The Lipbalm That Seriously Saved My Lips


Back in December, my lips were in the worst shape they’ve ever been. I know – so dramatic. But when you’re into super drying, matte, bold lipstick formulas it’s kinda sad when your favourite lipsticks make your lips look like peeling paint off a dank wall. Grim. So I resigned myself to a few weeks of balm-only wear and slathered on my ol’ favourites, but nothing was really working. I even secretly used Mark’s favourite balm behind his back, chugged back ridiculous amounts of water that made me go to the loo every five minutes, exfoliators – DIY and not – and still my lips looked like a cat’s arse.

That was until I issued a plea for help and you lot came to the rescue armed with recommendations and top of the list was the BITE Beauty Agave Lip Mask, a formula I very handily already had in my drawers. Being thick and difficult to spread it’s one that I reserve more for overnight use but out it came and woah nelly – we were onto a winner here. Within a day my lips looked miles better. Prune-like cracks gone and a smoother base meant that I could gingerly tread into bold lip territory again. Yes it’s a viscous texture that jams up in the squeezy tube when it’s cold, but it tastes so good and with a vanilla scent and an all-natural ingredients list it really is good enough to eat. It’s definitely not one of those ‘can’t even feel it’s there’ balms, but it’s heavy duty and after coming to my rescue, this won’t be gathering dust in my drawers again.