The MAC Palette Tour

Roll up, roll up for this weekend I thought I’d give the grand tour of my MAC Eyeshadow Palette. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. I’ve had this line-up of colours for a few weeks now and it wasn’t until a fellow Tweeter asked for a breakdown that it prompted me to tap out this post. So here it is – you sitting comfortably? A shade-by-shade account of my current 15-pan strong MAC self-curated line-up. The shimmers, the mattes and the ones I need to use more often (noted row by row and from left to right)…

All That Glitters: Is it obvious that this is my favourite? On my complexion this works as a lazy day ‘need something on my lids but can’t really be arsed’ colour; that’s slightly pinker, more golden and sheen-ier than my natural shadow.

Era: Be warned this shade looks like nothing in the pan and nothing when swatched. It’s best described as a biscuit that just dishes out a little somethin’ somethin’ to you eyes by playing on your natural lid colour when washed all over.

Omega: My new brow shade. A pale grey taupe, it seems like a bizarre choice but actually it suits well and defines and fills without looking too obvious, you know? It’s a good crease shade too – you know I love a multi-tasker.

Texture: A straight-up warm matte mid-toned brown that is the crease colour Queen. Whatever you’re sporting on your lids, Texture has got you covered crease-wise.

Quarry: This might seem like a bit of a bizarre choice for me, being a matte dusky pink with lilac tones but actually I really like this as a crease colour when I wear taupe colours that have a hint of purple to them like Sable. It also makes a nice subtle liner and looks good all over the lids with a matte brown in the crease for shimmer-free days.

Soba: After All That Glitters, comes Soba in the rankings. A straw-like brown with a slight gold shimmer, this is another good one for days when you just fancy a sole shade on your eyes. It looks like my natural lids, but a tad warmer and with a tiny, tiny tiny touch of gold.

Woodwinked: A MAC classic. A toasted gold that looks straight-up metallic when packed on and goes a coppery colour when blended out. It’s one that I like to wear on its own with a hell’a load of mascara and a bit of bronzer in the warmer months.

Sable: What’s not to love with this taupe-y shade? It pulls a little purple on me, but I like that. It gives off something a little different. A great one-wash wonder that you can pile onto the lids, blend and be done with, plus it’s a particularly good one for green eyed gals too.

Antiqued: To me, this is the ‘entry level’ red. Somewhere in-between a brown and a red I like this swept all over the lid, blended out, with a good few coats of mascara and a nude liner on the waterline. Done. Clinique Black Honey lusters – this is your MAC dupe FYI.

Cranberry: This looks terrifying in the pan and is a tough one to work with, but in the colder months I love me a rusty-toned red eyeshadow. Personally I prefer it when worn on the lids with something like Espresso in the crease to contain the whole thing and stop it looking too pink eye. Noice.

Espresso: My old brow colour that I can now see was perhaps a little too rich for me to act in that way. That aside I love this as the perfectly subtle crease colour; paired with All That Glitters it’s barely-there definition in a pan.

Club: I’ve still yet to give this a proper test, but Lily has assured me that this is the one sole colour you need to get things looking defined and smokey for an evening out. Like Woodwinked it supposedly performs in a duochcrome fashion looking brown where unblended and greeny where you take your buffing brush to it.

Smut: One of the underrated gems of the MAC eyeshadow collection. Dirty by name, dirty by nature; it’s a deep matte grey with a purple mix. It doesn’t look much when swatched, but is a perfect crease intensifier when you want to steer clear of full-on black.

So my parting question is an obvious one with two lonely spaces in my palette staring back at me – what two MAC eyeshadows would round things off nicely? What am I missing? Answers on a postcard.

P.S) While we’re on the subject of lid lovin’ palettes, head on over to the NARS NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette post if you haven’t perused it already as there is one up for grabs. You’ve got to be in it to win it and all that… 

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