The Spring Jean

You ready for a shocker? For I, Anna, have fallen in love with a pair of trousers and they’re not black. Heck – they’re not even block colour. They’re patterned. I know, I know – take a seat. I’ll give you the backstory.

I was in Topshop and well, feeling spendy. It was one of those payday moments where it’s burning a hole in your pocket, but there’s nothing in the shops that you like – you know the one? I even traipsed round Zara and nope, nothing. Na-dah. Then while perusing Topshop I came across these jeans. Tile Print Leighsย – my preferred cut of jean with a stick on skin finish and the main selling point, a stretchy waistband. Oh yeah. I’ve only ever owned black or dark wash pairs in the past but these were like nothing I’d seen before; a blue patten on a white background that would more at home on a legging. I was intrigued, so in the basket they went and without even realising it I’d stumbled across the perfect spring jean. Ok I’ve sort of just made this category up. But you know when the sun is shining, birds are tweeting and your all-black ensemble just looks a little unseasonal? Swap your denim for these and you’re done. A hit of instant spring prep, but without getting too colourful.

Seeing as my penchant for pattern is pretty new I’ve been pairing them with a simple shaped shirt in some kind of monochrome and either rolling up the ankles and cracking out my ASH Jalouse Boots (do they ever come off my feet? No) or whipping them on at the weekend with my Nike Free Runs. Though I do have a striped blazer on order from ASOS – so who knows. Pattern on pattern? Woah nelly – maybe I’m getting a tad far ahead of myself. But it’s fair to say that the spring jean slot in my wardrobe that prior to this purchase I didn’t even know existed, has well and truly been filled.