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Practical, chic and a year-round addition to your wardrobe

*This post features an advertorial from Topshop

When I scroll through my ‘saved’ section on Instagram there are a disproportionate amount of pasta recipes, art that I’ll never be able to afford and satin midi skirts. It’s a trend that I bought into in the summer with the purchase of a leopard print number and it ain’t going anywhere any time soon. Come rain or shine, within reason they can be an all year round capsule wardrobe staple – once you factor in some layering and warmth-inducing style tips.

Best of all the are comfy – like seriously, so comfy – come in a range of colours, courtesy of Topshop’s ever-expanding range and are a good way for traditionally non-skirt wearers to ease ourselves into the idea. The midi length makes it feel like we’re practically wearing trousers and there’s no better combo than pairing them with big jumpers and ankle boots which are two of my favourite clothing categories. There’s a reason why everyone who I adore style-wise is wearing them and now I have one, I GET IT. Here’s why I foresee it being a classic in my capsule and my tips for wearing them this winter…

First up the skirt. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two months then the chances are that you’ve seen that Topshop hold the midi skirt monopoly here. Same design with a handy elasticated waistband and ‘just below the knee’ length (they fit true to size FYI), in a myriad of jewel-tone and earthy shades and patterns. The marsala wine skirt that I’m wearing in this post is sadly sold out (although keep checking here for when it comes back in stock, although this one is v.similar), however I’m pleased to say that this piece is now available in a stunning leopard print. I KNOW. Gorgeous. I also love the khaki green and the deep navy, which I both feel would work well and be easy to pair if you have a pretty neutral wardrobe like me.

So how do you wear ’em all year round? Obviously the summer version is easy. Stick on a pair of strappy sandals, tuck a camisole or a loose-fitting t-shirt into the top and you’re done. For the slightly chillier months though I have some suggestions. Of course an ankle boot is going to keep you warmer than a sandal and if you don’t much fancy a bare leg, wear your skirt with tights, or over-the-knee boots. You could also wear a pair of cycle shorts, or leggings that cut off at the knees for some extra warmth underneath. A midi skirt also works well with some heels, a skirt tucked in and maybe even a blazer thrown over the top if you’re not quite sure what to wear to your office Christmas party. Day/night, warmer months/cooler months – it has the potential to be a hard-working piece in your capsule wardrobe, right?


For the top half I’d recommend pairing your midi skirt with something that is slightly cropped. The thin and silky nature of them – which is exactly why they are so comfortable that you won’t want to take them off – doesn’t make for a sturdy waistband to tuck things into, unless the item is thin too like a silk shirt or camisole. So instead opting for chunky knit in an cropped style is a great choice for the chillier months. Because it’s cropped you don’t have to worry about tucking it in, plus it cuts off at the waist for a flattering finish. This Super Soft Ribbed Cropped Jumper looks so darn cosy and being cream will work with any skirt option, although this Cable Knit Crop Jumper would slip into your wardrobe just as easily and would look cracking with a pair of high-waist bleached denim.

When it comes to shoes you have options depending on the time of the year – sandals are the summer choice, trainers for transitional months and then it has to be boots once the weather cools. I’d suggest something with a bit of space around the ankle – a cowboy boot would look incredible – and a bit of a heel to add some length to the ol’ legs. Here I’m wearing the Marcel Leather Ankle Boots which I have worn LOADS over the past two months, but the Hurricane High Ankle Boots come with more of a square toe if that’s your preferred style but you’re still in the mood for snakeskin. Fancy something classic that will go with practically every outfit in your wardrobe? The Henna High Ankle Boots are the choice to go for. Midi skirts, eh? So many options, so little time.


Photos by Emma Croman

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