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I can’t say that I’ve always been a lipgloss girl, but ever since my discovery of the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors about three years ago now (woah) I’ve been a convert. Gone are the gloopy days, the balmy ones are here and there’s nothing like a one-stop slick of gloss on the lips to nourish, colour and give a wash of shine. In fact it’s pretty rare that I reach for a lipstick now, unless I’m in the mood for a red. They’re easy and take a matter of seconds to apply. What’s not to love? Well of course there’s still the ‘hair + wind + lipgloss’ issue, but I’ve separated the messy duds from the tack-free formulas and here are my pick of the latter. Not a strand of hair in gloss to be seen…

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors – my original non-stick gloss find and still in my eyes, the best. Every time I’m out in a group of gals one will get this out for a reapplication and about 50% of the group will follow with good reason – they’re just that good. The only downside is the lack of shades – six in total just doesn’t satisfy my need for them. I need a coral in this formula man. 05 is my current favourite, though in the past 02 lead the pack, however if you’re in doubt you can’t go wrong with one of the pinks. They’re a classic.

Tanya Burr Lip Glosses – why hello colour! Tanya’s glosses are seriously packed with pigment making these the most ‘lipstick-y’ of the bunch. Love ’em. They smell (and taste – shhhh) great and the sponge-tipped flat applicator is one of my favourites. Picnic in the Park is my go-to and is a shade that looks pink in the tube, but goes kinda coral on the lips – a nice perker-upper if you will. Chic is another good’un and a more nudey shade that’s very MAC Patisserie like…

Laura Mercier Lip Glacés – these are basically the Clarins I.L.N.L.P’s (that acronym looks way too much like ‘ill nips’ for my liking), but with a tad more stick – but not too much, hey they still make this edit – which makes them longer lasting and they have a better colour range. I do find the applicators of these to get messy and on a few occasions these have been the cause of a gloss expolision in my bag (you have been warned), but I am a fan of the formula. Orange Tulip is my favourite, though it was a limited edition shade so is a bit of a toughie to find, but if you want a nice ‘not too beige’ nude then Bare Peach is the one.

Maybelline Coloursensational High Shine Lip Glosses – if you want an easy to find and cheap pick then say hello to Maybelline’s sheer and sheeny offering. I’d say these offer the least colour of the four, but they one – smell delicious, two – go on smoothy without a brush induced streak in sight and three – are an absolute bargain. Personal highlights from the range include the bubblegummy Pink Shock which looks horribly unwearable but is surprisingly flattering on, Glorious Grapefruit a coral that I’m applying one handed as I type this and Cashmere Rose a creamy light pink which was my first purchase from the line-up.

Slick on, give your lips a smack and let that ponytail down…


  • The Clarins lip glosses are still my favourite as well. There is something special about them.

    A Tiger’s Life

  • I definitely still need to try the Clarins offering! Great post Anna 🙂

  • You can add the Buxom Full-On Lip Gloss and Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss to the list! I’m not a fan off sticky lip glosses either and they’re my handy go-tos.

    Izzique | For beauty, DIY, and lifestyle

  • I absolutely love Buxom glosses, since trying them I’m a lip gloss convert! Definitely need to work my way through a few on this list x

  • Bella

    My faves are the new reformulated Nars glosses(perfect), Chanel Glossimers (just sticky enough!), Giorgio Armani glosses (man, it’s LURVE), Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown.

  • Manouk

    I own only ONE lipgloss: a Tanya Burr one, just to show my support. I hate lipgloss. I just can’t wear it.

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  • Natalie B

    Great picks, I love them all! 🙂 xx

  • Ellie _patr

    I really want to try the clarins lip perfectors, i might have to make a sneaky purchase on payday!! Love as always Anna xx

  • The amount of times I’ve seen you rave about the clarins lip perfectors and still I have no idea why I don’t have any in my life! x


  • I love the Clarins Lip Perfectors, they’re so nourishing ! I’d like to give Tanya’s colours a go as I’m not a lipgloss girl an would like to be proved wrong !

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Carina Stewart

    Try the NYX Butter Glosses, those are amazing!

    Carina |

  • You should try the new No7 BB Lips Beauty Balm! 🙂

  • I need Tanya’s collection in my life! Couldn’t find her products while I was in London so I guess I’ll have to order them online x

  • i always never liked lip glosses, but i’m finding it’s great when i don’t wear lipstick! if i don’t wear a lip product i feel naked!!

  • I’ve always loved lip glosses <3 Love to get some of Tanya's collection, heard amazing things 😀

    Ashley |

  • Laura

    The smell of the Laura mercier ones is just amazing… addictive.

    Laura | Laurzrah xx

  • Megan Lillie

    I LOVE Tanya’s lipglosses – they have fully converted me as I would never wear glosses before. Too much of that hair sticking to ya lip action…

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  • Iris

    The first lip gloss I tried was so sticky that I’ve been too scared to try another. I think I’ll definitely try the Clarins Lip Perfectors and the Maybelline lip glosses!
    Iris | Encountering Beauty

  • Beauty,Food and Travel

    They just started selling Clarins in Nairobi. I cannot wait to try your recommendations.

  • Stephanie

    I love lipgloss much more than lipstick so this is literally my heaven! I feel a haul coming on! 😉



  • elenatovpas

    ¿Queréis ganas una camiseta de la nueva Colección Coachella de Growpin? Sólo tenéis que pinchar en el enlace y seguir los pasos!!


  • PeonyandPeach

    Great edit! There was a mini set of the Laura Mercier glosses which came out last christmas and I seriously regret not getting it! Hopefully they’ll bring it out again next christmas, I’m not much of a gloss wearer either but I love the Chanel Rouge Allure Glosses you should really check out the shade ‘Imaginaire’ you’d really like it! It’s a perfect peachy pink.

  • jasmine turner

    You have some amazing glosses, i love the shades!

    xprincessjas | ♥

  • Rachel Polansky

    non sticky lip glosses are the best… i’m definitely a clarins lip perfector fan and want them in more colors (i only have 05 right now)

  • I can’t deal with sticky lipglosses. I don’t generally wear them but sometimes I like putting one over my lipstick to enhance the colour and give a bit more shine! Love the selection you’ve picked out!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • Ah! Thank you for this post. There is nothing worse than sticky lipgloss. An even worse mixture is sticky lipgloss and thick hair. My hair is just attracted to getting stuck on lipgloss. This post is amazing.


    You have to try the Lipstick Queen Big Bang glosses – absolutely zero stick, they feel so balmy and cushion-y on the lips. I’m in love. I have a long standing relationship with the Clarins ones, but I might prefer Lipstick Queen…

  • Chantal

    I don’t know why but I still haven’t tried Tanya’s lip glosses yet, I really must! This was a great post Anna 🙂 x

  • MaquillageMagic

    The Tanya Burr lipglosses are super and non sticky which is great. I have never tried the maybelline ones though, they look really awesome though!

    Laura xx

  • Daniella




  • I’m a great fan of the Clarins lip perfectors as well: love the scent, the formula and the range. Gorgeous!

  • I tried the Clarins gloss out only last week and I thought they were amazing! Now just to save up and buy one…

  • Thanks for the post! Trying to wear more lipglosses!

  • joysteib

    Loving anything peach or nudey!! Thanks for the great post!

  • I adore the clarins ones. I only have a couple but I think I might try Tanya Burr’s ones too

  • Big fan of Tanya’s lip glosses! 🙂

  • The slow pace

    The Clarins glosses (or lip perfectors) are the bomb! I hate glosses but I love these ones!!!

  • alice bea ☮

    I’ve wanted to try the clarins ones for ages!

  • Ellen Bourne

    I like the Tanya Burr lipglosses but I found Vampire Red to be very, very sticky. I don’t mind b/c it helps the colour stay on, but it’s sticky. Is the formula different regarding different colours?

  • I’m yet to try Tan’s products but would love to give them a go x


  • Antonella_7694

    These look amazing,have to try Tan’s products:))

  • Martie @ Spunkyrella

    Since I watched your What´s in my bag – video, I am intrigued to try Clarins lip balm/gloss. I actually hate lipgloss because of its stickiness and the fact that with the lightest breeze you ALWAYS end up having hair stuck to your lips, argh! About a year ago, I found Yves Rocher´s light pink gloss with raspberry extracts. It´s just a hint of color and a bit shiny and not too glossy at all! Love it!

  • Ellie

    I really need to get my hands on one of Tanya’s lipglosses!! Please check out my blog 🙂

  • Bárbara Rivera

    I’m so sad I can’t get ahold of any of them where I live. Ever since I started watching your videos I’ve been dying to try the Clarins one.
    I think the WORST in the hair+wind+lipgloss issue are the Clinique glosses. Very very sticky. Pretty colours though so that’s a shame.

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    I love those Maybelline glosses 🙂

    Sophie x

  • I still need to get Tanya’s lip gloss!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  • I really need to try out Tanya’s Lip Glosses, they all look amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • I want Tanya’s glosses and nail polishes – they all look SO GORG! Unfortunately not available in the USA though, so I’m stuck with online if I want to give ’em a go.

    -Annesque xx

  • I’m thinking of getting the maybelline lip glosses- I prefer my color to come from lipsticks and just have lip glosses that go on smoothly. Thanks for your recommendations! 🙂

  • L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Lacquer Lipglosses. The name is long & obnoxious but the glosses are AMAZING. And they’re stains, too. I have them in almost every color.

  • Madeleine S-B

    I love the Clarins Lip Perfectors, they’re so nice and balmy! x

  • Kyomi Richards

    Lovely post! I really want to get my hands on the Tanya Burr lipgloss range! And I’ll have to check out some of the others you mentioned too! x

  • I’m not much a lipgloss girl, maybe i’ll try the maybeline one. Not sure if we have the Tanya Burr line here 🙁


  • Definitely want to try the Tanya Burr ones and the Maybelline ones! I’ve heard a ton of good things about both.

  • Emily Knott

    I love every gloss you have mentioned here! I carry my clarins lip perfector with me everywhere!

  • I love the Clarins ones! I have 01, 02 and 04 and I have to agree about 02, it’s the prettiest peach. I think they could do with a sheer berry kinda colour an maybe a pinky cherry red?

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  • Tatjana

    The one thing I really don’t like about lipgloss is that my hair always sticks to it for some reason!!

  • Ashley Williams

    I keep hearing about those Clarin’s glosses!! I am going to have to check them out!! Thanks for another great post!

  • Great roundup, Anna! I so want to try those Clarins glosses- have heard nothing but raves for them! xo

  • Sticky or not, I hate the feeling of lip gloss on my lips.

    Anonymous Beauty Blogger

  • I love a non sticky gloss! The Tanya Burr and the Laura Mercier ones need to be mine 😛

  • Claudia

    have you tried the Rimmel ones? the Stay Glossy ones 🙂

  • Hayley

    Have you tried the new Max Factor Colour Elixir glosses? They are non sticky, really moisturising and they smell amazing!

  • Pam Biggin

    Must admit I love the Tanya Burr ones too!

  • Oh, I’d love to try the Clarins ones. I’m not a gloss-wearer and it’s mainly down to the stickiness. I’ll be having to give these a try. Thanks!


  • Katie H

    I absolutely love the tanya burr ones and the maybelline ones. Bought the maybelline after you were raving about it! It’s now one of my faves. x

  • Sybil Mae

    I have heard so many people talk about the Clarins lip glosses, I defiantly want to give them a go 😀

  • Kirsty Wilson

    I need those Clarins/ Tanya Burr lip glosses in my life asap!!
    Beautiful post, Anna! 🙂 well done! xxx

  • Carolyn Wolfram

    I need to figure out where I can purchase Tanya’s lip glosses because I NEED them in my life!! I also LOVE the Marcelle Lix Gloss in Lolita! Not sticky and great color! 🙂

  • Freese Ruth


    There it is a low price for celine

  • I need to get into glosses because I love the look, but I’ve been scared off by all the sticky ones I’ve tried! This is definitely the post I needed to see, the Clarins instant light perfecters sound amazing.

  • Sarah

    I am in love with Tanya’s lip glosses! I actually bought Chic today and I love it 🙂

  • Lipgloss and Paperbacks

    So helpful!!!! I love lipgloss but not a fan of rocking the hair stuck to lips look…. 🙂

  • oluwaseun ezobi

    I want all the lip glosses,they are all nice.

  • Abby Evans

    The all seem great. I have a dream of one day seeing the Ta ya Burr Lipglosses in American drugstores! Great post!

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