Asleep Hangover Cure*, two tubes of turbo-boosted potions that when taken after a night out and the morning after the night before alleviate those dreaded ill-feelings and judging by the reviews this wards off even the worst of festival induced hangovers – I have high hopes.

So it’s time to get down to detoxing beauty stylée, and let the last pamper session of the year commence. By the end of today I’m sure I’ll be feeling more squeaky clean than ever, all ready to ruin tomorrow I’m sure. Now where did I hide the champers?

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  • Daria Buonin

    I definitely need a detoxing pamper too haha! I should really look into that Liz Earle oil! 😉 X

  • I need to do that, too! It’s my favorite part of Sunday — giving my skin a little pampering session. It definitely needs it after all the crap I ate during the holidays!

  • joysteib

    How do I say…I want to do all of this…without sounding like a spoiled brat????? Oh what the hell….I want to do all of this!!!!!!!!! lol Thanks for sharing!!!! <3

  • kramer.anne

    Always a delight to read your witty posts.
    Anne – though you might not understand my ramble on beauty stuff 😉

  • Mmmmm that sounds like heaven, but unfortunately my evening will be consisting of cleaning my makeup brushes and revising 🙁 x

  • sarirah

    The radiance peel sounds good. If it works the same as REN’s glycolactic mask but faster then that’s totally the mask for me! 🙂

  • Amelia

    I love the way you write, not to mention what you write about. This article was packed full of oodles of things I’ve yet to try and have never even heard of, yet they all sound so amazing. I love your weekend posts, and I’m looking forward to another year full of them! x

  • Millie

    Great post!! Love the Liz Earle Concentrate! 🙂 ♥

  • Katie Fawcett

    Detox time indeed!
    Katie xo