The Lipstick That Solves The ‘Do I Need a Lip Liner?’ Conundrum

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Mark is a funny old one. I sometime joke that he should be the one writing this blog because whenever I open a parcel of new beauty bits in front of him he always gives the most honest and surprisingly informed first impressions. ‘That packaging is way too flimsy for such a high end product‘ he’ll exclaim as I dig around a new palette. Seriously, Mark Does Makeup – it has a ring to it. One brand he always has something entertaining to say about when he sees something new from them is KIKO. I guess it’s because their limited edition collections are themed in some kind of way, so there’s always something new and quite often something that you haven’t seen done before from them.

‘That’s cute!’, Mark said as he stuffed a bacon sarnie in his mouth as I poured over their new Campus Idol collection. And you know what? It is cute. It’s like if Bring It On had a baby with the Britney Spears ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ video. It’s basically a makeup collection for Cheerleaders and I’ve always wanted to be a Cheerleader but have never been flexible/rhythmic enough. I’m in.

Now there are a few items that are worth checking out, but it’s the Double Match Lipstick and Lip Liner in 02 Modern Red I’d chant about. There’s a waxy, yet creamy lip liner on one end and then a matching coloured opaque lipstick on the other. There’s a bit of shine in the formula that I don’t normally warm too, but I just love the practicality of this and I feel sure that it’s the kind of colour that Taylor Swift would don and would look good on everyone. No ‘What lip liner should I wear with this lipstick?‘ issue going on here. I’d point you in the direction of the Double Dare Eyeshadow and Eyeliner in 02 Copper and Chocolate too. It’s a similar set-up but for eyes with a cocoa coloured liner nib on one end and then a shimmery shadow stick on the other. Give it a second and then the eyeshadows sticks into place and does not budge. Just dial up the liner for a smokier look. Simples.

All together now! “I said brrr it’s cold in here, I said there must be some Toros in the atmosphere”….