The Jacket Edit: Because We Live In The U.K After All

Heatwave or rain – there’s no in-between…

I planned to write this post ages ago when it was cold, you wouldn’t dream of having the window open and summer seemed like a lifetime away. Currently I can’t see us closing the bedroom window until December and I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to wear pyjamas again. What is going on, eh? I have to say though that I am not complaining because thanks to the sun we’ve all got a spring in our step, a smattering of freckles and that sun-kissed look that makes you go ‘You look FAB!’ to anyone who you haven’t seen since the heatwave started.

However on the day that I’m currently writing this, we’re forecast rain. It looks like it will be a short and sweet blip on the radar of our summer, however it’s always good to be prepared and have some jackets hanging up in your capsule wardrobe that you can slip out in times of freak showers and slightly chilly evenings. So that’s exactly what this edit will arm you with. You obviously don’t need many jackets during the warmer months, but I reckon if you have one item from each category that you’ll be sorted; whether you’re packing an extra layer for holidays (denim jacket is probably the best choice there), or need something slightly more formal for a night out (hello blazer!), you’ll be covered by this trio…


WHAT. A. CLASSIC. I still remember my first (faux) leather jacket. It was from Primark and I think it cost around £15 and I wore it until it three holes in the lining and I kept putting my arm through one of them thinking that it was the sleeve by mistake. The plastic had started to bobble on the outside and you could almost see daylight through the elbows – but that’s the whole point of a leather jacket. They are the workhorses in our wardrobes and the idea is that they are so versatile that you get your wear out of them, until it’s basically being held together with one single thread. I replaced my Primarni number with one from & Other Stories five years ago and it still remains the one and only leather jacket in my wardrobe and I have no need to replace it anytime soon.

If you too are in the market for your investment piece ‘forever’ leather jacket, here are my suggestions. Unfortunately & Other Stories no longer make the one that I have (which they’re really missing out on because it’s still to this day the only leather jacket with gold detailing that I’ve found), however Jigsaw are great for no-fuss, simple detail styles. I love the Premium Leather Jacket, which looks so soft like you’d want to rub your face on it and the Clean Leather Biker Jacket, which does exactly what is says on the tin with super sleek design. For something that looks similar, but is a little more affordable, the Selected Femme Leather Jacket ticks all the right boxes.



We’re having a right ol’ walk down memory lane here, but my first ever denim jacket was an indigo blue one from New Look and I wore it with matching jeans and a hoodie underneath. I thought that it looked particularly chic buttoned all the way from top to bottom, with my hood peeking out of the collar. It was very late nineties/early noughties girlband. These days I’m not so into coordinating denim, although I do have a Levi’s Trucker Denim Jacket that I enjoy wearing with cream and black denim on the bottom half. If I was to purchase one now I’d go for either a cream denim or a patterned denim (like this Topshop Leopard Print Denim Jacket), just because I find myself wearing pale denim jeans EVERYDAY and so something that doesn’t match is just easier to wear. Here are my favourites…

If you’re looking for a classic wash denim style, then you can’t go wrong with the Levis Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket which comes in a huge range of rinses and fits all the boxes in that it’s fitted whilst still being a little bit baggy. ASOS have some great colour options of it in stock. In terms of colour this & Other Stories Cropped Denim Jacket in Yellow is STUNNING and looks like it would make a nice addition to a pretty neutral capsule wardrobe. Having a fluffy collar might not make this Mango Faux Shearling-Lined Denim Jacket the most summer-friendly purchase right now, but once autumn rolls around – which let’s face it, could be tomorrow – this will come in very handy indeed.



Who remembers the Avril Lavigne cord blazer trend of 2004? *Raises hand* My take on this trend was a black, double-breasted corduroy blazer with a loose fit from H&M. I wore it with baggy jeans that barely stayed up on my hips and displayed a Tammy Girl thong whenever I bent down (nice), big skater girl trainers that looked a bit like shoeboxes on my feet and tight rugby-style tops that bared my flat midriff that was never going to be flat again thanks to my love for the iced-buns in the canteen. These days I have two; a black one from AYR and a stripe one from Topshop. A plain one and a patterned one are all you need here and I find myself turning surprisingly often to both as they have the ability to make a plain outfit, into one that feels a bit more put together.

& Other Stories completely BOSS the blazer game these days. Want linen? This Double Breasted Linen Blend Blazer will sort you out. Want a blazer that looks like you stole it from your boyfriend’s wardrobe? The aptly named Boyfriend Fit Blazer (duh!) is what you need. Want something simple that you don’t even have to think about when you put it on? The Fitted Long Blazer in Black is a capsule wardrobe staple. If you fancy a bit of a treat the Jigsaw Longline Blazers are a blogger favourite for a reason and will be something that will be hanging in your wardrobe until you need to make space for your shopping trolley.


Photos by Emma Croman

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