The MAC Palette Tour

Roll up, roll up for this weekend I thought I’d give the grand tour of my MAC Eyeshadow Palette. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. I’ve had this line-up of colours for a few weeks now and it wasn’t until a fellow Tweeter asked for a breakdown that it prompted me to tap out this post. So here it is – you sitting comfortably? A shade-by-shade account of my current 15-pan strong MAC self-curated line-up. The shimmers, the mattes and the ones I need to use more often (noted row by row and from left to right)…

All That Glitters: Is it obvious that this is my favourite? On my complexion this works as a lazy day ‘need something on my lids but can’t really be arsed’ colour; that’s slightly pinker, more golden and sheen-ier than my natural shadow.

Era: Be warned this shade looks like nothing in the pan and nothing when swatched. It’s best described as a biscuit that just dishes out a little somethin’ somethin’ to you eyes by playing on your natural lid colour when washed all over.

Omega: My new brow shade. A pale grey taupe, it seems like a bizarre choice but actually it suits well and defines and fills without looking too obvious, you know? It’s a good crease shade too – you know I love a multi-tasker.

Texture: A straight-up warm matte mid-toned brown that is the crease colour Queen. Whatever you’re sporting on your lids, Texture has got you covered crease-wise.

Quarry: This might seem like a bit of a bizarre choice for me, being a matte dusky pink with lilac tones but actually I really like this as a crease colour when I wear taupe colours that have a hint of purple to them like Sable. It also makes a nice subtle liner and looks good all over the lids with a matte brown in the crease for shimmer-free days.

Soba: After All That Glitters, comes Soba in the rankings. A straw-like brown with a slight gold shimmer, this is another good one for days when you just fancy a sole shade on your eyes. It looks like my natural lids, but a tad warmer and with a tiny, tiny tiny touch of gold.

Woodwinked: A MAC classic. A toasted gold that looks straight-up metallic when packed on and goes a coppery colour when blended out. It’s one that I like to wear on its own with a hell’a load of mascara and a bit of bronzer in the warmer months.

Sable: What’s not to love with this taupe-y shade? It pulls a little purple on me, but I like that. It gives off something a little different. A great one-wash wonder that you can pile onto the lids, blend and be done with, plus it’s a particularly good one for green eyed gals too.

Antiqued: To me, this is the ‘entry level’ red. Somewhere in-between a brown and a red I like this swept all over the lid, blended out, with a good few coats of mascara and a nude liner on the waterline. Done. Clinique Black Honey lusters – this is your MAC dupe FYI.

Cranberry: This looks terrifying in the pan and is a tough one to work with, but in the colder months I love me a rusty-toned red eyeshadow. Personally I prefer it when worn on the lids with something like Espresso in the crease to contain the whole thing and stop it looking too pink eye. Noice.

Espresso: My old brow colour that I can now see was perhaps a little too rich for me to act in that way. That aside I love this as the perfectly subtle crease colour; paired with All That Glitters it’s barely-there definition in a pan.

Club: I’ve still yet to give this a proper test, but Lily has assured me that this is the one sole colour you need to get things looking defined and smokey for an evening out. Like Woodwinked it supposedly performs in a duochcrome fashion looking brown where unblended and greeny where you take your buffing brush to it.

Smut: One of the underrated gems of the MAC eyeshadow collection. Dirty by name, dirty by nature; it’s a deep matte grey with a purple mix. It doesn’t look much when swatched, but is a perfect crease intensifier when you want to steer clear of full-on black.

So my parting question is an obvious one with two lonely spaces in my palette staring back at me – what two MAC eyeshadows would round things off nicely? What am I missing? Answers on a postcard.

P.S) While we’re on the subject of lid lovin’ palettes, head on over to the NARS NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette post if you haven’t perused it already as there is one up for grabs. You’ve got to be in it to win it and all that… 

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  • arin antoine

    obviously stain taupe is a shoe-in. I’m actually surprised you dont have it already! it’s perfection alone or with slightly warmer colors in the crease. maybe mulch or bronze… both would be the easy colors you lurve!

  • AgentSmyth

    Lovely collection, I’m very jealous! I need to be making myself a Mac palette I think x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  • Gaelle

    You need Satin Taupe/ Brun/ Typographic and Fig 1. You might need to start a new palette 😉

  • My favourites at the moment are Naked Lunch and Sketch. I do now need about 7 of the above though…must fight the urge to bye all the shadows!

    Lottie x

  • Sophie ♥

    My newest Mac eyeshadow purchase is Tempting, which is what I’d envision Bronzed Taupe x Loreal to be like. It reminds me a bit of Illamasqua’s Ore Pigment with less shimmer to it. Gorgeous shade! x

  • Anna

    I think you would love Patina! It’s my favorite Mac eyeshadow 🙂

  • Anna you need to get Phloof ( the ultimate inner corner highlight), Typographic (a super buttery pigmented charcoal almost black… 10x better than Carbon) and Handwritten (another buttery matte thats a chocolaty brown)
    In my opinion these three are must haves. Other faves that would look gorgeous on your eye colour and skin tone would be Star Violet, Blanc Type (just the best all over creamy bone shade with the best pigment) and Trax

  • It’d recommend Satin Taupe and Mulch as a fellow green eyed girl! (I have a post on my blog about them!) Also, if you layer Club over a matte brown you’ll get the duochrome effect much more prominent 🙂 xxx

    • JenDavis33

      My two picks as well!

  • Bella

    I think you’re missing some highlight colours. Phloof, Vanilla, Ricepaper are good ones. If you want another darker shade, Swiss Chocolate is a dream to use with Sable and All That Glitters.

  • Anna Blush

    So much eye candy! I need to invest in some Mac shadows pronto x

  • Love your whole collection! I only have 2 MAC shadows: All That Glitters and Satin Taupe but I love them both to bits! xxx

    Amy |

  • Sarah P

    Most of those colours are either in my palette on my my wish list!! (I think it’s the green eye thing). I agree with Bella that there are no real highlights, but if it was my palette I’d totally go with Amber Lights (my most used) and Shale (my newest).

  • Ella

    I only have three eyeshadows – ATG, woodwinked and espresso, but I’m still on the hunt for the perfect quad-completer! Omega or sable maybe?

  • Sophie

    Think I need to head over to a MAC shop pronto…

  • Shrutilaya

    Amber Lights! and Bronze! You NEED those two.

    Also, check out Makeup Geek shadows, I have a feeling you’ll love them as much as I do!

  • Paris

    Your mac palette is beautiful! I have a quad and some extra pans for when I run out of anything. I would definitely say that Nylon and Naked Lunch are two that you should consider! Nylon is a beautiful shimmery white with gold flecks in and really works well as an inner corner highlight or cheekbone highlight for occasions. It is definitely my favourite out of my collection! 🙂

  • Sarah Brackpool

    As a green eyed girl i’d recommend Amber Lights or Honey Lust and a purple shade like BlackBerry or Plum Dressing x

  • Daniela

    Ahh I really wish I’d read this a few days ago, I’ve just placed a MAC order and really struggled to find the perfect shades! Oh well, I’ll just bookmark this post for the next time I make an order (which wont be in the distant future, I’m sure…)
    Daniela xo // danielascribbles // click here to enter my MAC giveaway

  • Flyavsted

    You need to add Blanc Type to your collection. It blurs imperfections and blends evertyhing just perfect. My must have!

  • Carmen

    You need NEED Satin Taupe and a Shroom or Naked Lunch!

  • Hayley

    if you want another everyday colour try patina! it has a gorgeous soft gold iridescence to it, and throw on some mulch in to the crease and you have a beautiful brown smokey eye 🙂

  • Karina de-Bourne

    Great post! Absolutely love seeing how people have put together their palettes 🙂 Definitely given me some more ideas.

  • Federica B

    Beautiful shades! I love Mac eyeshadows!!

  • Kristina

    Lovely colours!
    I want to start my MAC palette but somehow can’t bring myself to spend that much on eyeshadows. Argh

  • Rachel W

    Amber lights, patina, bronze, sketch or twinks!

  • Popcorn

    You should try Patina, it’s by far my favorite MAC eyeshadow and I always get compliments when wearing it. It is a muted gold as Tanya Burr describes it best.
    I was very skeptical when I swatched it at first. But I then decided to buy it and it is absolutely lovely. It is not to shimmery, has lovely greenish/greyish undertones and looks gorgeous with sumptuous olive or sketch in the crease or anything else I believe :).
    I am for myself definitely eyeing Soba 😉 !


  • Shroom a gorgeous inner corner/brow bone highlight & Twinks a nice deep pearly plum!

  • Jade

    Satin taupe is always a winner for me. It’s good for day and night amped up or down. 🙂

  • Ellie Smith

    Got to love MAC eyeshadows! I’ve had my notebook at the ready to jot down some new shades to look at hehe, I’m liking the look of Smut 🙂 Thanks for the post Anna


  • Zazie Bibi

    Really want to get Omega for my brows! xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • tania

    Naked lunch and brulé or shroom. Rice paper is fantastic as well

  • Amanda

    Im just starting my MAC neutral palette (posted about it a couple of weeks ago) so this was so interesting and helpful! Thank you!

    AMANDALOVES.COM | UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

  • Sydney_Farrell

    Another vote for Patina, and a highlight/browbone shade. I really like Brulé. Just finished a browny-neutral palette that goes brule, dazzle lights, naked lunch, all that glitters, cork, wedge, patina, woodwinked, antiqued, sable, embark, corduroy, satin taupe, twinks, carbon. It gets all the love. Seriously though, the light shades are delicious.

  • Hannah

    i would definitely take Patina, which is my all time favourite eyeshadow. it is perfect for a subtle smokey eye, i love it! the other one that i would pick up is sketch, it would make your green eyes stand out so much, it’s great for a lower lashline or in the crease 🙂

  • Rebecca Beardsley

    I seriously need to get myself some MAC shadows, I only have one!! 🙁 I have been eyeing them up for ages, I just can’t afford at the moment! But thanks for this post, gives me a nice guide of what to get! xx

    • If it makes you feel any better, I have none:)

  • Jasmine

    I need All That Glitters in my life xx

  • Lauren T

    I love all these shades!
    a few other colours you could look at:
    arena – beautiful warm shade that’s ‘my lids but better’, works really well with ‘texture’
    grain – peachy light shade, gorgeous highlighting colour or for all over lids
    wedge – (my favourite) perfect ‘no makeup’ warm crease colour

  • I love mulch and tempting! When I want a slightly darker look, they’re my go-tos!

  • Amy

    Sketch is most definitely my favorite! Gorgeous for deepening up the crease or simply placing in the outer corner. Also, Mulch is a lovely one with Woodwinked/ All That Glitters.

  • Michelle P

    Looks like you are missing a matte white/cream shade – although boring it is an essential one for a matte highlight for the brow bone and inner corner.

  • Lorena

    Patina and wedge

  • Lauren S

    love MAC palettes ! all these colours are exactly ones I would wear, better get saving

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –
    Support my Photography Project here !

  • roshkud

    All that glitters is so beautiful, its totally deserving of its blogger love!

    Roshni’s Journey

  • Zaza

    Mulch and patina are beautiful in green eyes

  • i love Woodwinked, it’s such a warm shade that completely heats up your complexion and is so easy to blend!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  • Gillian

    ‘Antiqued’ looks like a lovely colour – might need to add that to my palette too.

  • Celina

    You need Patina, Anna! It is seriously the most beautiful shade! xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • Rachel

    Honesty is a shade ai picked up on recommendation of the girls at MAC in the Bullring and I love it!! It’s shimmery which typically I avoid but this shade is just so, right, it does it all.

  • Looks like such a gorgeous range of colours, I don’t think there is a single one that I don’t like the look of! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

    P.S. I don’t want this to be spammy but I am also hosting a £50 Giveaway at the moment if you wanted to enter here

  • Hannah

    will definitely have to try some of these out, they all look so nice!

  • Charlotte Copeland

    This combo looks beaut x

  • Bonnie Garner

    As a green-eyed girl myself, I would recommend light pink highlighting colours like Naked Lunch or Jest; but you can also go for Patina or Vanilla if you prefer something more golden/beige…
    But I really think you need to add some highlighting colours!
    I just finished my own MAC pro palette several weeks ago because I had way too many single eye-shadows but I have to take the big size (with 30 eye-shadows): oups! MAC addict alert! 😉

  • Carolina visit my blog!

  • Charlie

    I love Mythology. It’s so beautiful and the perfect bronze!

  • I will definitely be adding a few of these to my wishlist as I have three spaces to fill in my MAC palette. Club is one of my favourite colours too for a gorgeous, smokey look.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  • Amber Hunter

    I’m obsessed with filling up my MAC Palette! I have 9 slots left but honestly, I have a feeling I’ll fill up a colors palette and a neutrals palette. I love Folie, it’s a gorgeous warm, purple brown perfect for the crease!


    Lovely Notions

  • These are some seriously gorgeous eyeshadows… what a collection! I seriously need to get myself a MAC palette.

  • Eleri Roberts

    I’m yet to try MAC eyeshadows very tempted to do so after reading this post! xx

    Eleri Roberts

  • I thought I had many (read enough) MAC eyeshadows but just now I realized that my collection isn’t nearly complete. Great post Anna! x

  • So so similar to mine, but I couldn’t be without Amber Lights, Sumptuous Olive and Sketch!

  • All that Glitters is such a beautiful colour! Definitely up there in my all time MAC favourites! Fantastic picks and lovely descriptions as always Anna!

    I would love it if you would check out my lingerie blog – something a little bit different:

    Thank you so much, Claire x

  • Alessandra

    Try Pollinator. I love Era and Texture as well.

  • Anna Seward

    you have to try patina!!

  • Ksenya Epshtein

    I adore twinks, especially on green eyes, its like the darker version of sable. I also love haux, bronze and sumptuous olive. You should also try paradisco, it looks scary I’ll admit, but it brings out my green eyes like nothing else!

  • beauty by alicee .

    Ah such a beautiful palette, I seriously need to invest in some MAC eyeshadows. They look amazing and the colours you’ve chosen are stunning.

    alice xxx

    beauty by alicee

  • I think that Ricepaper (a beautiful light yellow gold highlighting shade) and Patina (a neutral brown shimmery shade that has changing golden/green undertones in certain lights) would round out your collection quite nicely! Patina is my favorite shade from Mac and I think that every girl needs Ricepaper in their life because it’s another type of ‘one and done’ shade that’s on the warmer end of the spectrum.

    Vicky | teenbeautylover

  • Jessica Tate

    If you love All That Glitters you should try Naked Lunch. It’s a light, champagne version of All That Glitters and is absolutely stunning all over the lids.

  • I love Club, such an interesting shade! especially when it catches the light and changes colors!
    The Beauty Break //

  • Becky

    Vex and Shroom

  • Andrea

    PATINA! A must have if ever there was one. Also, Mulch.

  • Natasha Stuart

    I have many of the ones you have in your pallet (I love soba & espresso too) but I just bought Brun last week and I have no idea how I’ve been living without it! BEST! New favourite. I don’t know why exactly I love it so much – maybe because it’s cooler than espresso or because it’s generally taking my looks in a slightly different direction – but I adore it! I also bought the constructivist pro paint pot and I know I’m going to use it all up. Again, absolutely adore it. Blanc type was my 3rd purchase and I’m loving that too. 🙂

  • Alice


  • Naked Lunch! Works beautifully with All That Glitters and Woodwinked!

  • Tanairi Remi

    Sketch and Satin taupe!!

  • Anastasia

    Shroom and Satin Taupe. Amazing colours! I’m actually surprised not to see Satin Taupe here – I thought everybody had it. 🙂 It’s one of my favourite eye shadows of all time, I even have two of them – one in my big palette and one in the quatro palette that I carry with me. And Shroom is an amazing base colour.

  • Ashley

    This post makes me want to build up my MAC collection. I used to have so many MAC eyeshadows and then slowly just stopped buying them. Right now I just have a quad and am using All That Glitters, Shroom, Wedge, and Espresso. I used to have cranberry and this post has made me really want it again.

    xo Ashley

  • Esme

    So jealous of this! I still haven’t bitten the bullet, any day now … <3

  • Fiona Wright

    Patina and amber lights… gorgeous shades!

  • Definitely Satin Taupe and Shroom!

  • Hana

    Omega and expresso look really pretty!


  • larasophia

    Expresso,Club and Smut have been on my list for a while…they are so gorgeous!

  • Ashley

    Naked Lunch is a beauty swept all over the lid with Quarry through the crease.

  • chntl

    Your palette is amazing! I’ve been a little hesitant to try out cranberry but it seems everyone loves it!

    Chantalle x

  • Tanya Werger

    You should try Mythology. I use it with Cranberry or All the Glitters and it works well with both

  • Bnii

    I look at those empty spaces and think : brown script and black tied 🙂

  • Catherine C.

    I recently did a massive clear out of my mac stash but some of my favs that you’re missing are patina, shroom, sumptuous olive, nylon, naked lunch, twinks, satin taupe & charcoal brown. I’ve done posts on my palettes and top shadows on my blog 🙂

  • Sarah

    Saddle, fig, bronze or mulch.

  • Beautiful picks! Cranberry, Club, and Woodwinked are a few of my faves from MAC! Bronze, Mulch, Amber Lights, and Ricepaper are fantastic as well 🙂

    • Michelle Arrington

      I love Bronze with Fix+!!

  • It’s a really nice looking palette.

  • Amani

    You have to get MAC saint taupe, naked lunch, petina and amber lights their beautiful and will love beautiful on your eyes 🙂 !!

  • Francesca

    You make me want to go and buy all of the eyeshadows! ;D

  • Ellie

    I’ve really been loving cork lately, It’s just a matte brown, slightly darker that soba but lighter than expresso! 😀


    Elephant stories and more

  • Haze

    You need satin taupe and wedge or naked lunch

  • Paige Wyllie

    You need to try patina, it was my first MAC shadow and is great for an all over the lid colour on those lazy days (we all have them :P)

  • Acacia

    Brule, embark and soft brown with all that glitters are my daily eyelid get up. Teamed with painterly paint pot its just beautiful together!

  • I will be doing one of these on my blog soon- I love reading these and I’m always up for a nice little shadow splurge. I’ve got Omega, Charcoal Brown, Retrospeck, Mythology, Sable and Showstopper- and plan on getting the staples next, Ill definitely have to invest in a palette! Ambermarie