The New Beauty Bits That Have Weaselled Their Way In

Say hello to some new items – FINALLY

MORNING ALL! You know the deal with me and beauty. Sometimes I can go a month or two without any new items properly scratching the surface of my tried and tested routine. Other times I’m like a magpie for makeup releases; stalking the ‘What’s New’ page of Cult Beauty daily and filling my boots in the aisles of the aptly named Boots. Currently I’m in the latter phase. I’m covering my purchases under the guise of collecting goods for a new-in beauty video (that I conveniently have yet to make), but if I’m honest there’s just a lot of really solid launches that are coming out right now that I want to stick my teeth into. Warm neutral palettes? Summer holiday scented spritzes? A new range of perfumes that doesn’t give me a headache? YES. YES. YES. I’m in.

So today I thought I’d round up the newest additions to my routine that haven’t just scratched the surface, but are well and truly lodged into my routine now. The spring HG beauty edit has arrived…

Hourglass Vanish Flash Highlighting Stick in Champagne Flash. In the past year, all I’ve really used highlighter-wise is the Glossier Haloscope in Quartz. I’m mad for it and have actually really enjoyed using a cream highlighter. Not only does it feel like you can really push it into the skin and get the most natural finish, but you can easily smear it wherever you want shine and be über precise with your application. This newbie from Hourglass works in exactly the same way, although BOY does this give shine and reflection. The pigment is REAL and so I’d definitely suggest applying it to your fingers first and then going in with it, instead of actually applying it directly to the skin if you want a subtle finish. A great choice for when you what your highlight to be a little more present; plus big thumbs up for there being a range of shades for all undertones too.

Hourglass Arch Brow Shaping Gel in Clear & Warm Brunette. Soz to reference Glossier again here, but I really didn’t think that brow gels could get better than the Glossier Boy Brow, so I’m here to tell you that they can. Yep, really! I think I prefer the newest Hourglass offering and let me tell you why. Number one – the most important fact – the perfect amount gets dispensed on the brush, so you don’t have to remove the excess back onto the spout. Number two – the brush, although beefier than other brow brushes out there has one side that’s shorter and great for dispensing more colour into the hairs, and a longer side for if they just need taming. Number three – it comes in a tonne of different colours. I personally love the clear one for when I’ve already done some filling in with a pencil and just need some grooming or the shade Warm Brunette is a cracking match for me. Love it.

Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette. Since I was very kindly gifted this as part of the pre-sale flash-sale promotion around two week’s ago now, I have worn this palette most days and if I haven’t been wearing it, then I’ve been wishing that I was. In fact if you want to see it in action, have a watch of my latest video because I’ve thrown one of the colours onto my lids there and I just love the warm-lid look that I can create out of this in about two minutes. The formula blends well and there isn’t one colour in the palette that I wouldn’t use (although I can guarantee that the third one from the left will be my most used). If you need further justification watch how Jamie uses it and I promise that will push you over the edge to make a purchase when it officially launches later on in the month.

Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick. I know I’ve been raving about these left, right and centre but these are officially my new favourite matte lipstick formula END OF. I either wear a balm on my lips, or a matte lip – nothing in between and so these now exclusively cover that latter category for me. The formula is non-drying or powdery feeling and the colour selection is massive. Personally I’ve used the peachy nude Vibe the most, which is definitely more than a ‘my lips but better’ shade, but is a brilliant spring nude. The application is spot-on here too, because they are distributed in a twist-up stylo there’s no sharpening that needs to happen and you don’t need a lip liner either thanks to the slimline bullet. If you fancy a bit more colour in your life then I can point you in the direction of the rose petal pink Bring It, the tomato red Fire and the deep merlot berry Fatale.

Jo Malone English Fields Collection. I don’t need to give you my whole ‘perfumes make me ill’ spiel for the 867th time, but I’m pleased to announce that there are another two new ones to add to the list which I’m actually really into. They’re both from the new Jo Malone range, which might just be housed in the best looking limited edition bottles that I’ve seen so far. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! The two that I enjoy are at completely different ends of the scent spectrum. Green Wheat & Meadowsweet is on the fresh side of things and Honey & Crocus is super sweet and smells good enough to eat. Both are surprisingly light though and even though Honey & Crocus smells a little a bakery, it’s never in a way that is too much. Have a sniff next time you’re passing a counter because these both make for a great spring scent.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ in Coconut. There’s not much to say about this, except that the previously limited edition coconut-scented version of the the cult status Fix+ has been added back into the range permanently and I’m here for it. It smells like holidays and I’d actually forgotten how bloody good this setting spray was. It never leaves your face feeling tight and is great at giving a bit of radiance back into a beat where you might have got a little heavy handed with the powder. It perks things up midday if you’re feeling a bit flat and just generally feels refreshing too. In fact, this is going to be amazing left in a fridge during the summer or if you were going on holiday; next time I’m going somewhere hot, this is coming with me.

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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