The Weekend Post #52: A Pre-Christmas Pamper

I’ve done a few Weekend Posts in my time, but one thing I’ve never attempted is a TWP ‘in motion’. Me, greasy hair scraped back, PJ’s firmly on, primping, preening and pampering my way through two hours all condensed down into a handy bite-size Sunday ritual Youtube video. Well that is until today. I’ve compilated the ultimate hair, body, face and nails routine into the perfect pre-Christmas pamper finished off with a sprinkle of festive flavour, ideal for the night (or two) before the big day.
Here’s your ingredients list if you wish to indulge too: hairbrush that preferably doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, shampoo, conditioner, conditioning treatment, a foamy bath treat, body scrub, body oil, your usual cleanser, a face mask tailored to your skin concerns (the Aesop Parsley Cleansing Mask is a good all rounder), your usual evening skincare routine – make sure there’s a hell of a load of moisturiser and a cooling eye product in there – nail polish remover, pesky cuticle remover, base coat, a mulled wine red nail shade (which I think will be heaped with some glitter – post coming tomorrow) and a top coat to finish it all off with a big fat dollop of shine.
So select to watch on Youtube for all the extra links, info and routine run-down. Swap the present wrapping for face mask time, the food prep for nail painting and the two hours of TV watching for a hefty dose of preening indulgence and all that’s left for me to do is to wish you a Merry Pampering Day…. 


  • Lorna – Studs and Dreams

    those products look beautiful! so many I still want to try, maybe with my christmas money eh! 🙂

    • Haha exactly – now you know what to spend it on 😉

  • Marlena

    Love you Anna, been following your blog for some time now. Have a happy Christmas! And I adore your top!!

    • What a lovely comment – Merry Christmas to you too! 🙂

  • MERRY CHRISTMAS ANNA!!!!!!! 🙂 xx

    • Thank you! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO! xx

  • mousie x

    merry christmas anna! have an amazing time, and happy new year!

    lots of love x

    • Aw thank you hun – hope you do too 🙂

  • Kassie lee

    god this make me wanna just got take a bubble bath and indulge

    • Haha, happy pampering if you do 🙂

  • Francesca

    This will be on my to-do list tomorrow, along with preparing the house for Christmas! Loved this format of video as well 🙂 have a brilliant Christmas! Would love to see a Christmas FOTD.

  • Hearts&Crosses

    Definitely going to do this tomorrow evening, ahhh sounds like bliss!


  • joysteib

    Awwww……I think this could be my most favorite video to date yet!!! Love the way you talk about pampering oneself and I am all girl for that!!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!!! <3

  • Francis Dodson

    I love the idea of a ‘pre-xmas pamper’! I am so going to do this tonight while watching Made In Chelsea 🙂 Happy Christmas Vivianna! x

  • Margaret
  • Loved this idea! I think I’ll do this for New Years ;D I haven’t pampered myself in quite some time… <3 Rubiiee

  • I adore a good pamper. In fact, I pamper most days of the week and use it as an excuse to look after my skin, hair and body. When in fact I am a complete pampering addict! xo