The U.S Fashion, Food & Fitness Haul

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I was fully prepared for some serious hauling when I visited L.A a few weeks ago (there’s a vlog all about my travels here!). I scrimped on the clothing and beauty items that I took with me and sacrificed the space to fill with wares that it’s tough to find on these shores. Sure, I was excited to set foot in Sephora and Ulta (see that haul here), but it was the trips to Whole Foods, Lululemon and fashion and homeware outlets like Madewell and Poketo that I was real excited for.

I do realise that the above statement truly confirms my Grandma status, but right now I love pretty much anything and everything to do with fitness and food. I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect low-crap containing peanut butter cookie recipe (I made a batch yesterday and they tasted like how I imagine moulded balls of dust to taste – BOO!) and spend my evenings digging into cookbooks and bookmarking pages – Mark and I have even started watching Cooked on Netflix (I’d highly recommend). So when I stepped into Whole Foods it was pretty darn dreamy. I filled my cart with snacks galore and although the contents of some packets tasted like cardboard, others have been surprisingly moorish.

So there’s a Whole Foods haul packed into the video above, but there are also a few jewellery purchases, sandal buys (that unfortunately bring on the blisters, but are so darn chic that I keep on wearing them and just lug along a first aid kit with me) and a pretty restrained if I do say so myself, bag of Lululemon goods that’s basically all just underwear. Oh yeah, I ramble on about pants in this video too. No stone is left unturned here!


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