The Weekend Post #31: New Additions

For today’s Sunday pamper, I’ve got some new bits to add into the mix. Last week I posted about my ultimate primping and preening routine (post here), but this week I fancy something a little more express. A clarifying wash of my mop, a complexion refining face mask and a quick tidying up of my nails that were screaming out for a mini mani, and luckily I picked up some products this week that I’m hoping will do just that…

I love my Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo for a weekly ‘get all the grime out’ hair wash, but the fickle beauty blogger in me fancied trying something new. I’d seen Kate rave about this quite a few times and on a little shopping diversion in London the other day, I found myself in John Lewis with the Phyto Clarifying Detox Shampoo in my clutches. On first inspection it’s green and smells like mint – helpful, naht – but that’s all I can report at the moment – I’ll let you know how I get on with it today. Then for a complexion boosting facial, I’m hoping the Origins Clear Improvement Mask will work wonders on the pesky pimples that have been erupting on my chin recently. Something else that slipped itself into my basket on that fateful John Lewis trip, I’d been eyeing this up for age but wasn’t sure I needed to add another mask into my bathroom cabinet. However, Origins now do half-size mini’s of their best-selling products (including the Drink-Up Intensive Mask that I love so much, review here) – so I picked this up for £10 – bargain right? I’ll keep you posted. I don’t think I will rest until I have every Essie colour that I could possibly ever want in my nail polish collection (dramatic, I know), and after a quick trip to Superdrug I ended up with another three in my basket. The one I’m planning to paint my pinkies with today is Tart Deco, a shade that I saw Kate wearing the other day (yes Kate is my girl crush at the mo, can you tell?) and committed it to my ‘to-purchase’ mental wishlist. A pretty, bright peach perfecto for a grey Sunday. The final newest addition is easily the least sexiest purchase of them all – a nail file. Whenever I spoke of using those bog-standard, 10 for £1 emery boards people pointed me in the direction of the less abrasive Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File, which although not cheapie purchase supposedly helps to smooth the nail edge completely with no splitting. I suffer with a case of the flakey breaky nails from time to time and using this for the past week I have to say I’m converted – I’ve had much less breaking and it does seem much more gentle on the nail tips.

Right now it’s time to preen myself up and have a read of the latest ELLE Collections magazine. After a weekend away in London, sleeping on a mates sofa and a few too many Pimms (it’s not big nor clever), I’m in desperate need. Are their any new product you’ll be adding into your pampering today? Tempted by any of my additions?