The Peach Platform

I’ve got a bit of a thing with shoes. Back in my old Uni days I happily traipsed around in holey shoes that I’d owned for years, so now I’m making up for those dark days and giving my feet a treat in some slightly more upmarket soles. In fact the majority of shoes that I now own were bought this year! Just shoes how awful my old shoes were!

My newest addition to my ever growing broad are from, yep you’ve guessed it, Zara, where else? I think I’m single handily keeping the economy afloat with the money I’m spending in there at the moment! I may be a pretty tall lady (5 foot 7 if you were wondering), but I do love my heels – in fact I quite like being the tall, towering one of the group! So when I saw these teetering peach platforms my eyes lit up. A simple thick heel, with a rather large platform and ankle straps in a peach suede, not the most practical shoe in the world but perhaps the most beautiful. The gold details just topped it off for me and in they fell into my basket. Now boy, are these high and walking in them unaided may take a little bit of practice, but I guess that adds to the fun!

I’ve had a little look online but it seems they only have them left in yellow (link here), but there are quite a few similar pairs floating around on the Zara website. I braved the rain this weekend and shot a few OOTD’s with these on so you can see how I style them and that will be up this time next week, so keep an eye out for that! So what do you think – are you a heels or a flats kinda gal?


  • Raz

    I definitely love heels, but I can’t them on an everyday basis as I have to walk around 30 minutes to get to uni! When I’m getting the train to an office I’m going to be investing in WAY more heels!

  • Faceofthunder

    Go team tall! I’m 5ft 9 and I still own like 7 pairs of heels. I can’t walk in most of them, but that’s really not the point is it 😉
    Your peach bad boys are right beauties! 🙂

    Livvy ( x

  • Caroline

    Wow love those Zara heels!! I love the way heels look, but rarely wear them, would love to wear them more!! xx

  • I would LOVE to be able to wear heels but my poor old back means that anything decent kills me the next day.  So I just stare adoringly at racks of heels wishing I could just be comfortable in them, but sadly not I am a flats kinda gal through and through. 
    If my feet are uncomfortable or my back then I look misreable!

    These Zara heels are BEAutiful!  I can see why you went for them.  Zara have great things in at the moment, I shall be buying lots as soon as I can. 

    Claire xx

  • Oh my god. They are some absolutely gorgeous heels!!! xx

  • You always seem to have the most amazing shoes. I love these and i know that they must be so comfortable~ I should go and try these one next time i’m in Zara too and i have to agree that zara is doing very well this season with so many things i just want to buy.
    Thanks for sharing~

  • niks_123

    These are so prettyyyyy! Zara are doing the BEST shoes recently ;o

  • natalieslove

    These shoes are so pretty!

  • Shari O’Connor

    Love them, I like them in the yellow too. I always go for colourful shoes because I wear two much black haha. xx

  • Gem11

    Heels all the way for me – but then I am only 5ft 4! Love them x 

  • Kat Kennedy

    Indeed perhaps the most beautiful! I adore heels and would wear them more often but a) they’re not always practical and b) anything over 3 inches and I tower above my boyfriend haha! :D. These were a great pick though!x

  • Line Juul Noergaard

    Haha, I’m also the tall one towering everyone 🙂 I like the chunkiness of the shoe, makes it interesting. x

  • I’m 5 foot 7 as well and heels absolutely dominate my shoe collection! These are so gorgeous!

  • Ellie

    I’m the same as you with shoes, I seriously revamped my footwear this year! These are gorgeous 🙂

  • I love my heels <3 I'm the same height as you though and I feel like a giant when I wear big ones 🙁


  • Katezee

    Those shoes are really cute, and the colour is perfect!  I love heels, and I own more heels then flats, but I never wear them!  I cant wait to see how you style these.

  • Sarah S.

    So cute! I like these even better than the peachy-nude wedges I just got.

  • meritxell ferrer trasobares

    I’m 180cms tall (is it 5 foot 9¿?) and to be honest i don’t wear heels on everyday basis but these sandals look so good! Here in Barcelona we have zara shops everywhere! so i’m sure i’ll be able to find them 🙂

  • Definitely LOVE that color 🙂 Peach is such a great shade both in fashion and makeup.  I’ve never really tried a platform that wasn’t a complete wedge shoe so I’m not sure how it would look on me, but those look pretty dang cute!

  • anca.lb90

    This is such a pretty colour! The look comfy as well…are they? 

  • jpoppy

    They are gorgeous and such a lovely colour! As i cant wear open toed shoes to work i wouldnt get much wear out of them. I love my boots and flat dolly shoes 🙂

  • jade hewitt

    dont blame you for spoiling your feet now you’ve got a full time job!! i know im definately gonna! these shoes are lovely, not sure they’d suit my fat feet though!! x

  • Charlottemma

    These are gorg! I love suede heels, especially in a nude/peachy colour. Perfect for summer!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE platforms! Platforms and wedges 🙂 I find them so much more confident than heels because I’m quite a big girl and so it’s easier on my feet. I love these, they are stunning! xo

  • Bianka Bodonyi

    I love Zara shoes at the moment!!! Gorgeous! I recently bought a Zara wedge too, check it out 🙂

  • Shan Shan

    As much as I love heels, I prefer flats – so much more practical for me! And can I say, you are definitely fuelling my Zara addiction with all these lovely finds! Not that it’s a bad thing, gives me a greater selection of things to wear – haha! 🙂

  • Nicola

    There gorgeous, i love this colour at the moment.

  • Very pretty! I still wear heels and I’m 5’9 and love being the tallest x

  • Shenley Gallimore

    Omg! they are gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    1 word: G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S   😀

  • Jennifer Horsburgh

    These are so gorgeous! Perfect for this spring/summer!! I’ve bought about 6 pairs of shoes since the start of 2012.. I need to sort this problem out haha xxx

  • Oh my gosh these are beautiful!
    I was just on Essie Button’s blog reading about her peach obsession post, & I totally have to agree. I am obsessed with peach!
    I want them!

    xo, Deanna

  • i’m flats all day, i like being the tiny sprite of the group and i hate uncomfortable shoes as most heels are.  these are lovely though, great color

  • Ela

    They are beautiful! Love them just as much as your other black Zara platforms, unfortunately there is literally no way of me getting my mits on them as I live in Australia! No international shipping, and our Zara here has different stock :( 
    Ela x

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    They look lovely, you have amazing taste 🙂 I think Zara are making a bit part of their profit on your purchases ! xx

  • Ooh they look gorgeous xx

  • They’re absolutely gorgeous! I’m 5’8″ and always concious of wearing heels and looking too tall, but you’ve definitely inspired me! I’ll be sporting some heels some time very soon! xx

  • Sophia

    oh wow they are gorgeous! I’m only 5ft 1 (teeny tiny!) so i’ve started to find more wedges to wear because they are oh so comfy! xxx

  • Beth

    lovelovelove these shoes!xxx

  • E xo

    “Just shoes how awful my old shoes were!” You’re obsessed! Can’t blame you, those shoes are gorgeous. Ever since discovering your blog, I’ve been on the Zara site weekly wanting to buy everything in sight!! xo

  • Laura |

    These are gorgeous! I love Zara’s shoes this season 🙂

  • Those are absolutely beautiful, love them!

  • These are so lovely!

    I love the idea of heels but being 5″10 I’m already self-conscious about my big-ness. If I wear heels I usually stick to wedges.

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