The Weekend Post #101: Makeup Vanity Must-Haves

Shall we rename today ‘Storage Sunday’? For today I am opening up the drawers of my makeup-filled dresser for the first time in a long while and divulging all things IKEA and acrylic. Keep one eye on my YouTube channel for an updated makeup collection featuring my new swish one drawer system and the other here cause I thought I’d run through some vanity must-haves that come in rather handy every morning. They might not be the sexiest of inclusions but they are all things that I reach for in times of ‘eyeliner fails/brush washing emergencies/oh flip I just squirted foundation up the mirror’ moments.

The biggest organisation revelation I’ve had recently is in the form of MUJI PP Drawers. Up for grabs in a range of sizes they keep everything compartmentalised, easy to move around, are wipe-clean, heck they’re even stackable. Is there anything they can’t do? I use them in the breadth of my drawers to keep everything tidy and easy-to-grab. Inside the drawer pictured above I have another three items I house in my collection: a pack of tissues (used for all the messy scenarios described above), cotton pads and a mini bottle of Bioderma to clean things up. Another fab thing to keep on hand is pointed cotton buds – I get mine from The Body Shop or Boots – but you can read up on why here.

You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ flannel; I use them to clean up everything from my face to my loo (obviously not the same one). Having one beside me all times of application means I can sort out a spillage, quickly take some colour off an eye brush or fashion a little bib to save any white tops from an inevitable dusting of orange. You could go all fancy, but I tend to pick up mine for under a fiver from Primark. Though probably the most handy of all the items I’m detailing today is a hairband (or three, you know how that hairband and bobby pin fairy likes to hide them from you?). I’m into Twistbands at the moment; tied elastic that doesn’t leave too much of a kink behind when you take them out and keeps hair out of the way without ruining your doo.

Dresser essentials covered, you wanna see the sexy stuff? Check back here on VDM later today cause baby those drawers are being opened and trust me, they’re full of the good stuff.