The Pre-Weekend Pep Up

My Bank Holiday, four day weekend is shaping up a little like this: welcoming my girls from home up to London, shopping in central featuring a trip to ‘that MUJI place you always talk about’ – my mates words not mine, eating, drinking, more shopping, conversation with the boy to tell him I haven’t just spent all my savings (which will no doubt be a lie), sleep, catch train home home, be fed up to my eyeballs with my Mum’s cooking, a quick-stop drop at every extended family members house, be roped into watching ‘Pointless’ – my parents favourite TV programme (groan), more food that hopefully contains dumplings, all finished off with a slump back on a train to London only to be greeted with the start of a new working week. You get the gist? It’s busy. No time for my usual primping, preening and pampering routine – I’ll be lucky to squeeze in a shower – so I’m scheduling in a pre-weekend pep up tonight and here’s what’s on the menu…

8.00pm – Turn the taps up to max and get running that bath, along with a hefty glug of Life NK’s Drift Away Milk Soak* for dream-inducing bathtime goodness, followed by a mood lighting spark up of L:A Brunket Citrongräs Candle, another & Other Stories purchase. More zesty that I’d usually go for in a slumber-time scenario but I have a bit of a scent soft spot for the blend of that and the bath milk.

8.10pm – Manoeuvre self into tub, then dip into Clinque’s Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream* and get scrubbing. There’s not a glimmer of grease in sight with this stuff, just a good ol’ grainy texture that gets to it and buffs away dry spots in one clean sweep. Baby soft.

8.20pm – The timings for this section could be a little out as I like to wallow in the bath like a beached whale for a rather long time, but when I do finally manage to pull myself out which is usually in the most unsightly of fashions, I plan on a mega five minutes of nourishment. First, an application of Elemental Herbology’s Facial Glow Radiance Peel, followed by a healthy splash of NUXE’s Huile Prodigieuse all over ma’ body. I shall then inhale deeply from the spout of my NUXE bottle and dream of summer. Ahhhh.

8.25pm – After five minutes it’s time for mask removal. Muslin off, I’ll follow with my usual evening routine and then admire my glowing complexion (fingers crossed), which takes us up to…

8.30pm – Nail colour SOS. Chip clear-up time or a new coat of lacquer – I can’t decide. But if I do plump for a fresh layer, my money’s on Ciate’s Dangerous Affair. A black cherry red, which has top marks for staying power to see me through till Tuesday.

By 9pm I’ll be ready to catch up on Mad Men (I’m currently devouring Season Four) and bank in a good nights sleep before the long weekend begins. With only two words on my mind of course. Don. Draper.

*PR Sample


  • sof

    Haha I love scheduling and clearly so do you! so much fun to look forward to some relaxing time !! hope you have a great 4 day weekend! Xx

  • talisa
  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    My parents love Pointless too, why I do not know! Such a cutie of a post Anna, I love the time scheduling & hear you loud and clear when it comes to nails. It’s either chip sort out or ship out.


  • natalie

    Don.Draper. *_*

  • Karo

    Looks lovely ! That Clinique scrub is going right onto my (neverending ?) wishlist 🙂

  • Jo

    Sounds like a fab weekend, enjoy!

  • Paris Grace

    Sounds like a great plan for the weekend!


  • Abbey Rosete

    I love the products!


  • Maddy Cane

    Mmmm, sounds perfect! xxx


  • Rocio

    Hihi, lovely post Anna! I’m about to go to the gym and you’ve made me want to stay home, get into a hot bath and relax…
    I love Nuxe products, have tried quite a few bits but not the oil, everyone seems to love it!!

  • Natalie Clarke

    This sounds absolutely dreamy.. . Thoroughly jealous.

  • Ha! I’ve also taken to sniffing my Huile Prodigieuse in the vain hope that it’ll keep me going until spring/summer finally arrives x

  • Carrie Ward

    Sounds alot nicer than mine, I have decided to use the four day break as a excuse to go to Yoga everyday in an effort to kick start my new health regime. Enjoy

  • Jo

    Sounds perfect. Have a great Easter 🙂 xx

  • joysteib

    This is certainly a great start to a great Easter Holiday!!! Enjoy!! <3

  • Amysbeautyjournal

    You will be busy! A great way to kick-start the Easter holidays! xxx

    Amy |

  • Emily

    This sounds like my weekend last week. I always return more exhausted than before after a quick visit home. I pre-weekend pamper probably would have been a good idea.


  • Kassie lee

    oh sounds like you have a extended weekend packed full of fun! Love that your making time for a nice pamper ses before your busy weekend begins.

  • A makeup habit

    Sounds amazing! How are you liking the Elemental Herbology facial peel? It sounds like it would be right up my street!

    A MakeupHabit

  • E

    the way you write is great, very proffesional yet somehow casual at the same time! are you studying english at uni? 🙂 x

  • Don Draper is all I will be able to think about too…

  • Pippa Jones

    Looks like you had a good relaxing night!!

    Pipp xx