The Shirt Edit: My Favourites

It’s time to button up…


I know I keep banging on about finally finding ‘my uniform‘, but if I have to wear clothes and lycra is off the menu, then a button-up shirt tucked into belted jeans basically my style comfort blanket. To me it looks chic, but never too try-hard and I just feel comfortable (to think that there was a time where I loved body-con dresses – HA!). I don’t have to worry about a nipple flying out or my muffin top bulging somewhere; they perfectly cover a food-baby, whilst also flattering in a way that chunky knits often don’t (hey – I love to channel my inner Michelin Man sometimes too). My wardrobe can now be split down the middle with knitwear on one side (see my favourite sweaters here) and an army of shirts in different shades of monochrome with the odd patterned and striped one thrown in. Here’s my pick up of the bunch…


The Classic Shirt

You can’t go wrong with a plain black, perfectly fitting shirt. My personal favourite is this Equipment Signature Washed-Silk Shirt in Black that has a semi-boyfriend, slightly-baggy fit that benefits from a bit of a roll-up at the elbow. Unfortunately it’s extremely pricey, so I’d either recommend waiting till you have a Net-A-Porter voucher burning a hole in your pocket, like I did, which softens the blow a little or have an eye up of this & Stories Classic Silk Shirt in Black which is practically an exact dupe. In fact the & Other Stories shirt game is strong. I’d highly recommend a browse.



The Patterned Shirt

Now when I say patterned, I basically mean striped or leopard print. Although I quite like a bit of polka dot too from time to time. Luckily 2016 is the year of the leopard print and so there are plenty to take your pick from although this Equipment Slim Signature Printed Washed-Silk Shirt is my favourite, for the fact that it’s a combination of my two most loved things in one shirt together – monochrome and leopard print. Again it’s pricey choice, but I’m hoping that these will be investment pieces that I can wear for years and years to come. Thankfully the highstreet has come to the rescue though with this Topshop Smudge Animal Pyjama Shirt which is too nice to wear as PJ’s in my books and looks pretty similar with just a dinkier print on it.



The ‘Something A Little Different’ Shirt

Ruffles? Stars? Flower prints? I know, I’m pushing the boat out a bit here, but I know we’re not all ‘I’ll wear something other than black when they invent something darker‘ kinda people, so I’ve tossed in a few of my favourites that don’t fit my strict monochrome-only dress code. I have to say that these Warehouse Ruffle Blouses are my favourite for the fact that underneath they’re a simple shirt design, but there’s a real party on the front going on. I’m very tempted to pick up the blue one, despite the sweat patch risk that comes with it. I might have to risk it for a biscuit…