The Timeline of Holiday Prep


While I realise that we’re now nearing the end of holiday season – boo – but common’ who’s excited to unpack their boots and winter coats? *rasises hand* I thought I’d share my holiday prep timeline which is actually a lot longer and action packed than I first thought. You guys know I like to be organised and this is a little checklist that I have written down in my notepad, but today I thought I’d transfer it into post format for any of you who are lucky enough to be jetting off as the cooler weather makes a comeback or perhaps it’s one to bookmark for your travels next year…

SIX MONTHS BEFORE: Check your passport is in date, book your holiday (I’m a fan of not booking holidays too far in advance as I’m a bit of an impatient soul), book transfers to and from the airport on both ends and book a hire car if required.

ONE MONTH BEFORE: Arrange travel insurance, shop around for any holiday clothes you want to add to your wardrobe, make sure you’ve got a suitcase sorted and begin your research on your destination.

ONE WEEK BEFORE: Get that faux tanning routine going and start applying a face mask every couple of days, get out your suitcase and start to pack things in, make sure there are no clothing items in the wash that you want to take and if there are then get them washed and dried and change up spending money.

ONE DAY BEFORE: Get all your beauty stuff done (paint nails, shave, wax, thread – whatever), finish off your packing so you’re ready to go (pop everything you need for the following morning out on the bed with a list of last minute things you still need to pack), clean the house and charge electricals.

ON THE DAY: Tick off your ‘to-pack’ checklist (this also comes in handy when coming home so you can check-in all your items back into your suitcase and make sure you’re leaving nothing behind), close and lock windows, take out the rubbish (there’s nothing worse than coming home to a bin full that’s been festering for a week), unplug electricals and do one final passport check.

However no matter how hard you try, there will always be something you forget and you’ll end up trying to explain to an Italian pharmacist who speaks no English that you need some headache medication using elaborate hand movements. Been there, done that…